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  1. WTB M240 Spade Grip

    Also can be reached at --Matt
  2. WTS: M60e4 Ammo Hangers - NOS

    I'll take 1
  3. WTB M240 Spade Grip

    Hi, Looking to purchase an M240 spade grip. Used or new. Any maker (FN, US ORD, OOW, etc.) Please contact me via PM. Thank you for looking, Matt
  4. WTB: Micro Uzi Suppressor

    Example Beware that the chamber mouth is slightly off on these barrels...
  5. WTB: Micro Uzi Suppressor

    There are barrel nuts avail milled to pass over the 3-lug
  6. WTB: Micro Uzi Suppressor

    Hi, I've got a couple micros: I'd suggest this: Curtis Tactical CT9KS It is 3-lug can , so you will need an appropriate barrel. as I don't think they have a dedicated UZI endcap (threaded barrel nut endcap); however, I expect they might build one for you if you asked. I'd given them a call. Here is some background info:
  7. WTB GE-style M134 bolt heads

    still looking
  8. WTK: 38 Cal Launcher Blanks

    fwiw, CDVS is now out of stock... and NonStandardAmmocom has them listed at $199/100 on GB (ouch)
  9. WTK: 38 Cal Launcher Blanks

    Also sold on GB
  10. Yep, thanks, confirmed what I thought...
  11. Quick question: Will the ATF still process a recently submitted form4 to a FFL/SOT that used the older F4 OMB 1140--0014 (06/20/2019) vs. the newer F4 version OMB No. 1140-0014 (08/31/2022) Thanks in advance, -- Matt
  12. Form 4-individual to SOT times?

    I've also got a couple that are pending over 5 months...
  13. Squad Automatic Wewapon

    Yes, It can be kept with drop of license. Subsequent transfer must go to a entity with license - just like the requirement to acquire it in the first place. I.e. can’t be inherited following death or sold to a non-licensee. — Matt
  14. Squad Automatic Wewapon

    Answer + likely follow up q&a in this thread...
  15. MP5 parts

    I’ll take the a3 stock matt