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  1. With the end of Knob Creek...

    There was one in a sand /gravel pit in Piedmont, AL ...near Talladega ...never got to go but heard of it. MPFiveO I think knows more about it .
  2. OFASTS 2021 sound off

    What happened at OFASTS.... Sat night about 15 min before the end of the night shoot my good buddy from Little Rock, Roy (Andy) Andrews ( 02/07, very experienced mg owner) was shooting another friends’ FA Scorpion 9mm (130 gr tracer reloads) when its Knights Armament vertical foregrip suddenly detached. One round went thru his left thenar region ( thumb meat ) and exited thru his 2cd knuckle (MCP joint) obliterating it from point blank range obviously. Fortunately he's a very experienced FA shooter and somehow maintained control of the weapon enough to have not sprayed the other dozen of us on our quad line spots and he kept the barrel downrange. Had 2 docs immed there- me one of them although I'm pretty worthless wo a CT scanner... the other was an Anesthesiologist who immed applied ulnar and radial pressure to stop the spurting arterial blood which was "significant". It painted the line spots all over. Then got tourniquet from RO....loaded him back of side by side, docs rode with him down gravel road just as massive rain storm hit...ambulance met us at paved road prob 15 min total after shot. Then 30 min to nearest ER. Local ER tried to Heli him out to Tulsa but weather prevented it. So they ground transported him there. 4 hr emergent surgery at 3am done in hopes of saving digits. He's back in Little Rock now...seeing hand surgeon today. The first surgery was prelim just to reconnect vessels. Don't know if he'll lose index and /or middle fingers- hopefully not. He'll def. require more surgeries and a long long road to recover. Could use your prayers for sure. Interestingly most all of us had shot that scorpion during the day...including the owners’ son 30 min before the accident. It was a terrible ending to an otherwise great shoot. We skipped sunday shoot and left Sunday obviously. The OFASTS staff was excellent and the entire situation was handled as smoothly and quickly as possible. Beware of vertical grips on SMGs. I need to look at my own scorpion's and eval its attachment. I never shoot it...bc its semi
  3. Selling Mg's M16A1, m11/9 x 2, Group/Vector Full Uzi

    PM sent. thx HH
  4. Next Subgun

    swedish K owners always rave about them so you're in good shape and thats a good choice. thats just one gun ive happened to never owned or even shot. but heard and read great things. kinda like the sterling ....before i finally got one i doidnt appreciate what all the fuss was about...i mean it just looks like a glorified sten. sterling is tons better than sten but also costs more. true dat on the mp5 extractor spring...some mp5s crap them out a lot, others hardly ever...my mp5k eats them regularly to the degree thatr i bought a MAD bolt to install so i didnt have to mess with the spring replacements. my mp5s though rarely require spring replacements . and i also agree with leaving them dirty . i shoot most of my smgs wo cleaning until they fail ....unless im putting it back up in the safe and not expected to use it for a long time...then i'll clean it. i never run corrosive ammo either. swedish k. ... you'll enjoy it.
  5. i havent seen a $8k mp5k actually sell for that in a long time if ever. for whatever that is worth. Im sure ruben has listed them at that...but prob not many other people actually interested in selling their mp5k within a reasonable timeframe.
  6. Next Subgun

    Ive owned a lot of smgs as well . the sterling is light years nicer than the sten. the uzi is light yrs nicer than the sten and of course the MP5 is the king of SMGs Price , price, and price are the 3 main reasons to buy a sten IMO
  7. Which Thompson for 1st machine gun?

    i'll be the nay sayer here...kinda. screw getting a tommy as a first mg. suboptimal choice. get an Uzi or AR15 (or HK MP5 if you have the $$$) I NEVER shoot my Tommy (and yes its a WH and yes it shoots just fine)
  8. Future of NFA items

    i think that at least on a federal level you have a 35 yr track history (1986- present) to base your decision on. I think you'll be fine w NFA ...federally . State wise...highly dependent of course...ask those in Kali or DC or whatnot. State restrictions is a bigger concern than federal for me at least.
  9. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    ^^ No...It's more that I've been thru this type of goat rope and have seen many others as well. Thats all. And its true....mixing and matching parts from 2 beltfed clone builders is a risky proposition. That's all. Hks are unique , beltfeds are much more complex than mag fed of course. Most of us don't have your mad skillz or desire to be filing down parts on custom build guns that cost >$12k . I want the best for you and your gun. I'm GLAD its running. I hope it runs 100% here on out and that you fixed whatever out of spec problem you may have had. Bravo!
  10. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    Man you are prob screwed for life with that gun dude. A BPP gun with MM parts added? Clearly the gun wasnt running right as it originally came from BPP. Adding a MM feed mech (which MM doesnt supply to BPP as far as I know) was a last ditch effort on that gun. You have bigger issues than the feed mech. Im thinking. Start with the gun builder....Carlos at BPP for service on it. Get a BPP feed mech in it...then you have one throat to choke. If I were Mike I wouldnt touch any of that personally. It;s gonna be a tar baby. And yes I have a bunch of MM guns including a MM233/21e and all the fixings ...and its heavy volume blaster of mine. I have one of the earliest gen MM23e...improvements certainly have been made over the many years. I bet there's 20x as many MM 23e's out there vs BPP 23e.... So if you have a BPP you are by definition gonna have a MUCH smaller pool of user resources and service to choose from. Hate to break that to you.
  11. This is not an all German made briefcase. Metal handle and philip screws are the reveal. Just making it clear for potential buyers and I'm not disparaging the seller or implying anything. Just stating facts so potential buyers will be aware.
  12. i'll take one if becomes available. thanks. houston
  13. M60 Links Approx. 350, FREE, FREE, FREE...

    nice move murray. seriously.
  14. i seriously doubt it'd "fit" in a full size. i've heard the bg bolts cut down for mini in theory can run in mini and micro. my mini is a reg bolt gun - open my micro is reg rec. closed bolt....so i cant test that theory out for you.
  15. M2HB value ?

    if you have stand up pedestal for it I'd be interested in that part. current value? saw a $35k one listed here that didnt seem to sell. just the gun i think. for a price point.