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Anyone done business with or know member voudr3w?

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Andrew Vovou out of SC?


New member, joined back in September 2022 with no posts or feedback.

He responded to a WTB ad I recently placed, but unfortunately has no feedback here or any other board.

He e-mailed me a copy of a SC drivers license once I asked for a reference, but it doesn't really mean much if it's stolen or faked.

I've followed up and asked for a new photo of the items along side a piece of paper with today's date and his handle here.




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I would proceed with caution on this one and be skeptical of any new members responding to WTB ads.....I am sure you are aware of the never-ending efforts of scammers on the WTB boards.... They all send photos of "their" driver's license (which are the license's of ID theft victims)..... They also send photo shopped photos with a piece of paper in photo with parts and name on the paper..... 


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3 hours ago, lonewolftactical said:

No response once I asked for the photos with name and date. The spider sense was tingling from the start on this, but you never know. We all started out new on the boards at some point.

Due diligence saves the day again.

Thanks fella's

I would think that most of us would have some kind of feedback trail by now - EBay, GunBroker, FALFiles, UziTalk, etc.

Buying (and selling) crap online is as American as Apple Pie. 


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