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  3. Why is this so hard to understand-does no one read before commenting-it is NOT a post sample as it was in the county before May 19, 1986 so it’s either a pre sample or transferable. Given what it stamped on the paperwork, both are pre samples. Good lord it’s not rocket science people….in the county prior to 1986 and says on the paper work “sales sample” those two points mean PRE SAMPLE.
  4. If I were you, I'd just go through with the transfer and see what happens. If you're a 01/03 FFL/SOT, then post samples won't be approved for transfer to you without a LE letter, and the transfer will be denied. And that will tell you the status of the weapons in question (as far as pre-post goes) without having to rely on anyone else's interpretation or calling the AFT for clarification. Basically, if they transfer into your inventory, then you know they are pre-samples.
  5. Congrats! Good choice. The new modularity of the mac series with Lage uppers and add-ons provides a lot of fun options in several calibers, including a good functioning rifle caliber. You have to get into M16 and HK sears before you find another platform that runs really well in both subgun and rifle calibers. And you can run a drum (cheap and no modifications) in one of the subgun configurations. Very versatile. Enjoy safely!
  6. Only PPS 43 9mm left Price drop on the last three!!!
  7. It’s not threaded. Just has locking tabs.
  8. Law enforcement or sales sample is the same thing when it comes to MG’s like this. They are both pre samples just different terms used to define them. I’ve had both versions of this in hand before and at the end of the day they were both pre sample guns as they came into the USA after 1968 but were already here and on paper before 1986.
  9. I bought a couple parts from har1690 and they were shipped the same day that he received payment and they look great. Excellent communication and smooth transaction. Harry
  10. I’ve been working on a build and I need a new lower if you have one let me know, thanks
  11. Very Good condition MG-42 parts kit with matching receiver sections, excellent barrel in 8mm. $3800 plus FedEx ground. Please e-mail n308@aol.com
  12. Yesterday
  13. From memory, the 191 and 192 should be exact same. It’s the 190 serial number block that have different parts. Frankly, the vast majority of replacement parts (other than the auto parts) are 100% interchangeable with mini-14 parts up to the Mid 2000’s.
  14. I had a couple people back out on the waiting list there is a couple guns unspoken for if anyone else wants one.
  15. Selling two registered destructive devices: Carl Gustaf M2 Recoilless Rifle: $12000 M72 LAW: $4000 Both were activated by TXMGO and will transfer out on Form 3s. No trades at this time. Message me or text 57zero9517487.
  16. We (Krebs Custom Guns) would like a set please!!!
  17. I believe it has something todo with the gas block? I’ve never been able to find out any other info than that when I asked. Could be totally wrong also.
  18. Perhaps you guys should communicate Directly and Use Sturm's PM ( private message ) system .... by clicking on the posters user name ... see the message button ... click on that to send a private message directly to the poster ... type message ... then send
  19. Mr. Erb, I had PM'ed you saying I'd take the barrel, and you replied it had sold to someone else. When I read your post above, it looks like you sold it to me. Did you not catch that I'm the same guy? It's not a problem either way. I'm just trying to make sure we are on the same page. Thanks, Harry
  20. Why not contact him ? ….. Use Sturm's PM ( private message ) system .... by clicking on the posters user name ... see the message button ... click on that to send a private message directly to the poster ... type message ... then send
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