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  1. WTB: Silencerco Omega 9 SD

    Per the description, I am looking for a Silencerco Omega 9 SD. Form 3 preferred. New if possible but ok with used in good condition. Lloyd Mockingbird Precision 713.955.5493 /
  2. WTS Transferable IMI Uzi Model B SMG Reg. Receiver 9mm

    I have a Pre-May Thompson that I would consider trading toward this gun. Tried to send you a PM but it appears that your account is private? Was not able to get one through.
  3. No Law Letter Post Sample Sale

    PM inbound...
  4. BAR & AK have sold....Will be adding a M-10 this week to the list.
  5. WTB: Pre-Sample IMI Galil 5.56 & 7.62

    Looking for a Pre-Sample IMI Galil in either a 5.56 or 7.62. Please send us an email of what you have available with a picture or two to help evaluate condition. Lloyd FFL / SOT 713.955.5493
  6. WTS Pre-may dealer sample Galil AR $15,000

    Is this gun still available?
  7. For sale are the following transferable weapons: 1. Street Sweeper NIB (Cobray) - $1,750 2. 1918 BAR (Group) - $25K - SOLD 3. UZI Model A (Wes Tex Manufacturing) - $13K 4. AKS / AK47 Under-folder NIB (SWD) - $28K - SOLD These guns are all on F3 and ready for immediate transfer. They are currently in our possession and on our books. Please contact us with additional questions at: sales@mockingbirdprecision / 713.955.5493
  8. WTS: HK 53 post sample

    No letter?
  9. WTS: Beautiful PreMay Ithaca M3A1 - SOLD

    Per our conversation, I am taking the M1A1...payment inbound.
  10. WTS: Pre-May Dealer Samples, Etc

    PM sent...
  11. For sale are the following difficult to find night vision and thermal items; they are either new or slightly used: 1. L3 PEQ-16A's (Used) with basic accessores (several available) - $2,750 2. PSQ-20A (Used) w/ all accessories (helmet mount, proprietary hinge mount, battery pack, integrated cable) - $14,000 3. L3 AN/PVS-31's (New) w/ accessories (cable, remote AA battery pack w/ integrated IR strobe, amber filters, multicam case, manual, bikini covers, and eye cups) - $20,000 Please contact us with any interest in the brokered items above: 713-955-5493
  12. Looking for a complete bolt carrier group for a select fire RPD. Please let me know what you have available. Lloyd Wheless Mockingbird Precision 713.955.5493
  13. We have a couple of interesting transferable machine guns on F4 in Texas: 1. Tippmann 1919 - $20K 2. Tippmann M2HB - $25K 3. Beretta AR-70, Fleming Conversion - $25K Please let us know if interested. Lloyd Wheless FFL/SOT
  14. Tippmann M2HB Miniature Belt Loader

    Looking for one of the miniature belt loaders for the M2HB....have one for the 1919 but thought that this would make a nice addition to the M2HB that I have.
  15. WTB: Tippmann M2 or M1919 full auto

    I have both with original boxes and accessories; shoot me a note at - Lloyd