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  1. Commenting is now open for "Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms" https://www.regulations.gov/document/ATF-2021-0001-0001 Click the Blue Comment button to comment an oppose this. New regulation coming August 2021 redefines a upper receiver or even a pistol slide as parts that must be serialized! We need to oppose this. Video breakdown
  2. Ares Defense Shrike Fightlite MCR

    You modified a feedtray. Interesting. Was it hard to modify a FN feed tray to work?
  3. Ares Defense Shrike Fightlite MCR

    Yeah.. I believe your talking about the same guy who make the delon or plastic insert. Fightlite fixed the issue making that fix a non issue. Also I think Fightlite changed from Aluminum to Steel feed plate as another fix. Any case here's a ARFCOM post I was active on a while back: https://www.ar15.com/forums/Armory/Fightlite-MCR-woes-Need-some-help-trouble-shooting/23-500374/?page=2&anc=bottom#bottom Here's the image of the insert:
  4. Ares Defense Shrike Fightlite MCR

    It also matters on which generation of the Shrike/MCR you get. For example some needed a upgrade insert to help guide the rounds in, others needed a replacement plate, etc. I think I have a 5th generation MCR where most fixes were implemented.
  5. Fall Creek is on.... But it's the last show ever...

    I wish I lived closer to your area!
  6. Fall Creek is on.... But it's the last show ever...

    I believe Battlefield Vegas has them for shooting.. but it's like $200+ for just 100 rounds.
  7. Ares Defense Shrike Fightlite MCR

    Yeah..they don't always run perfect out of the box. It seemed to work in my semi auto (Fightlite built), but in my F/A it had issues. Put a cut MG34 spring. Still need to put a better buffer into it since it still jams once in a while. I have a Tungsten bolt which I read doesn't work well with MCRs. Also I do still need to break it in more. There are a few really good posts about how to tune it up to run more reliably. Nevertheless, I like it.
  8. MG34 Ejector Plate

    Google is your friend.. I did a quick search and couple of places have it. https://www.sarcoinc.com/mg34-ejector-plate/ https://mg34.com/product/mg-34-ejector-plates/
  9. Links to my Photo Albums

    No MG34? Just curious what was your bases on selecting of saving of those pictures? Thanks for sharing.
  10. OFASTS 2021 sound off

    Being on the west coast sucks.. Seems like all the fun events are far from here.
  11. MG3 tripod mount conversion for MG34

    I forgot to mention about the trigger.. The trigger as is won't work since it won't fit in the place where the trigger is located. I was thinking of milling or bend some thick gauge metal. Of which I don't have access to machinery to build either. So looking at it I got the brilliant idea of turning the trigger upside down. Then I added weather foam to move the small metal lever (which was meant to ride under the MG42 trigger) to be center on the trigger. Then I added foam in on that nub to take up the distance so it could pull the trigger. Hokey Pokey setup, but it was a proof of concept. I plan to 3D print a cover for the original trigger (inverted) to replace the foam I used. I haven't had a chance to really do the measurements and CAD it. I'll be more than willing to share it with you when I finish it. Finding time is the issue of not doing it yet.. but the hard weather foam seems to work fine for now. BTW I turned the trigger upside down so I wouldn't lose it and still use it. It probably would be better if I milled a replacement, but I have a thing about keeping all original parts together.. I could probably have thrown it in the little compartment in the optics storage case.. Note that my mods have 0% damage to the original parts, and they work.
  12. MG3 tripod mount conversion for MG34

    Answer is Yes. I have. So.. I believe you bought the adapter mount from BRP which was meant for their frankenstein MG34/AR XMG. You have to tap that which is the route I didn't want to do. I hope you didn't drill into your jacket.. (edit: Just read you did. ) I bought the TNW version. https://www.tnwfirearms.com/product-p/mg34-gnpt-xx08-bkxx-4031.htm This is suppose to be replacing the bipod retaining spring. The design only uses one screw which is sufficient, but I'd rather they have designed it to use both screws. I ended up making a channel in the adapter to allow to keep the spring.. since I wish to mount it on to a AA tripod.. well the adapter that allows me to mount it to a AA tripod which I got from BRP. I remember talking to Mike Todd about this.. he said he made his own and sold like 50 of them back in the day. After getting it, it is so easy to make. If I had access to a mill I could easily make a better one than TNW makes.
  13. Gun prices dropping and stabilizing

    Yes I did notice. I can't wait for ammo prices to drop back to normal. I had 2 suppliers send dealer flyers.. meaning they are taking sales from dealers vs selling direct to customers. Of course ammo wasn't on those ads.
  14. MP40….. bolt…..???

    Possibly a semi auto bolt? Semi auto firearms can't fire with a open bolt. Semi auto bolts are typically converted to have firing pins.
  15. WWII Japanese Transit chest

    Some parts of it says special weapon for army. Also mentions don't show off. or something like that. Definitely Japanese, Asked someone who came from China about it since it I know the characters were Chinese characters (Japanese does write in Chinese characters) He couldn't tell you if it was a sword or a rifle.. but he thought it might be a sword due to the size. Note he doesn't deal with firearms so take it with a grain of salt.
  16. Isn't the Guardian one of those liberal news sites that typically report fake news to benefit toward the democrats? I find it interesting they would write against the Bidens..
  17. I find good deals on here and good info. It's the internet.. you'll find someone you're not going to like everywhere. There's always that guy. Anycase..
  18. Not everyone is into 3D build kits.
  19. Or they don't know.
  20. Private Party Transfers

    I see them pop up on GunBroker all the time but for way too much money. Been lucky to get mine for a reasonable price.
  21. Got a Vickers for you.. but it's really only good at poking holes through walls.
  22. Fall Creek is on.... But it's the last show ever...

    It's likely going to be a mad house over there.. Everyone who procrastinated going for the first time will likely want to go, along with the regulars. I want to go but too many obligations to get away.
  23. Private Party Transfers

    Congratulations! Yeah.. that lock box thing was iffy in my opinion that a seller would accept it. Like I said I thought it was creative. Only way I would be comfortable doing that idea is if I actually knew the person. You going to hunt for a MCR/Shrike or a Razorback 22LR? You might want to also look into buffer and spring combinations. Small changes really make the M16 more fun to shoot. I'm running a Surefire OBC when not using the MCR or Razorback upper.
  24. There's a recent post after your where they (Trey) are selling tons of nutsacks and links. Maybe they can part with one of the 100rd ones.