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Large list of No Law Letter posites for sale (e-file) *Price Drop and some new


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I am helping a friend who is getting rid of his license. Great collection but he's ready to move on. 

All mag fed items will come with one magazine even if not listed. 

More photos will be available upon request


PM here for email and phone number 

A post of "ill take line number xx with description" will secure the items for you.


Prices reduced on remaining items. Everything else has been transferred to the new owners. 



Photos listed here



SG43 2 maxims and both PPSH are all that remain. those will be posted to gunbroker soon. Closing this ad today. 


posties feb 3 22.JPG





Previously sold items with pricing for historical reference. All items have been paid for and forms submitted:

sold 24 nov.JPG

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15 hours ago, longrange08 said:

WhatExactly does need work entail? On the 1910. Thank you

it was a dummy that had denial island milled out. all the fa components are there, but never set up for firing. the top plate is missing the leaf springs as well. so some final work needs completed but its 90% there. 



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A Hungarian PKM is in the photos but was missed on the original list. Price is 18,000. the retracting handle seems to stick so not sure if it needs replaced (like $125) or just needs shot more. Most of the items here saw very little use and are in amazing shape. 


and will edit the original post for items that are claimed as "sold" and "spf"

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Rhino, I’ve been traveling super heavy for my day job but I think I’ve answered all communication. Sometimes just a day late or so 


all forms were denied for atf not likening the out of business letter. (Reason given was “not included”) everything resubmitted with an improved letter.

No letter transfers take longer than other form 3 in general abs apparently now taking even longer   

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I can confirm the denial of the first form (mine was denied the 19th of November).


I called atf and a new form 3 was submitted December 1.

It’s been slow going, but I’m not personally concerned. Rory has always responded within 24 to 48 hours at the latest. 

Which tbh is better than I do sometimes.-Mat

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