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A Sad Day for America/Australian Company NIOA buys Barrett.....


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It's still staying in America. And they'll still sell to civilians. 

Apparently NIOA is the largest supplier of guns on the Australian civilian market. Is kinda sad to see a family run business get sold to a big Corp though(even though NIOA is supposedly family owned as well

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I remember when Ronny Barrett discontinued sales  and maintenance of their products to the entire state of Kalifornia, since civilian sales of .50 bmg products were banned for residents of Kalifornia.

Now that's REAL principle in action over $$$$!

Selling out an American company ("family owned" is advertising sales fluff) to a fascist boot-jack country like Australia rubs me the wrong way. 

Figures though Australia IS a member of the "Five Eyes" spy network that uses member countries to spy on each others citizens.

Including citizens of the USA! Read up.

This isn't the same Australia today I grew up with.

That goes for New Zealand and Kanada as well.

Read up on the commie be-atch Prime minister of N.Z.

100% communist.

You can bet no Australian private citizen will be able to buy ANYTHING Barrett manufactures.

Disappointed with this sale.


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