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  1. Usps shipping concern

    The gun came yesterday unharmed.... I will make sure to advise anyone I buy from again to just use Fedex.
  2. Usps shipping concern

    Apparently now my package is ready for delivery tomorrow....man I hope no one messed with it. I hate when shippers put the full name of my receiving dealer it is so obvious it's a rifle.
  3. Usps shipping concern

    Ok so there is nothing to do but wait until it is "delivered" and maybe it's fine. This just has never happened to me before.
  4. The individual I bought a rifle from shipped it 5 days ago and tracking says it just arrived about 50 miles away from the original shipping location. Huge delay and minimum movement of the package.... I'm concerned that someone grabbed the package and swapped out the contents. The package had the ffl name on it which is pretty obvious it's a gun store. Should I wait a few more days? What can I do?
  5. WTB G36 optic carry handle

    Looking for dual or single, 3x or 1.5x.
  6. WTB: Ppsh-41 16" barrel

    Maybe someone has a spare KP made 16" barrel for the ppsh-41?
  7. WTB HK SP89

    I am taking your advice. I bought the RCM SP5k f/a bolt carrier, and a C&P 4 position trigger housing with sp5k spec cutout. I am now actively looking for the sp5k-pdw because you are correct, it is an all German and cheaper alternative to the SP89. I was in talks to buy a converted SP89 but it did not have the PDW barrel and the converter was unknown, although the stamping was excellent. I will mirror you in setting aside the original semi-carrier and just using the RCM and my sear to enjoy an all German K at the range. I think an all German HK Sp5k-PDW, AT LOWER COST than the SP89 is the way to go. Due to these new imports, I think the SP89 is one of the few prebans that will go down in value in the coming years or at least stay flat, especially with the ridiculous cost of buying a German PDW barrel to do the SP89 conversion with.
  8. WTB HK SP89

    With the SP89 though you don't get those ugly warning labels, and a regular full auto carrier would work. Plus it's cool that it is made in West Germany. I get the appeal of the SP5K especially since RCM is making compatible full auto bolts and it already has the flapper mag release, so all you would need is that bolt and adjusted trigger housing. And maybe remark it as well. Someone did message me about the SP89 so I am waiting for pictures and will talk to him about it.
  9. WTB HK SP89

    Yes you have been very helpful. Sort of annoying the MSRP of that one is under 2800 and all the resellers have been at 4500+...
  10. WTB HK SP89

    From what I've read, the sp5k has a little nub in the receiver that the RCM bolt can clear. And the trigger housing needs to be adjusted?
  11. WTB HK SP89

    Open to a variety of conditions it does not have to be mint. My plan is to get it converted to MP5K.
  12. WTB: MP5 9mm straight mags or LEO marked

    Bought some looking for more
  13. Kudos to Andy Blaschik / KGB Armament

    He fixed up a DLO suppressor for my Sten and it worked great!
  14. WTB: Norinco Bakelite AK mags

    I have a few of the Norinco Bakelite mags just looking for more of them.
  15. Need help on HK sear burst pack

    Everything ran great when I finally got a chance to go to the range, thanks for the help everyone!