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  1. Yep. Grinder mark far left of receiver is definitely a dog dick. It is a rare variant for this model. Actually, I think that's where they purposely removed the "US" from the model designation.
  2. Condition? Scope? Flash hider? Flip up muzzle protector? Matching? Condition (yes, twice, since this seems to be so important to pricing a 99)? Rear monopod? Gun price varies drastically with condition. My guess on extras - $2k each per conversion (including barrel). $1500 for extra mag. Maybe $500 for conversion mags. Added together ~$6k for extras. I may be low on these since I've not seen any in a while, so between $6-$8k for extras to the right buyer. Hard to tell current temperature / interest for Japanese NFA. Not familiar with ballistic shield? Gun maybe between $12 and $20k+ depending on condition? Others may have different opinions. Good luck!
  3. I've seen a number of MP34 both in kits and live guns. "A lot" for me = 4 live guns and maybe 6-8 kits in hand, 15‐25+ kits for sale online. I have never seen the extra plate in your book's picture (saw your post on another forum). I have never seen it pictured anywhere either. Guns I've seen include the standard MP34 variants (long and short actions / mags), MP30's and the 45 cal MP34. I like MP34s...
  4. Aaaand...They're gone. I had the last 2 in my cart finishing up my credit card info and when I pushed "buy" they put up a "runtime error" page. I pushed back and it said "cart adjusted for quantity, cart now empty". Oh well. I've been on the winning side of that equation before, but it still smarts to be on the losing side. Thanks for the heads-up all the same!
  5. So I googled a little and came across a website on the M79 (link below). You may already have seen this so apologies in advance if so. What caught my eye was the description of firing: "When you release the trigger, the hammer settles back slightly, allowing the firing pin spring to withdraw the pin from the face of the retainer." Looking at the cutaway diagram from the website would indicate (to me anyways) a couple of possible culprits: 1) The hammer is out of spec. 2) The hammer spring may be too strong / out of spec, or 3) the trigger spring may be too weak or somehow out of spec. I hope that this helps - good luck! Website link
  6. I am a single member LLC (SMLLC) for my FFL/SOT. ATF will ask about any zoning restrictions for your place of business. Since you're just switching entities you should already have that. In some states the SMLLC is a "disregarded entity". An advantage of the SMLLC is that you can file on your personal taxes with Schedule C. There are tax advantages to an S-Corp (especially if you're buying your own medical) but lots more paperwork to deal with. I have an S-Corp for another business. If I re-do mine I will be an 07/02. I went 01/02. More RKI can chime in.
  7. Have you disassembled the firing pin? I had a firing pin break on my M79 long ago. I would start there. If the pin is good the spring may be shot. Take it apart. Replace parts as needed.
  8. I've had several past buyers willing to pay a premium for NIB. To me NIB is NIB - not test fired. I'd keep it NIB. "Almost a virgin" is clearly not the same as a virgin...
  9. The funny thing is that someone reloaded that revolver. At least once.
  10. Kit received as advertised. Stick mag is Suomi but pleased with all.
  11. Bought 10. Great deal. Shipped on same day and showed up today. Mags are in great shape. Entire transaction was GREAT. Thanks! Free bump with strong "buy" recommended.
  12. First type has 3 pointy crowns stamped near the top of the back side. This is Swedish. I have a couple like this. I also have one that has the side pouch for the night sights. It has a different Swedish crown stamp (rounded crown over crossed cannons?). This other crown is similar (rounded vs pointy crowns) to the metal stamps on gun parts. The metal stamps on gun parts do not have the lower crossed cannons (if that's what they are). Both the pointy and rounded crowns show up on mags. Some mags just have "MADE IN SWEDEN". Didn't see a crown of any type on that mag...
  13. Hmmm...just got a full auto delivered UPS Ground. I ship USPS registered mainly for the cheap insurance. Never differentiate between full auto or not. That's none of their business. It is a collectible firearm. Next. As FFL, I have received MANY firearms (including handguns) shipped USPS by individuals. None were sent overnight... Never had an issue.
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