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  1. WTB MP5k Recoil Rod assembly

    WTB MP5k /SP5k recoil rod assembly. - German and new or lightly used please. Thank you! -Spartan
  2. WTB HK MP5k Folding stock

    Found one - thanks everyone!
  3. WTB HK MP5k Folding stock

    Looking for a lightly used or new HK stamped MP5k PWD folding stock. Let me know what you have. Thanks ! Happy to pay whatever your preferred method.
  4. A2 stock received. Smooth transaction. Thanks!
  5. I'll take the A2 stock if its still available
  6. KEL TEC CP33 - Full Auto

    Anyone out there with experience on this? Thanks
  7. WTB Mini Uzi Stock

    WTB collapsible stock for a mini UZI. Let me know what you have . Thanks!
  8. KEL TEC CP33 - Full Auto

    Looking for guidance on converting CP33 to full auto. Just picked one up. Appears it can be done. Obviously 07/02 Thanks and feel free to message me Spartan
  9. Unknown Manufacture Form 2

    First one takes longer. Normal notification.
  10. Need help on HK sear burst pack

    Just got back from the MP5 and UMP Armorers class in VA so happy to share the tricks I learned from Bob.
  11. Need help on HK sear burst pack

    Looks like you are good to go! Yes the compression rod pops out like that often. Good luck finding a replacement if it breaks, I have an out of commission burst pack with that exact issue. , Thankfully I have 3 others Other good trick is to depress the takedown lever while re-inserting the selector so the little metal catch piece doesn't bend/scrape your selector. The selectors should pop together easily. Enjoy your new investment! Now you just need the SD, MP5, MP5k, MP5kPWD, and briefcase to go with it.
  12. WTB - UMP 4 POS Lower - 0,1,2,f

    Bumping again then moving on to the next project
  13. Need help on HK sear burst pack

    Howdy - Likely an issue with the compression rod out of alignment - very common problem and thank you for stopping and asking before breaking it Does this picture help? Carefully realign the compression rod/spring to be flat against the frame and not canted like you see on the NO section. Let me know if this helps
  14. Drop in 4 position m16 trigger?

    Nope. Didn't care at all. Just like buying a m16 trigger kit off
  15. Drop in 4 position m16 trigger?

    Being sold as replacement parts for your m16 mil spec lower. Needs to have a .69 shelf to fit, but besides that it looks like a very solid piece. Ordered one but 3-4 month backorder. Interesting that it is just parts, so no paperwork on it. Appeal is that with no 3rd hole is required for operation as it is internal similar to the FRT.