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  1. FYI: I received it thank you for your patience dealing with the ATF.
  2. When's your last day? I'm getting really concerned about the transfer dealing with the Disapproval (Not SBD fault, a WA issue with MGs.)
  3. I vaguely remember reading that.. But forgot it. Just glad I didn't forget to renew. New date not forget, added to the calendar.
  4. I was waiting for the paperwork.. but didn't look like it was coming so I just paid online just in case.
  5. LIke Got Uzi mentioned.. some of those things are heavy and a pain to setup. The two you chose I would say are a pain. Fun but nevertheless a pain to move. I use subguns way more than belt feds but I see you don't want a subgun. Possibly a 1919? I think that is in that price range but I could be wrong with all these price fluctuations. Or possibly a F/A AR-15 variant might give you some options.. From shooting different uppers.. which includes things like the Razorback in 22LR and MCR belt fed.. though I prefer to shoot subs.. Cheaper, controllable and fun. What ever you choose, be sure to study up on them and get spare parts.. and most of all enjoy it.
  6. That's what I do.. Stack them close and tight. No idea how many rounds.. But now I'm wondering.
  7. Waste of money using that for the pistol brace Form.1. I filled out the eForm 1 and sent in all my info. Only thing I did pay was $65 for my fingerprints at UPS so I could submit it with my documents. Got 3 approval back already.. Just go to this site: https://eforms-form1.atf.gov/ If you have an account, just log in. If not, then go through the registration process. If you have trouble, contact me and I can probably explain a few items.
  8. Holy crap.. Fastest Form 1 I've ever done... Submitted the eForm 1 5/2/23.. Received approval 5/12/2023. (this is for the brace amnesty, not the $200 stamp)
  9. Just wondering if any one goat around this issue? Finally got my Disapproval letter.
  10. I will take item discussed. Thanks.
  11. If they are a current ffl/SOT with that NFA item it can go out on a Form 3
  12. If your video tapping steel is the best. Love the rings unless you stuck at control.
  13. I've only bought one thing from them many years ago. Communicate was so so but I did get it. I've definitely had worse dealing with other FFLs. Sorry to hear your rough experience with them.
  14. Have fun shooting it. Shooting 500rd for 10 years isn't fun for me.. I can go through that amount of ammo pretty quick over a year.
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