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  1. Am I better off cerakoting different uppers in a grayish color to match? Or better to cerakote the lower a more modern black?
  2. Thinking about buying another ac556 full stock. Is it feasible that I could have it turned into mini 30 firing 7.62x39? The recievers of both seem identical. So it would seem I would only need a host mini 30 and talented gunsmith. Thoughts?
  3. Please delete

    Urban armory had a transferable mat49 in 2019 asking $30k.
  4. M16 & MP5 Prices

    I've been looking at getting another m16 for a year now. A few months ago I could have gotten a non colt rr for $18k. Then all of a sudden a certain dealer started asking $25k for a Sendra or PAWS. So now everyone thought that was the "new" value. Anything that "appreciates" 50% in a matter of months is bound to come back down some. I was patient and just found a nice M16A2 for $30k and from a dealer.
  5. Looking for M16 or full stock ak47

    M16A2 found
  6. Gunbroker prices

    I'm watching another M16 from that same seller now. If it goes for more than $35k I know something is up.
  7. Looking for transferable M16 or full stock AK47. Form 3 or Florida preferred. Realistic prices please.
  8. Gunbroker prices

    Anybody with any sense would never pay $35,275 for a PAWS olympic RR with a crappy upper when you could get a Colt A2 M16 for that price.
  9. Gunbroker prices

    I've bid/watched two different gunbroker auctions lately. A sar48 that sold for $25k and a PAWS m16 conversion that sold for $35k. Why would someone pay outrageous prices or is something fishy?
  10. I thought this too. On gunbroker for $40000 a few month ago. I bid and asked questions but the auction was pulled. That one had damage to the stock.
  11. I found a nice RR olympic M16 but whoever converted it let their kid engrave the info with a screwdriver. Can I have the info relocated on the receiver and refinish?
  12. I had one of these about 20 yrs ago. If it is a factory gun it should be select fire like an AUG. Half pull semi and full pull of trigger full auto.
  13. WTS: Vollmer MP5 Sear Gun - Jim S. TN

    He means the host rifle is not registered as a SBR.
  14. So no thoughts on the cast E.A. lowers?