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  1. If you want to buy one call or text me thanks
  2. Please call or text me to buy a Machine gun
  3. I am REPOSTING this as someone is Trying to use my name to Scam people. Please Send only to my FFL and Thomas Earl Stewart. I will never ask you to send money other than to my FFL Address. Also I will only ask you to send your money to Thomas Earl Stewart. Beware he is using the email toneitup1@aol.com . ALSO toneitup1@gmail.com This is not my account mine is toneitup@aol.com Please call me to verify your talking to me. He is also using the email JohnNorrell12@outlook.com
  4. I don't have that info until I receive the MG.
  5. A scammer has been contacting people on the board. He is using my FFL and SOT. If he contacts you his emails are toneitup1@aol.com and toneitup1@Gmail.com Please call me at my phone 602-763-8867. Also I will never ask you to send money other than to my listed FFL and to Thomas Earl Stewart. If we can lets email this jerk and let him know we are onto his scam. If you have been a victim contact your local authorities. Here is a list of the Machine Guns I have available. Also I have list of incoming Machine Guns. Detailed Pictures available. Unlike others on this board I will never refinish these classic Machine Guns. Watch out for dealers who refinished Guns to try and attract you. If you want an inbound Machine gun 50% down will hold it for you, When the Machine Gun is in my Inventory the other 50% payment is due. The other listed Machine guns are E-file ready. I have video's of most of these Machine Guns shooting. I do that so you know they work. I am Thomas Stewart and I have been in the Machine Gun Business for 23 years now. let me know if you need pictures on any MG in stock. I do E file so most Machine Guns will transfer to your Dealer Quickly. 602-763-8867 or toneitup@aol.com. I would like to do some trading so let me know what you have. Open to reasonable offers. SEE PICTURES BELOW Here is what I have In my transferable inventory on Form 3 ready to ship AVS 36 C&R 44,000.00 C&R great shape. WWII Vickers 1918 19,995.00 Erb Marked Colt sits on wheel mount 303 Lewis Savage C&R 48,000.00 Air Craft mounted Lots of extras 100 round drum Mint Valmet 78 24,000.00 Like new if not New. 308 Schwarzlose 7/12 C&R 38,000.00 Mint Extras setup in 6.5x55 Swiss Super rare tool and part kit M203 LMT 3,500.00 Like new see pictures SPF . M11 P.S. 10,995.00 .380 small well Good condition Powder Spring Man. M11 SWD 9,995.00 .380 small well Great shape Lower marked RPB but paperwork list man. as SWD Sten MKII 8,995.00 Good Condition Form 2 Registration Works perfect Sterling MK-4 18,995.00 Mint Looks new test fired works great. I have Video Erb Manufacture 6 Magazines UZI B&G 13,995.00 .45 ACP Great shape Perfect shooter. 6 Magazines Video Street Sweeper 2,500.00 Great shape looks unfired registered DD PRE 86 Dealer Samples: Valmet 78 15,500.00 Near Mint 1 Magazine setup in .556.. Has been Shot 60 rounds total. Video Inbound on form 4 s and Form 3: Paperwork takes time. These are transferable Machine Guns and will Transfer out on E Form: The lower price is for the wait. M11 SWD 12,000.00 Good Cond. M11 SWD 12,000.00 Good Cond. FNC 21,500.00 Great Cond. 4 pos. fixed stock great shooter UZI 16,500.00 Original IMI gun Conv. Registered Receiver run perfect
  6. Most of the Guns are now transferable see my other add
  7. It is still for sale
  8. M11 9mm two weeks out
  9. Thanks I don't have anything for the ZB 26. Im also looking for the retaining pin for the barrel lock
  10. Looking for 2 or 3 belts Thanks Tom Stewart 602-763-8867
  11. Looking for a complete gas tube Tom Stewart 602-763-8867
  12. Pictures coming for M203
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