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  1. He repaired my C&R MG34 and got it running tip-top.
  2. I too have been waiting for more photos and information about the No.4. David has gone radio silent.
  3. Was surprised the MG42s sold for $36k and $38k (before the 20% premium is added).
  4. Lots of high dollar sales, but it looks like there were a few well-bought guns in today's Morphy's auction. Was surprised to see so many MGs. https://auctions.morphyauctions.com/Catalog.aspx?auctionid=527&page=1&sortby=7&displayby=2&lotsperpage=25&category=1
  5. A friend of mine just called Kenny and it was confirmed as true. The end of an era. So sad since there's NOTHING like it in the world.
  6. Don't forget about the 70's dated Yugo ammo. Good stuff if you can find it. In the past, I had good luck with this 7.92 in a transferable MG34: - Egyptian - Greek '40 dated - Romanian 70's dated - Yugo 70's dated - both steel cased and brass cased WWII and pre-WWI German ammo Most all of that stuff was shot back in the mid-2000s. Nowadays, Romanian is the way to go if you can find it. Good luck! Cincylance
  7. After watching a buddy struggle to get his semi M60 to run, I've learned from him that there weren't any semi M60s produced in any quantity that were known to work reliably. My buddy has build many different guns into semis including Browning 30s and 50s, Brens, MG34s, MG42s, etc and he can't quite figure out how to make his M60 run reliably. Good luck, you will need it.
  8. Did you even read the ad? He makes it pretty clear that the gun comes with two German ammo cans and 1k ads of ammo.
  9. Private Message sent with a request for pics and questions.
  10. Since you have a Russian background, you might consider a Krinkov. Small, compact and fun to shoot.
  11. Anyone have Gary Reisenwitz's contact info? Old NFA friend and dealer. Called the number I had on file and it's been changed. Thanks, Cincylance
  12. Any interest in trading +/- for a C&R eligible MG08 with sled mount?
  13. Mike, If you have that many bolts, one or two are sure to work. An ejector that is too long will not allow the bolt to slide past the ejector plate when the bolt is inserted from the rear and the ejector is fully forward. From my experience, you want the longest bolt that will still slide past the ejector plate when inserting bolt into receiver. It should slide past without tension, but cannot leave a gap between the two parts.. Since you have an abundance of bolts, try inserting them and look for the ones with a more snug fit and take those to the range with you the next time you go. It's easy to swap out bolts to look for one that'll work. I've got about 12k rounds of experience shooting the MG34. Maybe not an expert, but my guns ran good.
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