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  1. I checked my spam folder but no notices were there. Its a pain checking all the submittals on approved and in process pages since they load so slow on ATF's site. The only upside is that the folks in Martinsburg are super helpful and I've found a friend there who goes out of her way to check on pending forms and let me know when I need to fix one.
  2. I just discovered that a couple of customers that had multiple Form 4's e-filed were all approved yet I only received an email for each one for one suppressor. One guy bought 3, the other two, but each email with the approval only included one approved Form 4 and I had to go into my account to pull up the others. Anyone else had this happen? I only noticed it when the other Form 4's didn't show up in my "submitted/in process" list so I found them in the approved list. Live and learn. I also grow old waiting for the Approved or Submitted/In Process pages to load. Rant off.
  3. Update, the tech I was swapping emails with deleted some duplicate files from the electronic documents train stop so I could upload the second page of the RPQ, all is good now.
  4. I tried using Chrome with the malware turned off, no difference. I went to Edge (never used it before) and no difference. No red x's show up, hovering doesn't help, nothing. The simply aren't there.
  5. That may be the issue, not the monitor settings, because the full page is showing, margins are intact, but maybe the Chrome malware settings are preventing it from showing, I'll see if that does anything.
  6. With all due respect, the "experts tell me there is a red x for every file so I can delete it, but there isn't. Right clicking usually brings up an option to delete but not in this case. I cannot figure out how to delete any files (in fact, somewhere it tells me they cannot be deleted). The experts say I can and there is a red x I can click to delete a file, but I've pulled up several different Form 4's I have submitted/in process and there is no red x for any of them.
  7. My first e-filed Form 4 is deficient and I am emailing back and forth with the experts as to how to correct it. I am trying to upload the two page Responsible Person Questionaire (rpq) but I've hit a wall as I already had 19 files uploaded and cannot upload but page 1 of the RPQ. I uploaded some duplicates since this was my first try and didn't realize the files had already uploaded. They tell me I can delete files by simply clicking the red x by each file, but there are no red x's when I pull up the form from the list shown on the train stop "electronic documents." They keep telling me its there but I don't have it. The only place I find a red x is the list of Form 4's I've submitted, and clicking that deletes the entire Form 4 forcing me to start over, which I of course don't want to do. They also tell me I took up lots of file space by uploading every page of the trust in a separate document, but I tried uploading the entire trust as one file and hit the wall for the limit of 30 mb per file. Catch 22 it seems. They won't let me call them, and my repeated questions elicit the same response over and over. I'd appreciate any help offered. Oh, and they tell me to correct the DOB so they match, RPQ and Form 4, but they already do, so I'm at an impasse.
  8. I have often wondered about breaking up an NFA firearm into components for shipping. More costly by a bit, but (say in the instance of an SBR) if you take the barrel off and ship separately from the receiver then you negate the prohibition of shipping SBR's, right? Maybe moot, I don't know, but just thinking out loud.
  9. Reminder, this is a pre-86 dealer sales sample(keeper) , so if you aren't an SOT no way no how can you own this gun, dealers only.
  10. I got three suppressor approvals back Saturday, e-filed in June. funny thing, seven guys all bought cans at the same time, I did all the efiling and the ones approved were the last ones sent in.
  11. I was just infomed that John Andrewski plans a run of extractors, so no group buy will be necessary. I'm guessing Navgunner won't mind too much..
  12. I totally understand your situation, no need to apologize. I'm trying to gin up interest on some of the other boards, although I don't know if I'm the right person to head up the group buy. There are more experienced and tenured guys out there who may be willing to do that, but I'm willing to be point man right now to get something organized. Thanks for your willingness to make another run.
  13. Got the email forms approved yesterday, filed 6-6-23, approved 10-28-23. 4 1/2 months.
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