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  1. Price Check: Steyr SSG 69 PIV

    Rare and desirable are two different things. I have a nice version of that rifle (without the barrel mount) but the value now is less than what I paid 10 years ago. I could have the barrel threaded for a can, but it would add no value and may detract. The gun is an OK shooter for a bolt gun, but less accurate than a $700 Savage and difficult to modify or add on to which is what every buyer wants these days. Mine is a "part" of a Steyr collection otherwise it probably would be gone. The barrel being screwed in adds nothing IMO since even my gun can be threaded without taking the barrel off. That gun is not accurate enough to use in a match, so barrel replacement will never be an issue. If you're selling now may be the time, in a couple years heavy deer rifles will be worth next to nothing.
  2. WTS: 1945 STG44 - Matching - Amnesty Registered

    Every time I read one of these "selling for a friend" ads, it seems like none of my friends have any of this cool stuff they would offer to me? Dang!
  3. WTB: LMT 40mm M203 standalone chassis

    Any interest in a knight armament chassis?
  4. Speaking of MP5's....

    All good except it's in .40 and it's a RR. As to the conversion that may be true, but you can do a parts kit on a new receiver with a sear, or a saw cut receiver by adding a shelf so there are lots of ways to get to the finish line. Billistics conversions are top notch, but as we've seen any RR pricing has been falling relative to sear setups. About all I'm missing is a .40 and I passed on one recently's a .40 and I have about 200 rounds of .40 and 35K of 9mm so it's a math problem. Still a cool gun, the seller is Steve Troy...Troy industries, good guy no problem there.
  5. ISO Tripod ID

    It's a Turkish vickers tripod. The AA extension is in the leg (good thing since many are missing). Very versatile as they used them with Maxims as well in the AA role. British made turkish modified as I understand it (from memory). HTH
  6. Owning M2HB

    One of the C+R .50's fully aligned! LOL I think it's worth it, but it's not for everybody and requires a lot of space. Can't beat cool accessories like tripods, scopes, tools, and those timing and alignment gauge sets! Most of the fun is in collecting and hunting the accessories to me. Probably could do a reenactment group, but I don't know that they have battleships to stage on?
  7. Owning M2HB

    Except you're wrong. Alignment should never change on the bolt relative to the barrel, they should always remain in a straight line (or you have serious problems). Changing the spacial distance from the bolt face to the chamber/ barrel face is referred to as a "space" meaning spacial distance, not whether or not they stay in a straight perpendicular line. Headspace is a single dimension, so yes that is how you want to think about it. Your example of wheel alignment is also wrong, you don't get the wheels as close as possible to the thrust line which theoretically would be zero to the road. You adjust caster camber and toe for the particular conditions to get the car to steer most easily in a straight "line" (unless your are racing and always turning left). Rarely are all three adjustments ever at zero to get a car to align correctly in a perpendicular straight down the road. Much like a knee where nothing is in line to make you walk "aligned" down the sidewalk. I think the guns are worth the hassle, other than perhaps my water cooled which I don't ever foresee shooting. The good news is once that headspace and timing are set you don't have to mess with it for the most part since the barrel really never comes out, unlike the M2HB which is removable for easy transport and cutting the load in half. QCB never caught on because there are minor variances in the .50 cartridge that an adjustable headspace gun can easily overcome with a click here or there. "tearing up the berm" is the excuse gun banners make to keep 50's off their range. 20 seconds with a loader and I can fluff a berm area back to normal, which should always be done on a regular basis anyhow. The only legitimate concern is what's behind the backstop and if the guy running the gun can control the gun to not allow a situation where bullets leave the range. There are really few experiences like shooting a M2HB which is very unique, so if you don't buy one it's worth a rental at a minimum. Unique shooting guns are fairly rare but my list includes the M2HB, Lewis gun, minigun, Solothurn or Lahti. All the rest are bigger, smaller, more or less recoil, but similar shooting experiences. HTH
  8. dealers role in NFA sale

    Your average NFA transfer if you are doing all the paperwork, customer interactions, contact with the transferring dealer, etc. will take several hours in addition to you storing an item for potentially a year with your insurance covering the potential loss. SOT fees, aft inspections and more all add to overhead. If you are doing all this for less than 100, you've broken under min. wage. A $25 a 4473 is barely break even, but gun guys rarely double as finance majors which is why you never see rich SOT's with big collections, but you do see guys with math skills and no SOT's that are rich with big collections. LOL
  9. Tripods, book, and bolts available.
  10. WTB: Original 1917A1 Tripod

    How about an M74 I have for sale?
  11. RARE M134 Minigun Armament for the Huey Helicopter (Picture Heavy)

    Rentals are available at many shoots. I got it mostly out of my system and switched to a 9mm brass hand cranker. It is definitely unique, but IMO running a M2HB is more exciting to me. If your desire gets the best of you I still have one complete best of the best M134 setup available. 2 speed GCU, 4K drum with drive cable, portable power pack, etc. Stuff never available on the commercial market.
  12. STEN MKIII transferable?

    Not that common. Essentially no tube guns since it's folded and welded at the seams, not from a tube. It would have required a LOT of extra work to make a MKIII and no one bothered when it was 100x easier to make the other MK's from readily available tubing. IIRC I think I recall seeing one, but it was done from a tube with a ridge welded on and did not look good. HTH
  13. RARE M134 Minigun Armament for the Huey Helicopter (Picture Heavy)

    I was at KCR watching when Degroat ran enough rounds to get a barrel set to glow a dull red.....enough to make me retreat behind the herd. There is video posted to utube somewhere. I don't recall how many it was, but it was a LOT. The good old school H+R barrels are stellite lined and wear superbly. Newer barrels, possibly less? I do know those barrels ran all weekend through a pallet of ammo. Those were exciting times at .17 a round portugese linked. Those days seem to be over for now?
  14. "addicted to" is present tense. When does an addict become a "non-addict"? Never, always an addict and all a judge would have to do is a drug test on trial day to find out he's "current" or see what his treatment schedule is. Who were the'd have to ask "the big guy" whom so far, seems to be unidentifiable? Mostly because no one's asking.
  15. Transferable selling assistance

    Or if they are C+R guns you can sell them to anyone in the country with a C+R license directly. By 2036 all MG's will be C+R, many if not most already are. HTH