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  1. Hello, I need to purchase membership again. I accidently let my membership lapsed. Every time I try to Add to cart, it pops up a quickview of my previous subscription (which has expired). Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I got tons of emails from the site.. really crazy
  3. If you give photos, you could put a watermark across is making it difficult for them to steal photos and con others.
  4. I've done this for 4473 where they had to provide a government issued utility bill to show they lived in state for the transfer... Not sure if that is the same for Form4s. Like everyone said.. You must get all documents filled out for other people on the trust. Has anyone seen a one shot trust? I've heard about those but none of my customers have ever used it. Curious how they worded it
  5. Great display of M60 parts. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering what method of mounting of the rails on the E4 and E6, as in was the top cover threaded and they screwed it on from the inside into the rail? I'm guessing threaded into the rail. I'm waiting for your evolution of the M134..
  6. I'm finally satisfy with my design. Had to go through 12 iterations. That loader is actually a interesting design.. much more than I would have expected. That flapper plate I always wondered why they incorporated it.. I thought it was just to help keep the rounds flowing down.. but it also help keep the next round from jamming on to the moving pusher when it is moving backwards. I also did some modification on the locking mechanism that holds the belt in place. I always found it a overly too tight fit.. and discovered it was due to the metal being bent some how. Now it loads 8mm and 7.62 like a champ without me having to hold the flap down.
  7. BTW use pirateship.com. They have the best prices for shipping. I have a buddy who works in a large shipping company (not pirateship) and he even told me that Pirate Ship is lower cost than his company can manage.
  8. Works perfectly now. Exact fit where I don't need clips.
  9. I was wondering if there is any interest/market for an adapter to convert a 8mm belt loader to a 7.62/308 belt loader? I happen to need it for my setup so I figured that possibly others would want to get one too.. My first draft works pretty well but requires paperclips for now. Next version will be designed to install on otherside as I have learned the bullet top will jam up the loader without modification.
  10. I could use one of those. I'll have to keep a eye out for one of those.
  11. Nope, no 21 but I would love to have one. It was easy to change them back to use on my MG42/59. Now I understand why the last one was cut if they get crushed. The light grey links are really nice. I was going to look up the logo on them. S and H or something like that on them.
  12. This has to be intentional... Even the starter tabs are backwards! Found a baggy of cut and loose belt links.. They even painted the starter tab likely to make it apparent it was backwards. Wow.. Anyone know what this may have been used for?
  13. Hmm. Strange.. They even couldn't count when they cut the belt.. 100rd belts had 97 available slots and 50rd belts had 53 available slots. Note that this is on multi belts. Still very confused why someone would even take the time to do this. Easy fix though.
  14. You got it.. It is on the wrong side. I'm thinking it was part of a long belt and the person cut it into sections and added a starter tab. Not sure what the value of doing that is. I suppose another idea is they used it for a 1919a and load the rounds in reverse..
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