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  1. WTB: Surefire MB556AR muzzle break

    I’ll dig around. I might have one
  2. I used to carry XC1’s daily but they went tits up on me. Had 2 go down within 5 min (my primary and my spare) sent them back and they rebuilt the one, replaced the other. Get the lights back and the one died on me within the first couple times using it. I said screw it and went back to carrying my rock solid X300
  3. MP5 A3 stocks

    Only one of the universal stocks left
  4. MP5 A3 stocks

    The 3JC 9mm stock is sold
  5. I have the following HK MP5 A3 stocks for sale. 1-9mm MP5 “3JC” date code 2-40/10mm “universal” “id” date code (on both) Asking $650 each. All 3 show signs of use but still lock up well in both the open and closed positions. Txt or call (330) 432-4598 for pics as I can’t get them to load on here
  6. Suppressors for sale

    I have the following suppressors in stock and all on Form 3’s ready to ship with more incoming- Gemtech ONE 30 caliber with direct thread and QD mounts included $925 Gemtech Trek II 223/556 direct thread and able to be pined and welded to an 11.5” barrel (no SBR stamp needed) $425 Ruger Silent-22 17HMR, 22LR, 22 Magnum $389 SlinecerCo Saker-K ASR with mount included $575 I have SilencerCo Warlock’s, Sparrows and Gemtech Lunar 9’s coming in the next week or so. All prices include sales tax but NOT shipping costs. Email, call, or txt for more details FB Unlimited 07/02 (330) 432-4598
  7. Taking 6 per our discussion
  8. Thoughts and prayers for you sir. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts. Im only 35 and I’ve had a couple brushes with that black robed bastard and it’s made me appreciate the time I have plus made me look at “how much stuff do I really need” hope tests turn in your favor soon
  9. WTB: Uzi 32rd Mags

    I have what you are looking for.
  10. Selling an 11/76 MP5 SD 30 round straight magazine. $150 shipped Txt or call (330) 432-459eight
  11. WTS post sample port said and Suomi m31

    Letter needed for the M2 plate?