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  1. Guys, I had an unexpected call from my local hospital today. I've been so bummed out with all that is happening, my mind certainly was wandering a lot today about just what the hell I'm going to do with everything that needs to be addressed in my life. Lots to think about. Out of the blue, the oncology dept of my local hospital called to inform me that after reviewing my chart, there was another treatment, a totally different product they were ordering as a last ditch effort to boost my red cell count to safe levels. Of course it comes with a longer IV absorption time(4 hr's 2x ea) and the same chemo side effects of feeling like crap for 2-3 days afterwards, but I'm going for it. On top of that , my oldest daughter called to let me know she was gong to be tested as a kidney transplant donor for me! I was just floored she would do that for me. I am so proud of her, that she would do that for me, but there is no way I will let her do that. She's 43, has a great life, children and a husband..... I just can't in good conscience allow her to mutilate and jeopardize her health herself to save my stupid old ass. Not sure how any of you would deal with that, but I love her far more than I love myself . I just can't let her do that. I can't thank you all enough for the prayers and good wishes you have been sending to me. It is so humbling and very much appreciated. Best regards, R.L.
  2. Thank you all. R.L.
  3. I'd like to thank everyone who has been supportive over the years with this ongoing health drama of mine. Seems like it's been going on forever. Looks like things are taking a major turn downwards pretty quick. I might get to see my pal Mike sooner than I thought. Just got my latest blood test results....not good on multiple counts. The treatments are not working now, the blood numbers are dropping, and renal failure is setting in. For those familiar with dialysis, you know it's really a temporary delay to a death sentence, I did it for 3 months in 2009, I just can't do it again now that I know how bad it makes you feel. It's just not a life. Well I achieved half of my goals anyway, I moved to Maine. The new shop, the new things I was going to do, that probably won't be happening now. I will probably auction all of my new blacksmith tools, forges and power hammer in Virginia. No sense in bringing it here to Maine. Still on the fence about what to do with the weaponry. Funny how all this stuff, that was so important to me for so many years and now my life has become junk in a fire sale trying to beat the reaper. R.L.
  4. Been getting calls from guys here on the board at home, checking in on me during this ongoing medical drama. I really appreciate the calls. Some days, especially the days I can't walk I'm bored to death here and it's great to chat with other gun folk. One day I can walk, another day I can't pick up anything with my right arm. Gotta' tell you there's nothing like the unpredictability of losing ones' mobility and dexterity to destroy your life plans and everyday things we take for granted. Like being able to pull up your damn pants without asking for help! Talk a bout a personal lesson in how our disabled and damaged vets live their life every day unable to walk. I know there are plenty of others who have it way worse, but when it reaches you up close and personal, you kinda' forget all that. On days I can't walk, i break up the boredom by shooting my Browning BL22 out of my bedroom window at targets I have hanging in the yard. Yea , we're that rural. A very kind board member sent me a big ol 330 rnd box of Federal .22's, so I can amuse myself during the day rationing out 5-10 rnds. Impossible for me to drive to Walmart now even if they had ammo. This ammunition shortage is the worst I've ever seen in my 67 years. Seems rather convenient too with the big gun grab eminent. I mean "attempted" gun grab. Anyone seeing a let up in the availability or price yet? I still see scalpers on G.B asking absolutely sky high $$$$ for ammo. Yea I know free market, and all that, but geeze 9mm at .50+ a round?? SG ammo had 5.56 less than a buck a round last week, but still too rich for my blood. Social security pay doesn't go very far. Must have been Bernie Madoff who coined the phrase "golden years." Back here in real life with the regular people, life ain't too golden for me so far! Cheers, R.L.
  5. Thank you, I appreciate the well wishes. Unfortunately the truth of the matter is, I can't get better. I have no ability to produce red blood cells. I must have IV injections. If I can just maintain my status now I'll manage to have a life. The chronic blood issue is forever. I must get treatments now for the rest of my life, every three months, once a week 2 weeks in a row. It's not so bad. The medical folk here in Maine have been fantastic. They care, are friendly, they do what they say they will do and so far have been just great. On the other hand my oncologist in Virginia gave me false hope and bad information. They told me I was cured before I left for the new house.....they either lied or are incompetent. By March 25th I was in the critical zone for blood balance. Had my first IV treatment yesterday. Not only that once the Virginia Cancer Center realized that they would not be doing the infusions and only getting a $50 copay, instead of the $10K for the procedure, they left me hanging. My oncologist of 5 years refused to send an order to my new cancer center here in Maine for the IV treatment and said good luck. Even though Redington Fairfield Hospital said they would honor the order! The oncologist said he was "uncomfortable" doing it. Which is b.s., they were more interested in the procedure $$$ than my health. About 3 weeks ago I could not walk for a week out of nowhere. I'm still walking with difficulty. This came out of the blue friends. I can't stress how important it is for you younger guys to make sure you have doctors and go for tests every once in a while, not years. I thought I was invincible too, never sick, strong as an ox, maybe stupid as one sometimes too. Have ekg's, blood work, MRI's, GET TESTED!!! Bad stuff like this can strike you out of nowhere. You MUST stay on top of your health proactively. I'm hoping to be back on top health wise by May or June at the latest. Time and God will tell. Cheers, R.L.
  6. Thanks so much. There is a Sturm member here that came through in a big way. Since the last post I have temporarily( I hope) lost mobility and I'm stuck inside my home. Having a few rounds to lob out of my bedroom window at the cans I have hanging outside, breaks up the boredom of the day. I live in a very rural area, so no safety issues. I am very thankful for the thoughtfulness and generosity of all that offered to help. Acts like this renew your faith in mankind. R.L.
  7. Afternoon gents. I've been offline for a while. Still suffering a bit after losing my friend Mike Todd. Really took the wind out of my sails. On top of that I just got news I must start IV treatments again at the cancer clinic here in Maine, so my mood has been a little dark here lately. Weather ain't helping much either. On a bright side. I want to thank everyone that has offered to help me out with .22 ammo . I was really shocked to see offers coming in from strangers that don't even know me. I was just sharing my experience, nothing more. I never expected this. I knew we always had some of the best people here on Sturm, but these generous offers just humbled me to the point of tears. I'm not going to compromise the privacy of these generous folks by using names, but I want you to know I really appreciate the offers to help me out. I've never been on a gun board that has the quality of people this board has. Sturm is an amazing place. Thank you David, Andy, fellow board members.. R.L.
  8. Thanks for the thought. Appreciate it! R.L.
  9. So my first attempt to purchase a 330 rnd box of .22 ammo today was a fail. Every box at Walmart gone before they hit the shelves. They are not limiting ammo purchases at the Skowhegan Maine Walmart, so the piece of shit gunbroker resale types are buying it all at one time for resale online. Hopefully, There is a special place in hell for these ammo resale maggots. R.L.
  10. No power blows. I have 3 portable generators from 8.5-14K watts and a liquid cooled 24 KW Kohler for the entire house and shop. Up here we lose power practically every storm. Last time it was 8 long days before we had main power back. If you do buy a generator, don't buy a Generac, total junk.. If you buy a portable, buy a Northern Star from Northern Tool. Copper wound, Hondo 22hp engine on the larger models. I used 2--13.5KW units every day for years in my drilling biz, very dependable. Only burned a capacitor once , after a drill got hung up and the breaker didn't blow. $125 installed.to repair, Otherwise bullet proof. There was a lot of talk this happened due to China being allowed access to our power grid again,....as in sabotage All thanks to that pedophile fucker in the W.H.? Also hearing a lot about too much major investment and dependency on gay green energy. Like the results f the 2020 election, we'll never know the truth. R.L
  11. Operation "Choke Point"

    Seems Gab.com was hacked tonight. It went offline about 7pm est. Lots of chatter about being hacked or being shut down by by Big Tech. Like to say I'm surprised, but not really. This country is going the way of communist China type censorship fast. Wake up Patriots. R.L.
  12. Guys ....this pedophile fake President is reinstituting a banking operation from the days of the the ape in chief. Gun dealers, ammo sellers, anything THEY don't like is about to be cut off, by banks and credit card companies. Google operation "choke point" and you can read what's about to happen PEDO JOE...NOT MY PRESIDENT. R.L.
  13. Funny you mention Crowder, A friend of mine said the same thing today on the phone. What IS paramount for all of us is to stay together through this period of political mental retardation. With any luck this lying sack of shit Pedo Joe will die off before his term is up and then we can deal with impeaching the Kamel Toe. R.L.
  14. Disgusting commie filth, hope they die from their Mrna covid shots. Axxholes! The whole lot of them wouldn't have made a pimple on his ass!!! R.L.