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  1. Future of NFA items

    no one knows all speculation
  2. Nfa handbook p 22 A silencer may be destroyed by completely severing each component by means of a cutting torch that has a tip of sufficient size to displace at least one-quarter inch of material at each cut location. Concerning the outer tube(s) of a silencer, these components may be destroyed by crushing them flat in lieu of cutting with a torch. or give it to the atf filed office.
  3. Its just a cover sheet, no need to keep them. I shred them. They come on all forms AFAIK as they are req since its tax info. Control # is not worth keeping since the form is approved the process for that form is over. IMO there is no need to do a paper form 3 when a eform 3 takes hours/days to get approved.
  4. AR15 9mm Adapter

    the mag adapters have no function on the full auto running of the gun. They make cheap knock off hahn adapters now. Any will work. Make sure you get a ramped bolt and maybe KNS pins for that receiver. I will recommend shit canning the blow back upper and get a cmmg RDB upper. Million times better and smoother than just a blow back on a RR
  5. Form 4 Transfer questions

    All of this Just form 4 it to the dealer, wait a few months to list it, have the dealer deal with all the paperwork/mailing. You keep the gun longest, and no dealing with a buyer that wants constant updates. BTW if you form 4'd something to me and then did not deliver, I would call the ATF on your ass because I would have something in my inventory not in my possession. I don't know if most delaers check their inventory online but I do it every week to see which cans have been approved.
  6. WTB HK21e extractors

    Im looking for HK21e extractors. Let me know what you have.
  7. SOT renewal 1K vs 500?

    Thx all
  8. HK 23e bolt gap spec

    .010" to .020" .015" is the sweet spot. I keep mine at 16-17 thou and run heavy springs and it will feed anything.
  9. SOT renewal 1K vs 500?

    I already sent my form in, from a pdf i downloaded with the 62/500. Was really wanted to see if the upcharge is normal, you know with fed govt and all
  10. SOT renewal 1K vs 500?

    Got mine in today and it for a 62 vs 72 for 1k vs the reduced 500. Is this a mistake that is normal?
  11. SOT surrender Post-Sample disposal timeline?

    Why would it violate the letter of the law? Tax has been paid. SOTs pay a tax, its just a one time thing, and it going on a F4. Even though they cant get anything in w/o a 200 tax each, there should be no problem transferring it out on a form 4. Thanks for the info!
  12. Owning M2HB

    Its always an event. Its not practical at all. Its a PITA. Its only worth it, if you have the coin. An M2 unlike other MGs takes time to setup and shoot, you also cannot just go to the range and blast off a few rounds then leave. Hell most ranges wont take them, but if you have a place to shoot at cars or 1000M+ its nice, if you have the ability shooting 1K+ in the desert it awesome. I don't like shooting off a tripod, a vehicle or tall mount is way better. Ammo is not that bad considering what it is. Its like a old car grandpa has, great to take out once in a awhile, awesome to shoot, but it spends most of the time locked away out of the elements. I love beltfeds, but mine only comes out every couple years
  13. Since this came back up I will add the dura mags are better than the ASC mags. ive had ASC mags fail and and the dura mags havent
  14. Ive only done a few transfers to a trust but is it always a pita? I had a young single guy want everything to go to the trust even though there were no beneficiaries except his 70+ yo parents. He was convinced it had to go on the trust due to the internet. Another guy had a trust but with multiple amendments adding/taking away himself as a trustee and other positions. A bunch of other stuff he did because he read about it online and had never talked to a lawyer and didn't know what he was doing. Im pretty sure he had excluded himself from using the items. Another had added his entire extended family as trustees, instead of beneficiaries and was pissed when I told him about all the RPQs to be done. Lastly a guy wanted to send in the trust but not the added trustees, as he didn't want the to do the RPQs. Why do people use these damn things without knowing what they do??? ETA Im not bitching about the trust paperwork per say, its dealing with the people that want to use them without knowing what they actually do.
  15. dealers role in NFA sale

    You should have talked to him and get the price for transfer, as now you have to pay what he wants, Unless you want to wait another 6 months. I had a Dbag dealer offer to transfer a can for me about 17 YAG. I was new to the area but not new to NFA. I didn't ask about the fee. He charged 100 which floored me, at the time the most outrages transfer I had heard was 50.