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  1. Did transfer for one of my 25mm Puteaux AT cannons and ATF "REFUSED" to approve the form 4 transfer saying it was not 25mm but 37mm. Puteaux NEVER produced a 25mm wheeled field AT cannon in 37mm. One of the idiots at ATF that had absolutely no knowledge of military weaponry,looked up Puteaux cannons online and saw the Puteaux 37mm twin barrel anti-aircraft cannon and assumed that was what I had, regardless of what the form 4 indicated. Total morons. I sent these idiots a pic with a 37mm shell and 25mm Puteaux shell next to the existing barrel on my cannon. DUH! Of course they never called to apologize for their arrogance and blatant stupidity, also holding up my transfer for an additional 6 months! ATF must be defunded , then abolished. ATF is totally out of control and way beyond their original stated mission. Write you senators and congressman to put forward more bills like Matt Gaetz proposed, ABOLISHING ATF! "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." Don't forget it. R.L.
  2. Was just out splitting some xtra wood for the boiler. It's 20 below zero right now. Insulated Carhartts , balaclava, USGI arctic helmet liner, thinsulate gloves and LaCross -40 Below pacs....I'm good to go! Cheers from the sub arctic Kennebec Valley R.L.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. Almost impossible to get straight information anymore! So much b.s. flying around, a fella just doesn't know what to believe. R.L.
  4. Change is something that's inevitable. IMO change is also not always a good thing. Change for the sake of change is especially irritating. Like change in cells phone models, computers, virus protection programs, societal moors. New venture capitalists who buy out heritage firearms companies and step all over quality for profit. Yea that kind of shit change. Old people hate change. I'm old people and change in just about most things, just pisses me off on so many levels. I try to dwell on the golden years of life/firearms and forget this bullshit nonsense being foisted on us, by the Gov, NWO fascists & woke advertisers. They say retirement years are your golden years, that's bullshit. Nothing "golden" about being old. Sep', maybe your pee cause you just got another UTI! R.L.
  5. According to a number of firearms video channels on YouTube. WTF?? Is any of this true? R.L.
  6. Some out of the blue asshat sent me an email selling a Colt AR 15. of some sort, don't really care what it is. It's B.S. Sent pics too. Fxxking POS!! R.L.
  7. Just got my renewal form from ATF Looks like ATF expects your help TRACKING your firearms transactions online! ATF now wants to know if you conduct "internet gun business ", and if so what websites you conduct business at. Right....like they're not already tracking EVERYONE'S firearms activity on every internet firearms site... including everything posted here on Sturm. Yea, ok. R.L.
  8. After he gets locked up his cell mate just might start calling him Alexa....?
  9. It did. But just think of all the taxpayer $$$ wasted on some libtards personal legislative wet dream for gun control. TOTAL waste of taxpayer money. Think about it, they are using OUR money to persecute citizens. More specifically gun owners.' ABOLISH THE ATF!!! R.L.
  10. I remember when Ronny Barrett discontinued sales and maintenance of their products to the entire state of Kalifornia, since civilian sales of .50 bmg products were banned for residents of Kalifornia. Now that's REAL principle in action over $$$$! Selling out an American company ("family owned" is advertising sales fluff) to a fascist boot-jack country like Australia rubs me the wrong way. Figures though Australia IS a member of the "Five Eyes" spy network that uses member countries to spy on each others citizens. Including citizens of the USA! Read up. This isn't the same Australia today I grew up with. That goes for New Zealand and Kanada as well. Read up on the commie be-atch Prime minister of N.Z. 100% communist. You can bet no Australian private citizen will be able to buy ANYTHING Barrett manufactures. Disappointed with this sale. R.L.
  11. I think it would be wise for all to WAIT before acting on the tax stamp "doggy treat". Many suits are being prepared, some already filed. F-ATF , they need to be defunded or abolished all together. By skiving off fellow shooters from the pack by getting you to agree to MORE of their illegal law making, you legitimize this unconstitutional behavior. They offer b.s. choices with the objective of dividing and conquering LEGAL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. It's is the tactic they love to employ. Don't buy into their crap. We MUST stand united and fight these jackboot thugs together. R.L.
  12. it's F-ing ridiculous. I wonder how many pencil neck gov. geeks it took and how many millions of taxpayer dollars it took to publish this slimy backdoor gun registration attempt ? Even if you don't own an arm brace, this type of non-congressional "legislation" by a non law making governmental "agency" is just as dangerous to you as a gun owner too. I suggest everyone call in to their respective congressman and senator and COMPLAIN!! Make your voice heard loud and clear. ATF is totally out of control and needs to be reined back in...no actually they need to be abolished. Wasn't Ruby Ridge and Waco enough to wake up everyone? I would hope so. R.L.
  13. UFB!! Another American gun company gone! Just got this notice today about the buyout. R.L.
  14. Most everything I've heard so far only mentions AR pistols. Not a word about AK pistols. Or maybe I just missed it. Draco's, Pap 85's and Pap92's ALL originated as pistols from the manufacturers with barrel lengths from 6-10". How does this new "pistol brace" b.s. apply to these? Or does it? Century Arms sold an arm brace for these AK based pistols, with a copy of the APPROVAL letter from ATF indicating they had been approved for use with such models? Thanks, R.L.
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