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  1. Scammer on a wtb ad Ryan Moore ryanmoore.9176@gmail.com +17867679104
  2. Colt 1927 might make an interesting investment as well. Significantly more rare than a Colt 21 (essentially the same gun). Very good advise above wrt reduced complexity & reliability of the M1/M1A1. But in the end these are just toys, if you want a 1921/1928 get what <<you>> think is cool looking and fun!
  3. Drum -> 1921 or 1928 config models rather than M1 or M1A1 (these 2 only take sticks) investment gun - 1921 as nice as you can find shooting gun - WH 1928 that has visited PK (Diamond K) and rebuilt with a nos parts kit Personally, I’m not a big fan of Thompsons in general, but for a shooter I’d not bother with the drums and open yourself up to military M1/M1A1s as well Best of lu k in your search, — Matt
  4. I’d never really closely looked at the Danish e6 before (I don’t have one). Interesting that is is like half-way between the e4mod1 and current e6… Good stuff! — Matt
  5. Thanks Aaron, I figured you would chime-in on this topic. I wondered if there were any prototype e3 parts out there… I’d never seen that longer e4 prototype one before - thanks for sharing the picture!
  6. Great picture in this forsale thread of many different types of m60 handguards: Anyhow, I’m aware of at least one more e4 mod0 prototype handguard style (poor picture of the e4mod 0 railed attached). Anybody know of other types? Thanks in advance, — Matt
  7. FWIW, I talked to the guy who owns them; I was referred to this person by the person who actually posted the ad. I was told by the owner of the items that the person who posted the ad for the guns did so WITHOUT his knowledge explaining some of the confusion (he does want to sell the guns).... Anyhow, if I had to venture a guess, it is most likely NOT a scam based solely on the conversation. However, there could possibly be an issue with the guns given the info I was told on the phone. I don't have enough info one way of the other to 100% clarify the issue. I was told he already had a buyer lined-up & I figured I'd pass along my concern to whoever he had lined up the purchase if they are on STURM. Best of luck, -- Matt
  8. I spoke the actual owner about them (who is not the person who posted the advertisement). I was told he verbally committed to a deal yesterday. The actual owner had a FFL & I spoke to him on that associated phone #. In our discussion, he said one thing that would make me investigate the items more given that he used to be a dealer/sot… if you are the buyer, feel free to PM me & I’ll let you know the issue. — Matt
  9. Fwiw, not all E6 trays have the open-top link ejection hole. My understanding is that it was done to reduce possibility of a jammed link….
  10. Good to know - I'd never seen that before...
  11. M203 looks like a spikes 37mm launcher to me I could be mistaken, but the lower looks like it has a large 3rd hole + an M16 hammer. LOL, does the selector rotate to a 3rd position as well? Is there a F4 that came along with it?
  12. If it is a title-I firearm (or registered DD), it should have the Mfg marking with a serial #. I strongly suspect is is actually just a 37mm launcher if there are no markings on it. However, from your description, it sounds like a 37mm launcher with a 40mm barrel (which would be a DD). It that is indeed the case it should have been registered on a Form1(or 2) at some point and have the Maker's Name+City/Sate+Serial-Number
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