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  1. BTT.... I have one M134 Clutch available. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  2. @usmcflamethrower keep in mind they are top cover feed pawl pins. Not belt pawl pins.. email is at Sales@BeltFeds.com or message me on here please. Aaron
  3. @rma_38sup , I do not have any loading instructions. These are all Mil surplus and did not come with anything like that... So I am unsure if there is a “set way” of loading them... I have sold a bunch and nobody reported any issues with loading them. Aaron
  4. @mattnh I believe the Danish military had specific requirements for the weapon. The handgaurd, as you mention, is slightly different from the black e6. The Danish also does not use a front sling swivel. The bipod yoke is different and does not have enough room for the swivel....No rear sights or front sights on Danish guns either. Aaron - Mohnton, PA
  5. @SGT Fish very early war...Early flight helmet covered in OD tape as you mentioned... He still is wearing color patches, fatigues, and spit shined boots. I believe in 1968 they switched the air crews over to flame resistant flight gear. No more color patches after 68 either. They got OD flight helmets as well shortly after the year this photo was taken. Aaron
  6. The Danish e6 handguard as well. I do not believe the e4 prototype in your photo ever went into large scale production. I believe that was a concept that came about before the e4 mod 1 ... to have an adjustable mounted forward pistol grip. Which the e4 mod 1 then had. Some additional photos below Aaron early Springfield Armory M60 handguard with sling swivel mounted on the bottom
  7. @tal35 I inquired about having these done on a different color and they said the print will not show up. Unfortunately. Aaron
  8. I have a new old stock M60e4 Mod 0 handguard available. decades old surplus. $550 Plus Shipping Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  9. @Double Tap Firearms the three minute mark in the video below shows how to mount them
  10. @sMP44 that’s is correct. We have those ammo hangers in stock for anyone interested. https://beltfeds.com/product/m240-ammo-hangers/
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