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  1. WTS. Pre-May HK Mp5

    I am flattered
  2. WTS. Pre-May HK Mp5

    PM sent I will take it pending pics
  3. Pre May for sale

    Called him, waiting on pics and prices, thanks for the referral!
  4. Pre May UZI 9mm $6,500

    I’ll take this package per our conversation - thanks!
  5. No Law Letter Post Sample Sale

    PM inbound, sir
  6. Pre Sample US M3 Grease Gun $11K

    I hope it does better at $13k
  7. Pre Sample US M3 Grease Gun $11K

    I would like to buy this from you but am waiting for you to get back to me on everything we've discussed in the last few hours.
  8. Pre Sample US M3 Grease Gun $11K

    PM Sent
  9. Pre-May M1A1 AOC Thompson $10K delivered

    I’ll take it

    PM inbound
  11. WTS: Pre-May Madsen M-50 SMG - Sale $4200

    I’ll take this thanks!
  12. WTS: Pre-May Madsen M-50 SMG - Sale $4200

    Interested PM sent
  13. FS HK SD MP5 straight magazines 9mm

    Anyone hear back from him?
  14. WTS: Colt M16A1 Lower $25K

    I’ll take this per our email conversation / agreement. Thanks, Andy!
  15. WTB Minimi presample

    Dan Shea of Long Mountain Outfitters / Phoenix Defence: "There is ONE fully transferable factory original M249. M16s that magically turned into M249s don't count. Dealer sample M249s that some examiner forgot to stamp don't count. The M249 and the Minimi were designed and made after 1968, so none from Belgium could have come in the country before then and been legit, original transferable guns. I have the factory records on this. There is one transferable. The rest were destroyed. I had that gun, I had a letter from ATF declaring it to be transferable, and I sold that gun a long time ago. It is presently for sale by the owner for $550,000. Every rumored transferable M249 that I have heard of has been a dead end- either a non-stamped dealer sample- at least one a year that someone calls and says is transferable, they pay 100grand for it after I tell them it's not transferable, they call later when it comes back with "Needs a demo letter" and the guy has already blown the 100grand and can't refund. Once a year that happens. Factory serial numbers that are a good guideline on M249s: FN00xxxx means Belgian made, pre-86 dealer sample that was imported by either Guns South in the 16 or 19 they brought in or one of the approx 100 that FNMI imported, Cxxxxx means commercial US Factory made at FNMI- all after 1986 and all are post 86 dealer samples..... E000xx is either one of a couple pre samples imported for Engineering at FNMI in 1984, or is the ONE transferable M249 made at FNMI in 1984 - that is the only one that remains."