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  1. PayPal was for the shipping only. he sent a cashiers check for the gun, I think. I said I’d take personal check, cashiers check, or usps money orders. I prefer personal checks. I said to send that in some way that has tracking. Priority or overnight Priority has been taking 1-2 weeks. If a cashiers check or money orders get lost in the mail, you are SOL for 6+ months. I had $8500 cashiers check disappear for half a year! Then magically just showed up.
  2. No, initially I told him I’d estimate shipping to be about $200. He went on for days about how that was too much. I offered to ship on his account. And then I went and did a real shopping quote. It was like $256ish. Don’t remember the exact. He then said he’d send me $199. He did that via PayPal late Friday night of that week. I prefer to send Mg overnight when possible. I ended up having someone else ship the gun. He said that there was some mixup so I think the shipping and the insurance were charged separately? But it shipped priority instead of overnight. he refused to pay what the overnight charges were to be. It was supposed to take 2 days and took almost two weeks.
  3. I told him that all my ammo was either blazer brass or my own reloads. Thats all the 9mm that I’ve had for the last year, but don’t know what was used at the time because I had no issues. my guess, was that he didn’t oil the gun. He went to his ffl and fired a box of Remington (I think all rem ammo is junk). Machine gun people know that these guns all run better wet. It’s standard practice for some of us. With all sales, I say I’ll ship within 7 days. Most of us have lives outside of this hobby and things get in the way. during normal times I travel a lot for work. In this case, my brother is the primary on the ffl and I had to coordinate with him since the Uzi was in his possession. It still shipped in those 7 days. But I ended up having him ship for me.
  4. Buyer omits that I repeatedly offered to ship on his own FedEx or UPS account, that he declined.
  5. No scamming involved. The mags were omitted by mistake, and shipped a few days after he sent his address Eforms cleared in two days and he spent a week bickering over shipping the firearm was shipped within 7 days after freight funds clearing. His position was that PayPal is my bank so that should be good enough usps registered promised deliver the following monday, but then took 11 days to arrive. You’re more than welcome to call usps and complain about their service. overnight shipping quote with insurance was $255. Buyer paid less. he was of the more difficult and needy buyers I’ve ever encountered. I understand that this is your first machine gun. This is not Amazon. my suggestion for it not running well, was to oil the gun and not to count on Remington ammo running well. It’s garbage. I had no issues. Rory
  6. Model A Uzi mfg IMI conversion by Phoenix Arms Transferable Machine Gun, will transfer out of Ohio on a Form 3 Comes with 3 mags and mag pouch The Uzi is still my favorite SMG. You can swap a barrel in the field in under a minute (try to do that with an MP5!) Parts are available and super inexpensive. Even mags are under $20 each and readily available. Slow enough to be easy to control and fast enough to leave you with a massive grin at each outing. We have pre may and posties to use so this one is redundant in the collection. Price: $13,000 plus actual shipping in padded case. Will eform transfer generally in under a week to your dealer. As always, will provide copy of form 3 to serious parties.
  7. sold pending funds. i will update as sold once funds received
  8. i do not have FOIA
  9. sure doesn't look like it to me, and H&r was listed on the forms.
  10. Upgrading to new toys, and money doesn't grow on trees in Southern Ohio. So, Up for sale is my Harrington and Richards M16A1 I have owned this for about 10+ or so years, and it has eaten any ammo I've ever put into it. Though i generally shoot my larger guns or posties instead. I use the short barrel that is in the photo, and included in the sale because it makes it kick harder. The original A1 upper is included as well. I have an A1 regular stock included as well but not photographed. I will ship with a couple mags and all parts as shown in photos and the aforementioned buttstock. 25,000 paid by check, money order, certified funds... or cash if you want to meet up with me in cincy. I will cover first tax stamp I will ship on your shipping account or you will pay for shipping charges using registered mail fully insured. pickup / delivery area available if you are near Cincinnati. References can be found for me on gunbroker or at rory(dot)benson (at)gmail(dot)com text or call 614 657 3726 jsut breaking up the email and phone to prevent some scammers
  11. I wish I had the extra scratch for Shattered's 22 thompson. I've shot it a few times and it runs like a top. sooo much fun. would you take a really really extended payment plan
  12. Sometimes you gotta sell toys to buy toys. Or sell toys to pay for the toys that you just couldn’t stop yourself from purchasing. C&R 08/15 Maxim Spandau 8mm $8750 Plus stamp and shipping on form 4 in Ohio Will transfer direct to you on your C&R license. rory(dot)benson(at)Gmail(dot)com for references, I am Rory over on the 1919a4 forum
  13. And did not purchase new. I was 8 in 1986. Runs great. Video link in the main post using the 40 round mag.