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  1. Rory stated (which maybe people missed) was that someone else shipped it and there was a mixup/error at the time of paying for shipping. The insurance was charged separately from the shipping cost. Let's say that insurance was paid separately.. Regular shipping: max insurance for USPS is $5k.. which I I think it would just under $80 ($9.70 plus $1.45 per $100.00 or fraction thereof over $600 in declared value ). Registered mail: Depends how much insurance is done.. at $15k insurance, it would be around $42 ($24.25 plus $1.75 per each $1,000.00 or fraction thereof).
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll see if they will repair my xc1.. Battery acid leak. Never will I buy Duracell again. Even nonexpired batteries leaked in packaging.
  3. NFA dealer Inventory

    You should.. eForms is faster to do than mailing or faxing. Plus you can view your status much more easier. Though only issue is it could be down once in a while but I've been fortunate and never had an issue yet.
  4. NFA dealer Inventory

    Are you a FFL? I found when I do a eForm 3, it would list out all my NFA items in stock allowing you to prefill the form with item information.
  5. You have family that loves you greatly and want you around. Sounds like you raised your daughter right. I very much hope the new medication works!
  6. That is quick. Usually I fax it if it wasn't the eForm method. Old days it took a little under a month to get the paperwork back.
  7. Urban Armory

    Never bought from them.. or even heard from them. Though on ARFCOM it looks like someone asked a long time ago about them. https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/Urban_Armory/23-446724/
  8. You can dump the pink sheet. The form is the important part. Just curious why do paper method vs eForm?
  9. Individual to Dealer NFA Transfer Question

    Sorry, I missed the word "from". Reading is key. Yes fill out the first page and send it in. Should take about 4 months for approval, though some people have reported it being sooner.
  10. Silencer question

    Thanks MP5 for pointing this out. I'm going to do some research on this tonight. I never bothered through with learning more why the silencer was treated like a pre86. I never deal with that market. I just buy suppressors I can sell to the civilian market. Now I'm really curious.
  11. Thank you for giving us an update. I am sadden to hear how things are not going your way. I do pray that something miraculous will happen and you'll be in a stable state where life would be better than what it is now. Stay strong. Keep fighting.
  12. Individual to Dealer NFA Transfer Question

    Are we talking about F4 to a individual or a trust? Information you need to gather is different between the two. Basically they made the individual easier by not needing to get CLEO approval, but trust much more difficult due needing to fingerprint cards, and other information dealing with people on the trust. I found using Silencer Shop's Form 4 generator pretty inclusive. https://eform4.silencershop.com/
  13. Silencer question

    When I learned a suppressor was a premay.. I was like What?? Then it made sense when they mentioned it was imported before 1986. It's one of those things where I always assumed pre86 only apply to MGs. .but it applies to imported restricted NFA items.
  14. AR15 9mm Adapter

    Best adapter I've seen is from Stern Defense. Just wish they did a Colt SMG adapter. One thing you have to double check on the blow back 9mm is that the bcg is Glock compatible. There is a little more of a cut out for Glocks. If you bought a modern 9mm bcg then likely it has the cut out. If you plan to do a different magazine you still have to check for compatibility.
  15. FYI: This was posted back in November of last year..