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  1. Does anyone have a sample of verbiage that has been successfully used in a Post-86 LE “Law Letter” for old Post-86 SMG’s, like the Thompson, Sten or Reising? ATF’s template for these letters has language they like to see along the lines of “explain how these weapons are in common LE use today” (I don’t have it in front of me right now, not sure that is the exact language they use, but it is something like that.) I'm guessing it’d probably be hard to use that as a justification for these old SMG’s! Maybe something like a request for training on them in case encountered in the field? Or…??? I’m trying to get a Post-86 TSMG, a Reising and a Sten transferred in, I think I have a CLEO that’ll write the LE Demo letter, but I want to get the verbiage correct for these old guns as best I can. Suggestions?
  2. I usually do eForms, but there's been a couple times where I could not get them to add the items to the e-inventory list in the eForms "system", maybe because the current registrations were so old (30+ years). So I finally just sent the paper Form 3's, with a copy of the existing/current registration form. Surprisingly, the paper form came back approved pretty quick (2 - 2 1/2 weeks). Not my preferred method, but it still works.
  3. I had not done a paper Form 3 transfer in a while but recently did a couple of them. When these approved forms came back, they had a pink-colored “cover sheet” with them. Does anyone know if this pink cover sheet is something that is required to be retained along with the actual [original approved] paper Form 3? I did notice that the ATF “control Number” only appears on this pink cover sheet; it is not on the actual Form 3 in the upper left corner, like it is on eForms forms. I’m guessing that the ATF Control Number is a good thing to have, but I could easily just write it in on the Form 3 in the appropriate place. Anyone else ever do paper Form 3’s at all anymore? (Sometimes it just seems easier than repeatedly – and unsuccessfully - trying to get NFA to add an MG registered 30+ years ago to one’s eForms inventory list; the last couple of Form 3 paper transfers I did only took 17 days, mailbox to mailbox.) Anyone ever seen any ATF written guidance on retaining -or not - these pink cover sheets? I’m curious what others are doing with these.
  4. Silencer question

    Please let us know what you find out, and include links to relevant government info/sources on this subject, if you can. Thanks!
  5. Silencer question

    Well, apparently........ not exactly. I am pretty sure that the Hughes Act does not apply to silencers. The notation on my late 1990s-ish imported silencer is "Limited to use as a sales sample" which is exactly the same notation as is found on pre-May '86 MG's, despite this being a late-1990s import. (It does not have the "restricted registration - possession limited to continued compliance with PL 99-308" notation that is found on Post-86 MG's.) Apparently, these post-1986 imported silencers are treated like Pre-1986 DS imported MG's. Anyone else care to chime in on this topic and confirm?
  6. Silencer question

    I have a B&T UMP .45 silencer (Swiss mfg., imported by H&K), which I got about 20 years ago, when I got my post-86 UMP/45. I hadn't looked at the Form 3 that it is on for quite a while, but recently noticed that it has the red "Limited to use as sales sample" notation in the approved box; it does not say "restricted registration - possession limited to continued compliance with PL 99-308" as one would find on a "Post-86" MG. So....... what is the legal significance of the "Limited to use as a sales sample" notation on a foreign manufactured silencer - which was likely imported in the late 1990's - and is registered on a Form 3? Is this silencer like a "pre-May Dealer sample" MG, in that it can only go from Dealer to Dealer (but without a "LE Demo Letter") and the Dealer can keep it if he lets his SOT go? (Though I seriously doubt it was imported prior to 1986.) I don't know that much about silencers, hoping one of you experts can help out with an answer to this.
  7. Preban HK Usp 9mm mags

    Can you have those in Boston? (Amazing how the birthplace of the American Revolution has become. Paul Revere, Sam Adams, etc would be appalled!) I may have some, would have to do some searching in old boxes. Message me.
  8. Wtb transferable sp1 or 16a2

    I have a Fleming converted Colt SP1 I might be willing to sell. Message me.
  9. I'm wondering what others do. I have always shipped USPS Registered Mail for NFA items and other high value guns. But lately, they seem to be taking way too long - example: two and a half weeks to go domestically, coast to coast - and I'm not always getting timely and accurate tracking info. What shipping method are others using? UPS? FedEx? I'd appreciate hearing the pros and cons based on others' experiences.
  10. I've been trying for a month to get them to add a gun to my eForms inventory, so I can do a Form 3 transfer. I've tried emailing two people there, whose email address I had; and two different eforms email address that I found..... all to no avail. Can anyone advise what the process is to submit a transfer Form 3 via fax or email? Anyone have the ATF web address that might discuss this? Many thanks.
  11. I recently had an eForms transfer of a post-86 MP5 that was disapproved because [quoting ATF’s Disapproval reason] the “Demo letter does not contain all necessary info.” I need some help from the smart and experienced NFA folks here. This is the exact verbiage of the Demo letter written and signed by the Police Chief: To: [C-3 Dealer Name and address] “The xxx PD is interested in testing and evaluating the Heckler and Koch MP-5 Sub-machine gun in 9mm caliber prior to possibly purchasing one for the department. Your assistance in this project is appreciated.” Signed, Chief of Police ********** What’s wrong with this verbiage? What “necessary info” is missing? Does anyone have a sure-fire template for a LE Demo letter that will pass muster with NFA Branch? Any help/info appreciated.
  12. Form 4 gun to SOT?

    This is a slightly different situation. The gun was transferred, almost 30 years ago, to an SOT (from another SOT) on a tax paid Form 4, not sure why that was done, but it was. So now, I am wondering how it would go to another SOT: on another Form 4, tax paid? Or can it go from it's current registered owner (an SOT) to another SOT, no tax, on a Form 3?
  13. Form 4 gun to SOT?

    I've never done one of these but..... I'm contemplating buying a MG that is on a tax paid Form 4 with an individual. Can that individual transfer that gun directly to an SOT in another state? Would it be done on a tax paid Form 4? Or on a Form 3, since it is going to an SOT? Or...??? How's it work?
  14. WTB: Pre 2004 H&K Mark 23 Pistol

    I'm curious.... what is the significance of the 2006 production year/date?
  15. Current eForms transfer times?

    Here's a few other eForms questions that maybe someone here can address........ 1. What does it mean when a Machine Gun is listed with a Manufacturer of "Form 2 Registration"? I have a couple in my eForms inventory list that show this, when they are actually transferable guns, currently registered to me on a Form 5. 2. Why do some guns show, in the Manufacturer column, as "Imported NFA Firearm" when other similar guns (which were also imported at some point, either pre-86 or post-86) show the actual manufacturer, like "Heckler & Koch"? I have both Pre-86 and some Post-86 MP5s that show as Imported NFA Firearm, while others show as "Heckler & Koch" for the Manufacturer.... and there is no rhyme or reason to it on the eForms inventory list. 3. Under Barrel length, what does the "RR" mean when it shows "RR8.85"? 4. Lastly, what's the best/quickest way to notify NFA Branch of an actual mistake on your eForms Inventory List? i.e. something like a gun listed in your inventory that you don't have and have never had; or just a plain mistake, like the wrong manufacturer listed ("Colt", when it should be IMI or Uzi, etc) or the wrong Model listed (like "Uzi" when it should be "AR-18"). Thanks for the help, I really appreciate all the good info that I get here.