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  1. I've had several 1928's that weren't this bad. It's a lot of wiggle. I put a thin feeler gauge between the stock and lower and it took care of it.
  2. Posting here due to the number of scammer responses in the WTB section. Hunting for a new or used Lage Max 10/45. On the waiting list with Lage but wanted to see if someone has one lying around that they could part with. Thanks!
  3. I just got this one in. It's a BRP Stemple STG 1928. A fun reliable gun. Going to be listing it for sale soon and it's much cheaper than even a West Hurley.
  4. I had one, great firearms. I currently have an HK53 that is a flame thrower.
  5. I recently obtained a Stemple STG 1928. The buttstock wobbles. Looking for another slide buttstock assembly that won't wobble or suggestions on how to fix this. Link to video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fbyAYeYLWRgh9QJp8
  6. Anyone else get this email? amona atri <ramonaatri09@gmail.com> Tue, Feb 7, 6:51 PM (15 hours ago) to bcc: sales Greetings, I am Dropping my SOT due to health decline and inability to keep up with taxes etc. i just hit stage 3 of my thyroid cancer and sadly have to give it all up for sale. selling off some great Machine Guns and Glocks as No-Letter Post Samples. I plan to ship the guns via UPS Overnight, and accessories via UPS Ground. Kindly let me know if you would like to see my list thanks
  7. Scammer nelsonnmatt010@gmail.com On Thu, Jan 26, 2023 at 2:29 PM Nelson Matt <nelsonnmatt010@gmail.com> wrote:
  8. I searched the ATF ruling https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/docs/undefined/factoringcriteriaforfirearmswithattachedstabilizingbracespdf/download but am unclear on these things: Once the firearm is registered according to the guidelines of the 120 day amnesty, may the firearm have a stock on it instead of a brace? If it's an SBR, my understanding any temporary changes, barrel length or in this case replacing the "illegal" arm brace would be legal provided it could be returned to the registered configuration. Is engraving of the maker's name city and state required?
  9. Here we go, BATFE scrutinizing Post-86 transfers. I see the next move BATFE will try to recall post samples from dealers as they no longer need them as "demo's." https://www.atf.gov/.../all-ffls-jan-2023-open.../download Key points indicating additional scrutiny: Indication of how the particular machine gun model requested is suitable for use by the government entity. A law letter that requests the demonstration of a machine gun that is no longer in production will be further scrutinized to ensure they are intended for government demonstration. The supporting documentation must provide information as to the availability of the machinegun to fill subsequent orders. A law letter that requests the demonstration of a machine gun that is generally recognized as being primarily suitable for the military will require further justification explaining how the machine gun is suitable for the requesting government entity.
  10. I'm sure the Cartel converts them to full auto, it's not that difficult. However, a semi M2 is in fact an insane amount of firepower. Each time you press the button you are sending a 660 grn bullet downrange with unlimited ammo capacity.
  11. I've heard that rumor that OOW is sending guns to Ukraine. Per Craig Haas at OOW, it's not true.
  12. Looking to get about 1,000 rounds or more if the price is right. Looking for non corrosive .303. Anyone have any or know where I can find some? Please note I put this in this forum due to the number of scammer monitoring the WTB forum. Thanks.
  13. Hi, this is my opinion and rant on semi M2HB's and firearms that shoot the .50 BMG round. I'm sure there are some that may disagree but I'm ok with that as well being wrong. The older I get the more I realize what I don't know. However, here is my gut feeling on their future. I have sold them for 11 years so while I don't consider myself an expert I do have a lot of experience dealing with them over this time. What's going on with M2's today The availability of M2HB's along with M3 tripods is dwindling away. You may know that Ohio Ordnance Works started selling them in January of this year. I've sold a number of their guns. Their M2-SLR is in my opinion hands down the best quality M2 ever made for the civilian market. They are still making them but the price for 2023 has increased almost $1,000! Unfortunately, Cartel runners are busier than they have ever been trying to get their hands on these guns to take them across the border into Mexico. If a person contacts me from a border state and fits a certain profile, there is a 75% or greater chance that they are running guns for the Cartel. I sold one earlier this year that was seized by the BATFE and the buyer admitted to running numerous guns across the border. A few months ago, I had two investigators contact me about another sale I made previously this year. I mention this to inform you that if you have a semi M2, be very careful if you decide to sell it. The government doesn't like "us" having this kind of firepower and I believe it's only a matter of time before they figure out a way to stop the manufacture and sale of them. I speak to ATF agents on a regular basis and they are keenly aware of the firepower the M2 offers and the fact that it's a Title I gun, no NFA registration is currently required. The government has a long record of "banning" certain types of weapons and I strongly believe that the M2 and / or .50 BMG ammo will eventually be banned or restricted in one way or another.
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