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C Ration Can Mod for the M60D Door Gun

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    I don't think I have ever seen anyone else outside the military shooting with this mod so I figured i'd post about it........... In Vietnam most doorgunners on helicopters were issued Ammunition chute, with a bending bracket which hooked up directly to the gun... Most had bad experiences with this being the chute would be prone to causing jams. So guys quickly ditched it. The problem with that is the belt then hangs up on the M60 Feed Chute mounting bracket which causes the belt to break mid firing............ So, some doorgunner must have been eating his meal at one point / messing around and discovered that C Ration cans (not all but some) fit perfectly into the Feed Chute Bracket... Its actually a very secure tight fit too.... This mod became widely used by door gunners in Vietnam and was combat proven to be very effective. It greatly assisted with feeding the gun and preventing jams. So much so that Grunts on the ground also started doing this. 

     If any of you running M60Ds want to pursue this, C ration cans from the Vietnam era can still be purchased on Ebay. Vietnam war dated cans ad to the collector value. Beware that not all cans fit the bracket. These add a nice look to the gun and compliment the M60 given its history. Some photos below for reference.


Aaron - Mohnton, Pa



















Apocalypse Now 




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Yes, they were either smart, or maybe just good at copying a simple idea?  Could be there were some historians in the bunch and as they say history repeats.  The wood actually rolls very easily as the belt passes over.  By 1930, just about every good idea had already found a home?  The key after that was to take the best ideas and start combining them and reducing manufacturing time and costs.  There's still a few of us antique collectors around!


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@mattnh I have been talking with Tim. Trying to make it happen…. We are taking Vietnam Vet / Author Johnnie Clark out in two weeks.
  His book Guns Up is an amazing portrayal of the role / importance of the Machine Gunners in Vietnam. I am excited to see him run a 60 again. 


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