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  1. The first tripod for the M60, M91 tripod. Very scarce, made mostly of aluminum similar to and based off the M74 browning tripod, but not the same and nothing is interchangeable.
  2. Not that deep. The AA stick is worth a couple bucks though. The tripods sell now at 600 retail with a CC and they know how to pack and ship. https://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/YUGO-M53-MG42-GROUND-TRIPOD-17p6811.htm HTH
  3. We have an M60D kit for sale in the picture with link/bag bracket at $SPF Empty link Frame and Bag on hold Platform/ pintle mount $150 PVS night vision mount $100 Butt stock $SOLD Stripped bolts (had minor chips, have been stoned/honed) shooter bolts $SOLD M122 M2 tripod H-block and gooseneck/pintle $150 All pictures...what you see is what you get, these are the actual parts all with original finish. Payment PMO, cash or possible trades? All prices plus shipping The D kit is probably all around, the best accessory you can get for the 60 You can set the gun up on a jeep pedestal and blast away!
  4. This is a scarce panoramic sight for the Browning machine gun. The only downside to this scope is it is painted a metal flake light blue, case lid needs to be restitched, otherwise I'd be looking for 900-1000. Price is plus shipping. Cash or PMO's for payment.
  5. 500-9500 depending on what you mean by original? Some guys have Yugo lafettes that are original, and some guys have mountain lafettes in original 3 color camo, and the rest fall in between. What do you have?
  6. What are the characteristics of Registered Mail and Registered Mail Restricted Delivery? The most secure United States Postal Service® mail service (protected by safes, cages, sealed containers, locks, and keys). Not every PO has a cage or container. A lot of them I've seen have safes, and they are not huge safes so that may be what she was referring to? Don't pay for any type of expedited service....you will not get it, nor will you be able to track the package until it's delivered. More than a couple hundred miles, plan on a week. They've upped the insurance to 50K. It's about the only game in town now if you want to have all the bells and whistles. I still ship fedex and wing it with my insurance. The big auction companies still seem to be using fedex and UPS. RIA recently tried to bill me extra for insurance through UPS. I emailed them that I was not paying for something they don't even allow to be shipped? They rescinded the insurance fee. We'll see what happens when it actually comes time to ship a MG this summer? Between payment systems, shipping, monthly firearm rule changes, and atf watch lists of people not financially able to purchase, the industry is being choked off and somehow there needs to be some solutions soon? Recently a rumor of tracking of belt fed semi transactions?
  7. The area was already drilled with an extra large hole, so you would have had to push out the colt pin and block (not that easy since it's not a straight pin as I recall and had to be milled out), but then you had to weld up two very large holes (one on each side) and re-drill a sear hole. Then you had to mill the pocket the rest of the way for a sear. When you're all done with that, you'll find they made the infamous large hole hammer and trigger pins, so there are no full auto fire control parts off the shelf that have large holes. Uppers had no bayo lug and no threaded barrels generally. Still, back in the day guys were paying top dollar for a colt. I bought one and flipped it for 1200 back in the day. I'd be hard pressed to pay more than $150 for that gun today? At the time colts was sucking up to the gun banners getting ready to financially fail once again. AWB, dark times in US history!
  8. You got a couple extra stocks and you're complaining? On a stemple tube? If it was an anchor marked 21 Colt stock you didn't get, you'd have a legit beef and we would all be with you....but that's clearly not the case.
  9. The number on the originals I've heard is 125-150. I don't follow the ratworx barrels/bipods so I can't really comment on those. What I never have figured out is the one barrel with the mid-mount bipod? How many of those are there? And why? Still not sure what the attraction is on the long barrel? The whole thing is really a package and the scope is unobtainable these days AFAIK? The other option is the Steyr bipod (on the left). Got that from Buddy....years ago....thanks!
  10. Unfortunately ...so true, which is why I generally avoid getting into gun discussions with the general public. I'm actually doing a project at a club range right now and a couple guys have asked me if I am a member, and I am not. Fortunately none of them ask why so far. They ban most of what I own or am interested in. Like most clubs, it's a mix of trapshooters, glocks, and AR shooters. There are some old timers with souped up .22's that are actually the best bunch I've met there, but I'd bet if I whipped out a Norrrell .22 with 50 round mags and played shoot out the star, they'd be unhappy?
  11. Some people will say over 2K now. I've never paid more than 1500. Seems to be a scarcity of AUG barrels/ parts in general these days, other than the parts kits? I'm also not sure what the attraction is since they don't shoot that well in my experience?
  12. The reality is they don't work and never did due to bad engineering. I bought one on the cheap and stuck a bunch of time and parts into it and got it to work reliably. When I first got it I think within the first three rounds it broke the ejector, which is really my fault since it was firing only one round at a time and I had to jack with it, then fire the second, then by the 3rd it came unglued with the broken ejector. Forcing stuff to work... or break is never a good strategy! I did look at Eric's at the creek and was set on buying one, but when I started asking detailed questions he got pretty sketchy so I took a wait and see on that one. I have his card from Great Machine somewhere? That was before I knew anything about MGA. Personally I'd stay away and would never have bought it if I was told they didn't work, but once I had it I was pretty determined that it not be a paperweight and didn't feel like passing it off. Best of luck if you do find one!
  13. Private museums cannot take in unregistered MG's. Everything at Cody is transferable or dummy gun. They don't even hold an SOT.
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