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  1. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    I don't know Rory and I wasn't finger pointing or accusing. There's always two sides of the story and I'm happy to see the other side of the story was flushed out for all to see. After all, thats what this forum does. Hopefully the buyer can move on. Jim
  2. SCAMMER PJD Guns aka:

    This scammers' ad is making the rounds. We have received it twice this week on two different email addresses. Jim Corby
  3. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    It's always best when you call out these scammers. If he chooses to advertise here again, then make sure you reply under his ad with a link to this feedback and perhaps he may consider honoring your deal. Most importantly, a new sale will have the luxury of your ill fated experience and may kill his deal. Thanks for posting. Jim Corby
  4. JUST ONE EXAMPLE OF THE MODELS WE STOCK: The BT10 V8 Atlas Bipod mounts directly to any 1913 style Picatinny rail via a low profile two screw clamp assembly. It is comprised of 6061-T6 aluminum that is Mil-Spec Type III hard coat anodized and have heat treated stainless steel components. Available in black only. Selected for SOCOM MK14 MOD 2. NSN 1005-01-601-000. Made in USA. $219.95 Plus $12.00 CONUS Shipping
  5. Since 1973, OKAY AR-15 magazines have been the top choice for enlisted men and women of the US Armed Forces. Now, with OKAY’s Surefeed brand, civilians get to enjoy the same reliability and robust quality at affordable prices. But OKAY’s history with the US government goes even further back—to World War II, when the company produced millions of magazines for use with the M1 carbine. Surefeed magazines utilize the same lightweight aluminum, mil-spec stainless steel springs, and four-way, anti-tilt, self-lubricating followers you’ll find in military issue magazines. OKAY magazines are proudly made in America using All-American parts and labor, a claim that few (if any) other magazine manufacturers can make. AR-15, 30RD SUREFEED Magazine by Okay Industries. Mil-Spec Follower, Mil-Spec S/S Spring, Mil-Spec Heat Treated Aluminum Body with Hard Coat Gray Anondized Finish. .223, 5.56,300 BO. AR-15, 30RD SUREFEED Magazine by Okay Industries. Mil-Spec Follower, Mil-Spec S/S Spring, Mil-Spec Heat Treated Aluminum Body with Hard Coat Black Anondized Finish. .223, 5.56 & .300 BO. $13.95 each Plus $9.00 Shipping - Shipping is $11.00 for up to (4)Magazines
  6. NEW IN BOX Beretta Model 21A “Bobcat Covert” .22LR with Factory Threaded Tilt-Up Barrel with Thread-Protector, Wood Grips, Black Finish. Includes (1)7rd Magazine, Beretta Logo Pistol Case, Beretta Logo Cable Lock & Manual. Also Includes a NIB Bowers “BITTY” .22 Micro Silencer for a Compact Pistol/Silencer Package.* Registered on a Form 3 $850.00 Plus $30.00 CONUS S&I
  7. NEW & UNFIRED Anderson AM-15 Mil-Spec Registered Short Barrel Rifle (SBR). Includes a 10.5″ 5.56mm, Flat-Top Upper Receiver with Lo-Pro Gas Block and Quad Rail and a M16 Bolt Carrier by Andro Industries, 6-Position Mil-Spec M4 CAR Stock,. ALSO INCLUDES: UTG 38mm Red/Green Dot Rear Sight, a 30rd C Products Defense Mil-Spec Magazine and a 4-Pocket Zippered Assault Case. File photo...your serial number will differ. Registered on a NFA Form 3 for a Quick efile Transfer $749.00 Plus $25.00 CONUS S&I
  8. Unfired Since Conversion is a Investment Grade All German MP5K-N Sear Ready Short Barrel Rifle Converted from a Excellent Condition Date Coded (KD) German HK-SP89 by TDyer Gunsmith. Conversion includes the Original Factory 0-1 Trigger Pack with Metal Housing, a New B&T 3-Lug PDW Barrel Factory Threaded in the Navy 1/2X32 with Thread-Protector, a New German HK Marked Folding PDW Stock, New German “K” Grip, Original Semi-Auto Bolt Carrier Converted to F/A Specifications, Combat/Flapper Magazine Release, Restamped MP5K-N. The Receiver & Trigger Housing was Refinished in HK Black and the Bolt Carrier & Mag. Release Received a Phosphate Finish. Gun is Mint and Looks Factory Fresh. No Disappointments here. #21-25177 ALSO INCLUDES: A Qualified Manufacturing Full-Auto Sear Installed in a New SEF Trigger Pack with a Retimed Hammer By TDyer Gunsmith (K132) and a New Clipped & Pinned SEF Navy Housing, (1)15rd. Preban Magazine & Ace Case Black Zippered Case. Registered on a Form 3 – Two Stamp Package $42,950.00
  9. NEW & UNFIRED SINCE CONVERSION. Investment Grade GERMAN MP5N-A3 Sear Ready Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) on a Date Coded (ID) German Receiver by TDyer Gunsmith. This Investment Grade Firearm includes an Authentic German MP5 Date Coded 3-Lug Barrel (Not a cut-down HK94 barrel) and Threaded in the popular Commercial 1/2X28 TPI with a Thread Protector by TDyer Gunsmith, Factory 0-1 Semi-Auto Trigger Group with Metal Housing, Factory Semi-Auto Bolt Carrier to Full-Auto Specs., Flapper/Combat Magazine Release, Factory German A3 Collapsible Stock, New German Wide Hand Guard, Remarked MP5N, Mag Release, Barrel Tip and Bolt Carrier has New Phosphate Finish and the Receiver, Metal Lower & A# Stock was refinished in HK Black. S/N 1739 ALSO INCLUDES: A Qualified Mfg. Full-Auto Sear, Installed in a New German SEF Trigger Group with a Retimed Hammer, Clipped & Pinned By TDyer Gunsmith. S/N K1056 This SBR was Originally Built by TDyer Gunsmith who Registered as a SBR for the then owner. We sent it back to TDyer Gunsmith to install a Authentic MP5 3-Lug Barrel and Refinish as Described above. So we can attest to the build . Includes A Certificate of Authenticity from TDyer Gunsmith and a Factory 30rd Curved Magazine. Registered on a Form 3. (2)Stamp Gun Package. $42,950.00
  10. The Ruger® Silent-SR® ISB features best-in-class materials and an advanced design, resulting in a lightweight, compact size and top-tier sound reduction. Compatible with the Ruger 10/22 Takedown®, 10/22 Takedown® Lite and 22 Charger® Takedown Pistol, the ISB replaces your entire TD front end with an integrally suppressed barrel. The ISB runs an internal 10.62″ rifled barrel and just under 6″ worth of baffles. Removing the baffles is very simple with the included 5/32″ hex key from the front of the barrel (while it is still installed on the forend). Reduces sound pressure levels of .22 LR to an average of 113.2 dB with standard velocity ammunition. $649.00 Plus $25 CONUS S&I
  11. WTS: HK MP5 F parts kit German A3 stock all New! Updated

    SOLID SELLER HERE FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW! For the rest of the us regulars, I know you already know! Deal in confidence.
  12. invoice expired

    Go here:
  13. Is anyone still doing Sten conversions?

    Try Don Quinell. Don's Guns, Ft.Myers, FL.
  14. They require a notch for the selector. Jim
  15. As the title states and specific to the 12" Assaulter configuration. Looking for two. Thanks for thre help. Jim