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  2. Have one VERY RARE Beretta 950BS - .22 Short with a 6 round magazine is a simple blowback pistol with a single action trigger mechanism and tip-up barrel. The frame is made out of aluminum alloy, the slide and barrel are carbonsteel. The later models like this (950BS Post-1968) are provided with an external safety lever. Comes in original Beretta box with one original 6 round magazine.
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  4. Go to : StopGunScams.com Currently they list 2062 known gun scam sites!! R.L.
  5. WTS: Fully Transferable, Amnesty Registered Sten MK II, 9mm, 3 mags, sling, loader. Comes with everything Pictured. Has chip on bolt feed lip. E-form 3 to your dealer. $10,000.00 Wired Funds Buyer pays shipping and insurance of his choice. Call for more information. 225-921-2408 I don’t text on Machineguns till a deal is made.
  6. I have a 53 cover. I will message you
  7. I have several major manufacturer New Old Stock (NOS) suppressors in stock on form 3 that I would like to offer for trade on guns, or sale. I do not have a complete list right now but I have multiples of each can below. Interested in trades for these cans at or below cost. I'm interested in a wide variety of guns.I will trade up or down. You probably have a rough idea of what these are worth so make me an offer or what do you have to trade? Pistols, Colt AR's, nice AR10/308, Preban, NFA, Let me know. Not looking to give these away but maybe we can change up each others inventory? Contact me at rext269@aol.com or 859-361-9444. Thank for looking, Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms AAC SR7, M42000, 762SDN6, Pilot2, 45 TiRant, , YHM Phantom 223, 308 Phantom, Sico Warlock, Sparrow SS, Spectre II, SAlvo 12, Omega 30, TacSol cascade, Gemtech Alpine, OutbackII, Rugged 45 Obsidian
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  9. Thank you Gentlemen, I try to understand the reasoning behind some of these rules. I still don't understand why a Trust cannot hold a C&R, but a Corporation and other non-individual entities can hold an FFL. Both are legal entities.
  10. Still available. Open to near offers. Thanks!
  11. Looking to purchase Transferable lower or DIAS. Factory gun, conversion gun, sp1, AR, A1, etc. Not looking for a safe Queen. Must be on form 3. Thank you!
  12. Next time ….update/edit your Title ….. by adding FOUND or adding SOLD to your Title on your WTS ads that you have received payment ……
  13. No longer looking. Found a legitimate seller (finally).
  14. I was just contacted by a Gent who asked if I had a MAC 10 for sale. I do not. The seller who goes by garminpilots with email eaachapters106@gmail.com gave the potential buyer the first 3 and last 5 of my FFL. Buyer checked FFL EZ Check, realized it was a scam, and was kind enough to give me a head's up.
  15. First time post here and new member but a long time observer on this site. I will be at the show which is good size show considering the political climate we are in today.The SAR building definitely will be the one to see. I thought I will bring along if anybody is interested is a steyr aug 24" factory barrel, green grip and bipod (GSI) import bought from PJS steyr aug last shipment he was able to get, this is new with zero rounds count.$2750.I will be at the show Friday and Saturday only I apologize to the moderators as this is not in the WTS section but being a new member I am limited to where I can post.My computer skills are very limited so message me if there's any interest.
  16. Gorgeous MP5SD-N completed by Mike at TSC Machine earlier this year. It is a TSC Machine SBR. It was build on a clean KB date code HK94 and a pristine HK German MP5SD kit. Includes a 2 position F stock and ambi SF trigger pack in a C&P 0,1,2,F housing. NO SUPPRESSOR INCLUDED Gun functions flawlessly as you would expect and would be a great addition to any collection. $20k OBO shipped and insured to your FFL/SOT. I will pay the first transfer.
  17. Here is what I sent to BATF to un-SBR a SIG 551 SWAT: And here is the response I got from BATF:
  18. AC-Unity, AR15 M4 M16, Drop-In Trigger Group, Semi-Automatic, Black Finish AC-Unity drop in trigger group for your AR15, M4 or M16 style .223/5.56mm weapon. Offers easy installation, improved trigger pull, light reset and great value! You won't find a better deal on drop in triggers anywhere. Drop In Design for Quick & Easy Install Single Stage Trigger Reduced 3.5 Pound Trigger Pull Fast Reset for Quicker Follow Up Shots Anti-Walk Trigger Pins Included Fits Small Pin Size Receivers (0.154, the most common size) Works with Standard 2-Position Selector Designed for AR15 Platforms in .223/5.56mm No Gunsmithing, Fitting or Adjusting Required Made from specific metal alloy marine grade that is hardened, anti-magnetic, highly anti-corrosive and with great wear properties. AC-UNITY AR15 M4 DROP-IN TRIGGER GROUP, SILVER FINISH $49.99 https://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/AC-UNITY-AR15-M4-DROP-IN-TRIGGER-GROUP-SILVER-FINISH-6p10788.htm AC-UNITY AR15 M4 DROP-IN TRIGGER GROUP, BLACK FINISH $59.99 https://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/AC-UNITY-AR15-M4-DROP-IN-TRIGGER-GROUP-BLACK-FINISH-6p10789.htm Thanks for looking and happy shooting! RTG Parts 931 Frank St. Sheridan, WY 82801 Phone: 307-675-1191 Email: brayton@rtgparts.com
  19. New MP5 HK33 fix black buttstock from AC-Unity. Will work on your MP5, MP5SD, SP5, HK94, MP5K-Reverse-Stretch, HK33, HK53, HK93 or clones that use an MP5/HK33 style buttstock. (will not fit 2-pin MP5K receivers, .22lr guns or G3 receivers) Ideal for right or left handed shooters with dual QD sling sockets, one on each side, for easy installation of modern slings. Stock includes dimples for the AC-Unity removable cheek piece when using taller optics. Provides the same length-of-pull and overall length as a standard MP5 or HK33 A2 fixed stock. Simple and robust design. Provides a solid, ergonomic shooting platform with with great cheek weld for your 9mm/5.56mm HK weapons. Specifications: Color: Black Weight: 13.0 ounces. Condition: New Production: Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina Fits: HK MP5, MP5SD, SP5, HK94, MP5K-Reverse Stretch, PTR9C/PTR9CT, HK33/53/93 with buffered and non-buffered bolt. Will not fit: MP5K 2-pin receiver, 22LR clones, G3 receiver MP5 HK33 FIXED STOCK, AC-UNITY $69.95 https://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/MP5-HK33-FIXED-STOCK-AC-UNITY-106p10800.htm Thanks for looking and happy shooting! RTG Parts 931 Frank St. Sheridan, WY 82801 Phone: 307-675-1191 Email: brayton@rtgparts.com
  20. Winchester Ammunition, Super-X, Power-Point, 22 LR, 40 Grain, Power Point Hollow Point, Copper Plated, 222 Round Box Copper Plated for Reduced Fouling Great Hunting Round Highly Accurate Unique Power-Point Design Hollow Point for Maximum Expansion Since 1922, Super-X ammunition has provided exceptional quality and outstanding performance for all types of hunters and shooters who rely on its time-proven dependability backed by legendary excellence. SPECS: Brand or Manufacturer: Winchester Ammunition Model or Type: Super-X Cartridge: .22 Long Rifle Bullet Type: Copper Plated Power-Point Hollow Point Bullet Weight: 40 Grains Muzzle Velocity: 1255 Feet Per Second Case Type: Brass Corrosive: No Package Quantity: 222rd Per Box WINCHESTER SUPER-X POWER-POINT .22LR 40GR COPPER PLATED, 222RD/BOX, $24.95[/B] https://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/WINCHESTER-SUPER-X-POWER-POINT-22LR-40GR-COPPER-PLATED-222RD-BOX-362p9901.htm Thanks for looking and happy shooting! RTG Parts 931 Frank St. Sheridan, WY 82801 Phone: 307-675-1191 Email: brayton@rtgparts.com
  21. Thank you very much for the tip! I'll go check it out!
  22. SBD

    giving up sot

    thanks for the posts so to help out some1 else you must have 3 months minimum of sot left before you can quit otherwise u must renew. the way u quit is to submit a letter of intent so the atf has enuff time to process your transfers and that letter of intent must be filed with your form 3s as a no letter sale only to 07/02 or importers others still need a letter they can also be destroyed or donated to a law enforcement agency form 5
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