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  1. WTS: DLO 1919A4: as new

  2. Spandau MG08 w/trench Mount $16K

    ID listed in box 4a of the registration as the imp/mfg, please?
  3. WTS: Assorted handguns

    No, just the one.
  4. ANM-2, Buffalo Arms; .30-06; C+R; 95%+ original parkerizing; excellent internals, bore; 100% correct; $35k/offers Pics on request. Out on F3 or taxed F4 (buyer pays tax) to FFL03; buyer pays SH&I
  5. Destructive Device without barrel question

    Why is ATF/NFA involved? They have nothing to say about this transfer. A Lahti without a barrel is Title I. I assume you are an FFL so just take in or have the receiver sent to you and book it in as a title I rifle receiver. File an F1 to register it as a DD. FWIW
  6. WTS: DLO 1919A4: as new

  7. Would appreciate seeing a pic of the maker's ID if you would, please. Or send pic to: Thanks
  8. WTS: DLO 1919A4: as new

    They are currently in CT.
  9. WTS: German MP40 fully transferable

    Thanks. Good info above and clears up some confusion. The lower is an ERMA assembly/product and by the proofs it appears that the receiver is of Steyr manufacture. Apologies for assuming incorrectly that the receiver was also ERMA without following up. Unfortunate that the main assemblies are mismatched, but it adds to the mystery of it's history. Again, it is interesting that the original registrant was savvy enough to list a parts sub-contractor as the manufacturer but did not know about the actual manufacturers of record. Must be a story there. I enjoy these paperwork anomalies from the early days between 1934 the end of the '68 Amnesty and well into the reman era until 1986, and have seen many. I bought my first DEWAT in 1957 and when I could afford the transfer taxes shortly after college, bought transferables starting in 1970. Been at it ever since. Good luck with the sale. FWIW
  10. WTS: German MP40 fully transferable

    Though I am sure you know this, to help those who don't, the manufacturer of the MP40 is actually ERMA, hence the 'ayf' code. ERMA, Haenal and Steyr were the only makers of the MP38/40s. The manufacturer ID that you note as listed on the registration form, as best I can make out, is the Krupp Cash Register Co, of Kassen, Germany. They certainly did not make MP40s. Good example of the wide variety of misinformation passed along from incorrect mfg. ID put on original registrations of MGs. Without a doubt an original MP40 with that erroneous but vintage manufacturer's ID. For those considering buying this gun, I suggest that it is far more helpful to correctly ID the actual manufacturer of the gun you are offering instead of the original registrant's farflung guess. FWIW
  11. Would like to see the left rear of the receiver for the ID info please.