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How long is to long for a gunsmith?

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We are talking about a local small gunsmith.  Dropped off a Mac 10/9 that had some issues.  2 months and they havent touched it.  I dont want to be a dick nor do I "need" it, but when do you ask what's up man?

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Did you ask how long it would take before dropping it off?

I've had a few small projects that took my local gunsmith 8+ months, but I also know him well and don't always get charged. Not sure about yours, but my guy is heavily backlogged.

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It all depends on what the issues are and if or when they can get the parts to fix it.  Agreed, less and less people want the hassle and headaches of working on guns for people, not to mention the liability that comes with it.

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Speaking from experience, I can say that many times when I take a gun in, if I need to go to the range to test fire it, it's going to be a while, weeks most likely. A trip to the range sucks about 2 hours out of my day, considering travel time, set up, waiting for other folks wanting to go down range, etc. Then find out you haven't cured the problem. Start over.

 Other projects may need parts that are "unobtanium". I've had to buy complete cut up guns to get a part or piece of wood that I need.

Some projects get put on the "back burner" because you know it's going to be a goat rope to do the job, and you have other projects that are easier, faster, and pay better.

I try to be honest with my customers when they drop something off. Sometimes it takes longer than I anticipate. Most folks have other guns to play with. They are always welcome to come get their stuff, no hard feelings, I have plenty of business, usually more than I really want.

The vast majority of my customers are very understanding.

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