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  1. Are these the rails? https://www.beltfedinc.com/products/m60/new-m60-top-cover-rail-detail
  2. Hi Aaron, ill take as well 2 & will reach out via email for these + other stuff. Thanks in advance, Matt
  3. I’m not the right person to give you a definitive answer. I suggest asking some HK experts (like over at hkpro, Mike at TSC, Mike at MM). My knowledge on these is secondhand from a guy I used to know that had a couple of them and his used M13. At a minimum, I believe the feed mech requires a different belt-specific sprocket and the bolt head is also different (belt-specific).
  4. I assume you are using M13 links. HK21/21E/MG3/51B all use M13 links when run in 7.62x51 (unless the gun it setup for belts which requires different feed mech parts). FWIW. I've never seen a 51B setup for belts You can try opening the links a bit, but my guess is that you have a weak recoil spring.
  5. Things will be more clear if you read/understand all of this... https://www.hkpro.com/threads/a-primer-to-the-full-auto-hk.511590/ https://www.hkpro.com/threads/how-to-legally-re-mark-your-hk.311233/ https://www.hkpro.com/threads/penultimate-transferable-mp5-sear-pack-thread.376098/
  6. This thread inspired me to cut the bolt out of one of my M60s that I managed to get severely locked-up last year… Couple helpful hints if you are a do it yourself kind’a guy: 1) Your going to need a milling machine and a couple 1/4” carbide endmills. If you don’t own a milling machine forget it - I read somewhere about a couple guys cutting the bolt out of an M60 at KCR with a grinder and a Dremel (it is hard to believe). I actually used a Dremel with a carbide burr to finish the very last bit of one cut by hand - very slow… 2) I’d STONGLY suggest inserting shim stock around the rails to protect them from the end-mill during cutting. it will vibrate and move once you touch it and it is actually very good protection. I used 0.005 stainless https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B06Y2RMWP3?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title 3) Once you get the bolt cut, the real fun begins…. I didn’t see any way to get the extractor back into the pocket. I found the simplest solution was to essentially mill the extractor out… That’s what it took to get the bolt stub out of the barrel… Anyhow, what a PITA…. Fwiw, I’d prob sent it to Aaron next time it happens…
  7. Not imported FOR a fed agency instead imported DIRECTLY BY a fed agency Agree, It is an oddball case & that there is always risk that ATF could change their mind on the classification
  8. A MG imported post 1968 GCA is a dealer sample (what are now called pre86 dealer samples) as opposed to post-86 dealer samples. Most transferables were either imported pre-1968, manufactured in the US pre-86, are legal mil bringbacks, or amnesty registered (possibly imported illegally). There appear to be a few other ways to get into the registry as a transferable, but are very uncommon.
  9. Was the gun imported by Feds? If so, I’m not sure the same rules apply…. Is there an import mark? fwiw, the old thread noted above also alludes to to this imported by feds situation. My understanding is only guns directly imported by a federal agency and subsequently transferred to public would be treated this way. Anything imported via a type8 FFL (importer) would be subject to normal rules (even if imported for a fed agency) There was another batch of fed agency imported Mp5s auctioned a couple years back as transferable with aft blessing apparently. Nothing says they won’t change their mind in the future, though…
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