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  1. I have the following guns for sale: 1. NIB Transferable Tippmann 1919 F3 - $30K; comes with one used belt, one new belt, manuals, tripod / T&E, pine box, and ammo can. 2. Pre Sample Full Size UZI F3 (Interarms Alexandria Virginia Import) - $15K; comes with two magazines 3. Colt LMG Upper - $4K; no BCG or charging handle. Lloyd Mockingbird Precision salesREMOVE@mockingbirdprecision.com
  2. M16A2 has been sold. Aug and Pre Sample MP5SD are still available for sale! Aug package has been reduced to $38K
  3. I did....and he declined an offer of $65K. That would have been a straight pass to my customer making no money so back to the $60K price point I go....
  4. I saw that one. I need to be in the $60K range for my customer.
  5. Looking for a transferable M2HB. Please email us direct with what you have. Most interested in a full factory gun as opposed to a side plate. ER Maples would be great. My target price range is $60K with tripod. Thank you. salesREMOVE@mockingbirdprecision.com 713.955.5493 Lloyd
  6. Added two more pics of the M16A2 in here and on GB...little less than an hour left on the auction!
  7. We decided to throw this up on GB for a penny auction! Buddy won't let me link it directly so you will have to search for it. Merry Christmas!
  8. We have a brand new 240SLR for sale. $16,250! Please contact us for further details. https://www.mockingbirdprecision.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=42_149&products_id=539&zenid=dl2fr6m7ljh2ivom0g11525cd2 Lloyd salesREMOVE@mockingbirdprecision.com www.mockingbirdprecision.com
  9. Just listed this gun on GB...tried linking this but Buddy zapped it. You all will have to get off the couch and find it. Penny Auction! Merry Christmas!
  10. Found one...only one person reached out but we were able to make a deal. Guess these guns are a little more difficult to find than I realized.
  11. Fellas, I am looking for a good condition Registered Receiver Vector Mini UZI. I am not looking for a NIB gun as I do plan on shooting it. Let me know what you have. Lloyd Mockingbird Precision 713. nine five five. 5493 (office line) salesREMOVE@mockingbirdprecision.com SCAM WARNING: If someone emails you from a different address, it is not me.
  12. I picked up a used Vector about 8 months ago...sold my Jonathan Arthur Ciener UZI that I had redone bringing it up to factory spec. Now looking for a Vector mini UZI for the collection...
  13. BTT with updated pics (Pre MP5SD, AUG 9mm Parts), sold status and description.
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