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  1. What I do know is that the owner of Armitage was pissing off anti-gun "journalists" in August of 1986. The nerve of this guy...selling legal gun parts.
  2. What city is marked on the trigger pack and/or shown on the Form 3? Any other markings on the pack? Did they use what looks like a date as the serial number? There was a Armitage International Ltd. in Seneca, South Carolina until about 1990 according to what I have found online. It looks like the trail goes cold after about 1990. Can you post pictures with the serial number blacked out?
  3. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal risk tolerance. I've sold a fair amount of gun related stuff over the years - a couple of machine guns, collector grade books, hard to find parts, etc. I've given the purchasers great leeway in deciding how they want to pay. If they pay by personal check, I let them know it may take a while to clear. Nobody has ever had a problem with that. If they are established members who I trust, I've been known to send the merchandise while the check is clearing. I don't make allowances for everybody, but I generally have a pretty good feel for a person based on the quality of their posts, how helpful they are, how active they are, etc. Haven't been burned once as a seller and only once as a buyer. When I got burned as a buyer, I took immediate action and minimized my loss. In the end it was a couple of bucks I lost.
  4. Just a quick thought to add... A cashier's check, even from a small local or regional bank, is the equivalent of cash. I recently purchased a car (remotely) with a cashier's check, it's the only way to do a high value transaction in my opinion. Funds are available upon presentation to your bank. If a bank teller or manager leads you to believe otherwise, they are not very good at their job.
  5. Is it possible to get heavy duty insurance as a sole proprietor? Can a lawyer draft a solid waiver document absolving you of any potential liability? I've wanted to get my FFL/SOT for years, but it would just be a side hustle. The intersection of personal/business liability gives me pause, but I wouldn't want to screw with business incorporation BS.
  6. @22eley Do you have some more pictures of the problem area? Was the shipping box/container damaged on arrival? Are you the transferring FFL/SOT or is somebody else handling the transfer for you? I get that you're upset, I know I was pissed when one of my MGs didn't work right out of the box, but we need to know a little bit more to better understand the issue and help you get it resolved.
  7. I've never done business with them, but I have been keeping an eye on their GunBroker auctions for a while. 200+ feedback and a 14 year old account says it all in my book. I wouldn't hesitate for a second. https://www.gunbroker.com/a/feedback/profile/1515486
  8. Have you tried posting your request on UziTalk as well?
  9. It really depends on the weapon platform. Off the top of my head, a registered sear could refer to: -an HK sear -an AR sear -an AK sear -an FNC sear -an Uzi sear To illustrate, let's compare an HK sear and an AK sear. With the HK, the registered sear is installed in a removable trigger pack. Generally, you would be able to move the trigger pack from gun to gun. An AK sear, on the other hand, is installed directly into the receiver. It's going to be permanently married to the receiver it is installed in. A registered AR sear could refer to a Drop In Auto Sear, which could typically be moved from gun to gun. Or, it could be the traditional M16 sear, which is permanently married to the receiver via the infamous third hole. To sum it up, a conversion device that can be moved from gun to gun is going to be more valuable than a conversion device that is married to one gun. Reliability is also weapon dependent. An HK sear is probably going to last a lifetime, an Uzi sear is probably not. A registered sear that is damaged may be able to be repaired, if none of the original markings are affected. Hope that helps somewhat.
  10. I get that the monetary savings (50%) is appealing, but is it worth the headache to you if it should it turn out to be: 1.) A papered machinegun that isn't registered to you? 2.) An un-papered machinegun? At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide if you get it or not. My understanding is that Plainfield didn't manufacture semi-auto M-2's. That would be enough to give me pause if I were presented with such a deal.
  11. The government is very efficient.....when it comes to taking YOUR money.
  12. Personally, I'd just avoid the headache and wouldn't dick with it. Instead, I'd buy one of the seven Plainfield M1s off of GunBroker and call it good.
  13. I think it will sell at $20k, but it might be a while. In the several years that I've been prowling MG websites and tracking this stuff, I've noticed that the market cycles and buyers will gain or lose interest in certain items. Right now buyers aren't too interested in the Uzi, judging by how many are sitting.
  14. Firearms are meant to be shot. If I were in your shoes, I'd have fun with it until it sold. You're not gonna break it. On a side note, I know of at least one (excellent condition) GI Uzi that has sat for a while at $18k. I don't think Uzis are moving right now.
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