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  1. Machine guns for sale

    MG-42 should be here in 2 weeks
  2. Machine guns for sale

    The inbound Guns are like new
  3. Machine guns for sale

    New Pricing
  4. Could I get a price and pictures please?
  5. Machine guns for sale

    Yes it is
  6. 1928 Auto-Ordnance West Hurley WWII Commemorative Thompson. Matching serial number.s It is new and unfired. Includes the factory presentation case, and goodies 4 Magazines, certificates of authenticity, and other assorted factory paperwork. $18,000 includes shipping. It is on a form 3 and will eform out to you. Thomas Stewart 602-763-8867
  7. Machine guns for sale

    Yes sorry the M24 is sold. Someone is looking at the 1917 DLO also
  8. Machine guns for sale

    Thanks for all the great emails
  9. Machine guns for sale

    I sent Pics
  10. Machine guns for sale

    Here is a list of the Machine Guns I have available. Also I have list of incoming Machine Guns. Detailed Pictures available. If you want one 50% down will hold them for you until the paperwork come in. I have video's of most of these Machine Guns shooting. So you know they work. I am Thomas Stewart and I have been in the Machine Gun Business for 20 years now. let me know which ones you need pictures on. I do E file so these will transfer to you Quick. 602-763-8867 or Thanks Buddy I would like to do some trading so let me know what you have. Open to reasonable offers In transferable inventory ready to ship: Ohio Ord. 1928 com. (1917) Mint 8 mm 18,500.00 OBO 08 Maxim Great condition works great. with Tripod 8 MM 18,500.00 Dolf owned Sold Inbound on form 4 1919A4 Ramo setup as a A6 30-06 appears unfired 18,500.00 W. H. WWII comm. Thompson 1928A1 New 18,500.00 MG-42 VG condition AR and DF marked Mauser made this 59,900.00 PRE Dealer Samples None
  11. Great Machine Guns for Sale

    The 50 is sold
  12. Great Machine Guns for Sale

    New pictures
  13. Great Machine Guns for Sale

    The MG-42 is a cra and is setup in 308
  14. Great Machine Guns for Sale

    The M-60 is sold
  15. Great Machine Guns for Sale

    The 1919A4 comes with a Tripod