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To all,

We are re-posting the below message because someone has been scammed by someone impersonating us.  In short, we do not send out unsolicited emails and never ask for payment to be sent to anyone but us at our premise address in Dayton, Ohio.  ALWAYS feel free to pick up the phone and verify who you are talking with.  We live in an age of scammers and we want you to call us before sending out any money! You can can call me direct at (937) 470-7466. 

Please note that someone is trying to impersonate Inverse Inc. buy using an email similar to ours.  This scammer emails you once you publicly post your contact information under our ad(s) or the ads of others selling on this site.  The fictitious email being used in our case is  Our legitimate email is  They are very similar but different; note the missing "s" in "firearms".  Please be careful with all your transactions and make sure the person corresponding with you is who you think they are by verifying emails, addresses, phone numbers, etc..  Make sure the email used to send you information is from the person you think you are dealing with.

We ask that you do not post under our ads, please just contact us directly.  


Trent Warncke, President

Inverse Firearms

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Bottom line, it is not a good idea to post your e-mail address in a reply to an ad.  Here are some reasons:

  • It signals your intent to a potential scammer - They know exactly what you want, and where to send you their request for payment
  • They may appear to have a similar address to the person who posted the ad...Just think about how easy it is to get a free, customized e-mail address - This can be done anywhere in the world
  • It's poor etiquette...You should be reaching out to the seller, not asking them to contact you
  • You should contact the seller using the PM feature, or through their e-mail address directly, without posting your e-mail in a reply to their original ad for all to see

A buyer should always speak to the seller.  Vet them out.  Be appropriately cautious before you send out hundreds, or thousands of dollars.  Never wire money...Never, ever.  Do not send funds via Moneygram.  Once you speak to the person, and are comfortable that they do not appear to be a scammer, check their address and contact information.  Check their FFL address against the ATF database.  Check their address on Google Street View, and see if it appears valid.  Visit them, and see the gun in person, especially if it's very expensive.  If the deal is too good, or anything doesn't feel right, walk away.  Don't get greedy.  If the deal is too good, there's a problem.

David Albert

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National Rifle Association
Past President, The American Thompson Association
American Society of Arms Collectors
Ohio Gun Collectors Association
Thompson Collectors Association
Carbine Club
Garand Collectors Association
International Ammunition Association
Contributing Writer, Small Arms Review Magazine
Co-Author, "Thompson Manuals, Catalogs, & Other Paper Items" Collector Guide
One of the "Other Authors" of "The Ultimate Thompson Book," by Tracie L. Hill
Eagle Scout, and Member of NESA

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Thank you for the excellent advise.

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anybody get this? sent fbi,atf and postal insp. they say guns in fla on header

IP Details for

 Share details about this IP address

This information should not be used for emergency purposes, trying to find someone's exact physical address, or other purposes that would require 100% accuracy.



Details for

Decimal: 1118025774
ASN: 36646
ISP: Yahoo!
Organization: Yahoo
Services: Likely mail server
Type: Corporate
Assignment: Static IP
Continent: North America
Country: United States us flag
State/Region: California
City: Sunnyvale
Latitude: 37.4249  (37° 25′ 29.64″ N)
Longitude: -122.0074  (122° 0′ 26.64″ W)
Postal Code: 94089
notify postal inspectors,too



Details for

Decimal: 2426467375
ASN: 797
ISP: AT&T Services
Organization: AT&T Internet Services
Services: None detected
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Static IP
Continent: North America
Country: United States us flag
State/Region: Georgia
Latitude: 33.749  (33° 44′ 56.40″ N)
Longitude: -84.388  (84° 23′ 16.80″ W)
On Friday, November 3, 2017 12:45 AM, David Price <> wrote:
X-Apparently-To:; Fri, 03 Nov 2017 04:34:55 +0000
Return-Path: <>
Received-SPF: pass (domain of designates as permitted sender)
X-YMailISG: nWVdS4wWLDsAvhB4N1pH5xbFu14PVPUrsAHp936WNcGTkky9
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=pass (ok)
Received: from  (EHLO (
  by with SMTP; Fri, 03 Nov 2017 04:34:55 +0000
X-Originating-IP: []
Received: from ( [])
	by (8.14.4 IN altR5 TLS/8.14.4) with ESMTP id vA34Yrn6032266
	(version=TLSv1/SSLv3 cipher=AES128-SHA bits=128 verify=NO)
	for <>; Fri, 3 Nov 2017 00:34:54 -0400
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s2048; t=1509683693; bh=qqO4H2Y0V7+OHREc3Nnl0Lf0P9Hf9RPBLccfyNMU1wk=; h=Date:From:Subject:References:From:Subject; b=I8RsotIcMnKUoLOlMknkNo2sfm/AYKcGeEDMal/dbr8KnARWyEPHvXn/dn7RKf9+ulIA1k9WdIy9AmcwK8WHcgG8UtQ/+3+6gXmoqb/RlFlx+bPiTxtgRrzQ9HuMOme8JzlCtze19s/TS5wOCepYgcv7SEkx8IMCGNnaXFrv1MKW3CgvcY0GhgUxpmgEUhN8LXUKAdzj3kNPAANU43sAHvNkU6D127Y0TjZ7Sno0vrPMId+lrhUT5XFf8gLKrppdMyezmQMK9MaAFSpAPr/dNVb6Dc1CfFDCuDzYDvSS6GU7hWvpSF856rZkYVvLygP9ONseFZif9n8+60JRmz3kqQ==
X-YMail-OSG: 531r1ZEVM1nmBdeCVT7y3PFEUi6Z3LTVbbK9t8QiY3O_lufYZxtIyflm0PGfMdz
Received: from by with HTTP; Fri, 3 Nov 2017 04:34:53 +0000
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2017 04:34:49 +0000 (UTC)
From: jeanette morris <>
Message-ID: <>
Subject: All for sale
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; 
References: <>
X-Mailer: WebService/1.1.10849 YMailNorrin Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/61.0.3163.100 Safari/537.36
Content-Length: 4491

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

1 . Selling off a couple post samples, both run great and are in verygood c=
ondition. The KRISS front rail is a little wobbly, other thanthat no defect=
Come with accessories as shown, Gen 1 .45 KRISS has a bunch of mags,MagPul =
forward grip and a Primary Arms red dot, DSA OSW has 2 20-roundmags, , YHM =
flash hider mount, grip pod and MagPul front slingattachment.
KRISS Vector $1500 shippedDSA OSW $1600 shipped
M2HB .50 caliber for sale/trade $21,000..Pics and form 4 available
2I have the following post Dealer Samples. Somegunsthere are several availa=
ble. All require a demoletter.

HK MP5/40 Post Sample: $1895
HK MP5SD2: $2800
HK G36C: $2900
HK UMP 40: $1700
HK UMP 45: $1800
Colt M4 (14.5=E2=80=9D): $1500
Colt M4 (11.5=E2=80=9D): $1500
FN F2000: $2200
FN F2000 Tactical: $2200
HK MP7A1: $12,000.00
B&T USA MP7 Silencer. $1500.00
Shipping is $50 per gun basic shipping.
Colt M-16A2 9mm SMG.=C2=A0 10.5" Barrel, 25.6" Overall, Factory Colt SMG.$2=
000.00=C2=A0 More pictures at:
Ruger AC-556.=C2=A0 18.5" Barrel, 37.75" Overall, Factory Ruger MG with3-ro=
und burst and full stock.=C2=A0 $2000.00=C2=A0 More picturesat:http://s79.p=
6M-16 Lower.=C2=A0 DPMS A-15 Lower converter to Registered receiver M-16A2B=
y Jeff's Shooter Supply (JSS).=C2=A0 Currently stripped of fire controlpart=
s with fixed stock.=C2=A0 $1000.00=C2=A0 More pictures at:http://s79.photob=

Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

<html><head></head><body><div style=3D"font-family:Helvetica Neue, Helvetic=
a, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;"><div><div><br></div><div><br></div><d=
iv>1 . Selling off a couple post samples, both run great and are in very</d=
iv><div>good condition. The KRISS front rail is a little wobbly, other than=
</div><div>that no defects.</div><div><br></div><div>Come with accessories =
as shown, Gen 1 .45 KRISS has a bunch of mags,</div><div>MagPul forward gri=
p and a Primary Arms red dot, DSA OSW has 2 20-round</div><div>mags, , YHM =
flash hider mount, grip pod and MagPul front sling</div><div>attachment.</d=
iv><div><br></div><div>KRISS Vector $1500 shipped</div><div>DSA OSW $1600 s=
hipped</div><div><br></div><div>M2HB .50 caliber for sale/trade $21,000..Pi=
cs and form 4 available</div><div><br></div><div>2</div><div>I have the fol=
lowing post Dealer Samples. Some</div><div>guns</div><div>there are several=
 available. All require a demo</div><div>letter.</div><div><br></div><div><=
br></div><div>HK MP5/40 Post Sample: $1895</div><div><br></div><div>HK MP5S=
D2: $2800</div><div><br></div><div>HK G36C: $2900</div><div><br></div><div>=
HK UMP 40: $1700</div><div><br></div><div>HK UMP 45: $1800</div><div><br></=
div><div>Colt M4 (14.5=E2=80=9D): $1500</div><div><br></div><div>Colt M4 (1=
1.5=E2=80=9D): $1500</div><div><br></div><div>FN F2000: $2200</div><div><br=
></div><div>FN F2000 Tactical: $2200</div><div><br></div><div>HK MP7A1: $12=
,000.00</div><div><br></div><div>B&amp;T USA MP7 Silencer. $1500.00</div><d=
iv><br></div><div>Shipping is $50 per gun basic shipping.</div><div><br></d=
iv><div>3</div><div><br></div><div>Colt M-16A2 9mm SMG.&nbsp; 10.5" Barrel,=
 25.6" Overall, Factory Colt SMG.</div><div>$2000.00&nbsp; More pictures at=
ent%20Guns/M-16A2%209mm%20SMG</div><div><br></div><div>Ruger AC-556.&nbsp; =
18.5" Barrel, 37.75" Overall, Factory Ruger MG with</div><div>3-round burst=
 and full stock.&nbsp; $2000.00&nbsp; More pictures</div><div>at:http://s79=
556</div><div>M-16 Lower.&nbsp; DPMS A-15 Lower converter to Registered rec=
eiver M-16A2</div><div>By Jeff's Shooter Supply (JSS).&nbsp; Currently stri=
pped of fire control</div><div>parts with fixed stock.&nbsp; $1000.00&nbsp;=
 More pictures at:</div><div>
On Friday, November 3, 2017 12:34 AM, jeanette morris <> wrote:
1 . Selling off a couple post samples, both run great and are in very
good condition. The KRISS front rail is a little wobbly, other than
that no defects.
Come with accessories as shown, Gen 1 .45 KRISS has a bunch of mags,
MagPul forward grip and a Primary Arms red dot, DSA OSW has 2 20-round
mags, , YHM flash hider mount, grip pod and MagPul front sling
KRISS Vector $1500 shipped
DSA OSW $1600 shipped
M2HB .50 caliber for sale/trade $21,000..Pics and form 4 available
I have the following post Dealer Samples. Some
there are several available. All require a demo
HK MP5/40 Post Sample: $1895
HK MP5SD2: $2800
HK G36C: $2900
HK UMP 40: $1700
HK UMP 45: $1800
Colt M4 (14.5”): $1500
Colt M4 (11.5”): $1500
FN F2000: $2200
FN F2000 Tactical: $2200
HK MP7A1: $12,000.00
B&T USA MP7 Silencer. $1500.00
Shipping is $50 per gun basic shipping.
Colt M-16A2 9mm SMG.  10.5" Barrel, 25.6" Overall, Factory Colt SMG.
$2000.00  More pictures at:
Ruger AC-556.  18.5" Barrel, 37.75" Overall, Factory Ruger MG with
3-round burst and full stock.  $2000.00  More pictures
M-16 Lower.  DPMS A-15 Lower converter to Registered receiver M-16A2
By Jeff's Shooter Supply (JSS).  Currently stripped of fire control
parts with fixed stock.  $1000.00  More pictures at:

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They are still at it. Tried to play with "Cheryl Abernathy" of Terre Haute for a bit yesterday.

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You should try to tie up any similar sounding email addresses. Maybe if you explain the scam to Gmail they will shut this clown down?

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Using a Gmail for a business is exceedingly unprofessional. You should use your web host mail, its much harder to spoof a domain than a user name.

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I have to agree with Easyenough, a gmail account should not be used for business. Register your domain name and add an outlook email account with it. Probably cost less than $100 per year through godaddy or a similar company.

I dont do business with companies that use public free email services like aol, hotmail, yahoo, gmail...etc, especially ones that need a lot of background info on me to make a purchase.

I'm glad you are trying to inform others of the scam but you aren't doing enough to protect your brand by using a free email service.

Just my $0.02

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They're still at it.  Received the following message today.  My guess is they are trying to probe for someone to respond to see who they can still scam.  Notice the extra "r" in the e-mail address?

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Sturmgewehr payment <>
Date: Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 10:57 AM
Subject: Re: Valkrie belt fed
To: <>


On 3/27/17, Sturmgewehr payment <> wrote:
> Do not respond or pay any money to anyone claiming to be me
> I still have the item list on Sturm and it's going for $500 now
> Location of items is Texas
> Thank you

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Hello All. Be very careful as the SCAMMERS are out & About. Here is an E-mail I just received that I know is BOGUS! Do NOT REPLY OR SEND MONEY TO THEM !

Their E-mail they list is below.

Rose Kennedy -


1. LNIB Factory FN Scar 17 select fire $2000

I have one LNIB Post Sample Factory FDE FN Scar 17 machine Gun... Package includes Vortex Viper PST 1-4X24 illuminated reticle Scope W/quick detach ARMs mounts,Magpul foregrip,Magpul grip,Magpul extended selector,Magpul sling attachment, Magpul charging handle, Geissele FN Super Scar full auto trigger, Surefire FA762SS 7.62 Quick detach suppressor, Surefire adapter/ flash hider, 2 FN FDE 20 rnd mags...

2. UZI pre-may D.S sample $2000

Pre 86 Dealer Sample UZI for sale. It comes with the factory metal folding stock and the finish looks in good condition. One mag is included, no manual or sling, but the internals are very clean.
This weapon transfers tax free to any current FFL / SOT ONLY.
This is a Keeper if you quit the business.
On a form 3 and in inventory. We use the eForms system for quickest transfers.

3 . Walther MPL Pre Dealer Sample w/ 2 Mags 2000

Walther pre-may MPL, good condition with finish wear from regular use. 2  Magazines included.  German police markings were removed. FFL/SOTs. Must be a dealer, no demo letter necessary.   $3500 shipped.

4 . Colt LE6933 Factory 5.56 "Commando" Short Barrel Rifle $1000

New in Box Colt LE6933, Factory Short Barrel Rifle, 11.5" Barrel, 1/7, similar to the "Commando" Configured MG.

Form 3 - We have them in-stock for quick e-file transfer


5 . Colt LE6991 Factory 9mm Short Barrel Rifle $1000

New in Box Factory 9mm Short Barrel Rifle similar to the RO635/639 "Commando" Sub-machinegun. Comes w/2-32rd mags in Factory Accessory Pack.

We have them In-Stock Ready for Immediate Transfer. - Form 3

We e-file For Quickest  Transfers

6 . Mossberg 20ga AOW, 8" Barrel Shotgun $800

New in Box Mossberg 500 "Rotating Pistol Grip", 20ga., 8" Barrel, AOW Shotgun manufactured by SE Arms. 


Registered as an AOW - Form 3 In-Stock Ready for Transfer.

7 . M14S M21 Sniper Rifle .7.62x51 1000.00

This is a M14S Caliber- M21 7.62x51 (.308) rifle that has been highly tuned for accuracy and looks great with the desert style camouflage on the fiberglass stock. Has the flip-up buttplate replaced with the rubber sniper style pad. Has a lace-on cheek pad. 6x18 period correct scope with side focus. Steel scope mount that’s very sturdy. Holds moa very well. This is the forged receiver M14S pre-ban rifle. This thing is dead on accurate. Comes with 3 20 rd mags. Has Fulton Armory M14 fax selector switch kit on it for looks. Semi auto rifle.Has Surefire Flash Hider on it now but you have a choice of factory style flash hider or the surefire on it. 

8 . M1 Garand Match in 7.62 built by Vince Jiga - $1000

Vince Jiga built this rifle for me several years ago as I wanted a 7.62 M1 that could compete.

Vince went through a great deal of his parts (he built over 250 correct M1s for his OWN collection) to select the best parts to build this rifle.  All of these parts are specifically selected & the receiver is bedded in.  

Vince used to run Camp Perry & built the original Crane order of SPR uppers when we first sent SpecOps into Afghanistan.  Cancer killed Vince, my close friend, & I then had several heart & kidney operations including cracking my chest.  When I finally decided I could do the rifle justice I took it to the range.   I could see light through the small rear aperture  but not even the front sight.  My eyes can now only see through a scope.   !! DAMN !!

This rifle deserves better than me.  It needs a home with a skilled Shooter.  I doubt if a master shooter can find a more competitive M1.  

9 .  MP5
I am giving up my license so this post-dealer sample could be yours without needing a law letter.  Runs great. Shot moderately. 

$2,000 plus shipping.

You need to be a type 07 to get this gun.

10 .  Kriss vector for sale $1000

11 . No Letter Post Sample AK47 $600
NHD build.
7.62x39 cal.
Lot# 019

No Letter Post Valkyrie Belt Fed M16 $600
 *Valkyrie BSR-MOD-1 Belt-fed upper.

*Bushmaster NHD lower build.

*5.56mm cal.

Lot# 016

No Letter Post Sample B&T TP9 $2,000

No Letter Post Sample Thompson $2,000

No Letter Post Sample RPD $2000

60mm Mortar DD NEW PRICE $2000

No Letter Post Sample DSA SA58OSW $2,000

No Letter Post Sample MK760 $1,000

No Letter Post Sample Uzi $2,000 OBO

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Latest one I received.  This scammer is actually using someone's FFL whom I called and confirmed it's not him selling and also has a bank account he wants the money sent to at TD Bank.

Ram Lake LLC <>

Wed, Feb 13, 11:55 PM (14 hours ago)
We are licensed Dealer and we have some NFA Class III  guns and accessories for sale.Let us know if you might be interested in them or have any customer looking for one. also If there is something that you are having trouble finding, reach out to us. If we don't have it in stock, we can find it for you
1. SWD M11 9mm Transferable
2. Ruger AC556 
3 FN FNC 5.56 by S&H Arms. Folding stock,4 pos. select. with 3 rnd. burst.
4 Ingram powder springs MAC 10
5.Vector Uzi 
6.German WWII C&R MP40
7.1918 Winchester C&R BAR
8.MP5A3, Qualified Sear in SEF Pack,
9. Cotl M16A1 
10 Sten MK II Transferable Machine Gun 
11- American 180 transferable machine gun

american 180-8.JPG

S.W.D. M11 9-3.jpg

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Just caught a scammer in the act on Frank's board at MGC.  He had an AC556 posted for $8500.  He refused to send any copies of Forms for verification and finally sent a heavily-redacted Form 4.  The problem is that the serial number on the Form 4 didn't match the serial number on the "original box" in the pictures of the gun.  He sent me a copy of "his" FFL, which I googled, got the phone number, contacted, and asked if they had any machine guns for sale.

"no, sir, we are not an NFA dealer."

Filled in the owner of this FFL on the situation and he is now in touch with his local ATF and Sheriff's Office.

Scammer info is as follows:

phone:  910-479-5640
no name provided, communicates via text, will not answer a phone call

He deleted the ad on MGC yesterday afternoon after he started texting with me about the gun.

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