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  1. WTS CMMG Banshee 9mm $1400

    NIB CMMG Banshee in 9mm takes Glock mags. Cere cote in FDE, one mag included. $1400 + $30 shipping & insurance.
  2. M10A1 9mm/45 w/ suppressor FS, $8000

    Yes it is
  3. M10A1 9mm/45 w/ suppressor FS, $8000

  4. I've been here before

    In 1986 Congress passed a gun control bill that limited the number of transferable machine guns to those in country at that time. In the next few years we will probably see the same thing happen with gasoline powered vehicles. Will they ho up in value like our guns have?
  5. M10A1 9mm/45 w/ suppressor FS, $8000


    Looking for a shooter post sample.
  7. Biden’s “ assault rifle ..... solution “

    Just points up how important it is to hold the Senate. I suppose an executive order could be issued to enact some sort of registration requirement but it would immediately be challenged in court, hopefully a Trump-appointed judge hearing it. Taxation is the purview of Congress, not the president. Lots of mischief will be tried, no doubt, but failing to capture the Senate will likely prevent much of it.
  8. Getting fingerprinted in the pandemic

    yes, now every "responsible party" must submit fingerprints and photos.
  9. Our local Sheriff's office has been closed over a week due to outbreak of positive covid tests, now they have extended it and suspended outside fingerprints indefinitely. Local PD is very limited on doing prints anyway, so its getting hard to find anywhere tyget them done. Good business opportunity if that's even allowed for private business to do.
  10. WTS: MP40 C&R $20,000

    Price drop, $20,000 + shipping.
  11. WTS: AK47 Pearl conversion transferrable--SOLD

    Sold pending funds
  12. WTS: MP40 C&R $20,000

    Well, I forgot the pics. Enclosed here.
  13. WTS: MP40 C&R $20,000

    C&R MP40 re-wat, very good condition, reliable shooter, I've had for almost 20 years. Includes 8 original mags, original mag loader, extra bolt/spring assembly(FBP, I use it in the gun and save the original one), and a pair of repro mag pouches. Weld seam is barely noticeable This will go out on an e-file Form 3 to your dealer, 2 week turnaround. I'll accept a 50/50 payment. Includes shipping and insurance to lower 48. . $22,500.
  14. WTS: AK47 Pearl conversion transferrable--SOLD

    Sorry, forgot to attach the pic.