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Colt Thompson SMG Parts for sale


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I've been out of the Thompson collecting world for a number of years.  I have quite a variety of original parts for Colt Thompsons including Colt wood, barrels, actuators, stick magazines (sorry, no drums but including an 18-round shot mag and complete box of cartridges), etc.  I want to sell but need to get some sense of values. Is there a resource for determine fair values?  Thanks in advance.

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21 hours ago, mattnh said:

Ask over on machinegunboards.com

Lots of great Thompson folks there..


Thanks Matt.  I tried logging in (an old unavailable email) and re-joined.  Went through verification but still can't get on there.


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1 hour ago, Shortbarrelpete said:

I think an 18 shot mag sold here with no ammo recently for $1000-$1500,I can't remember for sure

Thank you for the info Shortbarrelpete!  Just trying to get a handle on fair prices.

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