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  1. There are a number of different buffers for the 51 setups, but as DINK mentions, bolt gap, locking piece, roller size, etc. are all a factor and have to be balanced in a well running gun. Clone guns never have this balance, in addition to substandard construction/ materials.
  2. I think it depends on what you're selling and your customer base? Personally, I prefer buying/selling on the forums but I only buy used stuff. It's probably been 15 years since I've bought a "new" gun. It's primarily lower quality repackaged old guns with more plastic? I bought a 30's hi power, vs. a new one. Paid a little more, but the quality is 80% better. "Value" is a term most people now are unfamiliar with, and cannot grasp? Prices are high.....on everything IMO, that's just the reality until the depression drops them on certain items. All gun laws need to be removed including background checks, since criminals commit crimes, not inanimate objects, nor the law abiding. Scams and fraud are everywhere in society, but the least amount of it I see are generally on the forums, so places like this seem far safer to me than say, calling a contractor, downloading an app, or buying an extended car warranty? As for spending habits of the US populous.....they have zero math skills, which is a HUGE problem for all of us in the end. I've boiled it down to "do you turn the lights off when you leave a room?" The people who do have some sense of math skills, those that don't will/do have financial problems.
  3. RARE..... pre-ban post sample! LOL You could never register one on a form 1 or form 4 because the cutoff was May '86 for transferable guns. No cutoffs for SOT's .....ever, or there won't be SOT's?
  4. The bolts are too hard to weld on and those lugs would be the last place you would ever want to touch with a welder. Manuals call for honing. All I run are chipped bolts, not really a big deal.
  5. My personal experience on 2 of the very early ones as an original depositor is, just follow the instructions on the buffer and they work fine. It's not rocket science. I did make my own feed trays though out of necessity since I got the alum. ones. The stories abound over the years of all the secret sauce, springs, buffers, inserts, ammo, lube, link stretchers, rabbits feet, and papal blessings. Most of that may work, until it doesn't, then the quest begins for the 42 dated MG34 spring with 6.6 coils removed and stretched twice, followed by special beaver oil lube, etc. It's all very amusing, and completely unnecessary.
  6. late last week when they went on 10% off, I checked and they had 3 in stock. I kept bumping the quantity and it stopped at 3. I did not check the dry film since I had no idea what that was?
  7. it's a thing for people with a lot of spare time, everyone else just spends $1200 and buys a complete gun ready to run. There are lots of things no longer made that are worthy of spending time to put back together, but I can't see how you can spend 2K+ on a parts kit, have to buy a long barrel, and spend days fabricating and refinishing to end up with a $1200 gun with weld marks that as Dan pointed out may likely break apart? Somewhere there is an Amish lifestyle joke in guys that are doing these builds?
  8. It's going to be here or the big auction site and pay the taxes, fees, and take your chances. The one for 14K never happened. Auction with non paying bidder. While some guys place a big value on a matching parts kit....it's just that, a parts kit and matching doesn't mean much IMO on a parts kit? Might be cool if it were built into a semi-auto gun, but of course those don't work for the most part. Being Portugese does not really help the value of the pieces either? Kit's are not bringing all that much these days.....I have one listed for a while and it has not sold, so basic kits do not bring 2.5K.
  9. A person named in a trust is a trustee. It is inevitable you will die and if named today, they are trustee's today, thus subject to all of the requirements.....today. Yes, if you change the trust at a later date after submission, that's a different situation. Look for the rules to change on that as well in the future. At some point these items will transfer out of the trust or the trust will become invalid and someone will incur a transfer tax and a bunch of hassle trying to transfer these items out. As I noted, if this is for a supressor it's a waste of money since upon death a form 5 tax free transfer may have been an option to hiers? The value of a supressor is very low relative to the tax and in many cases the tax will be more than the value of an old used supressor. "Legal instruments examiner" that's joke since they are not even authorized by congress to do what they are doing, but that's a different subject. The purpose of my reply is that if you bought into the NFA trust scam, you were sold a bill of goods if it contains supressors, SBR's, etc., all of which have little or no value generally, and most of which will be in legal limbo at some point in the future.
  10. You're going to want to shoot it sooner rather than later.
  11. Anyone named in the trust will have be photographed and printed, that should be common sense. Your death date isn't particularly relevant, not to mention who is to possess the items for the 60 day interim period? Realistically, that's a big problem that there is in theory, no control for 60 days? 60 days is no big deal if your furniture sits there, or the vegetables mold in the fridge, but NFA items are require a plan and someone responsible to carry it out. If you did this all for suppressors, you wasted a lot of money, since they are not worth the trouble/money of transferring them out of an estate/ trust.
  12. The bigger problem is likely you? See post #2 where I offered to buy it. You would have gotten your money back, but you chose to see a lawyer, create drama, and return the gun for a stocking fee which then appears to make you look "not so smart". I hereby rescind my offer, and now laugh at you for giving up $1500 for no reason and for assuming NFA items are like an amazon return of a $2 chinese toy.
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