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  1. Dropping by for a few minutes

    No words I could muster would change a thing for you so I will just say that I've really enjoyed the little bit we have conversed over the last year. I wish you and your family the best!
  2. Any states ban parts kits?

    I'm pretty sure here in Kansas it's against the law but I've never seen that law enforced so....
  3. 45ACP Uzi magazines

    Totally different. Not easy to find, and not cheap. Whole reason I never went with the 45 uzi!
  4. WTS: Burgess SW76 (S&W clone) - Sale Pending

    I have sent two pm without reply, please advise
  5. He will be missed for sure, hopefully Steven Crowder can fill his shoes. We will overcome, I have no doubt, R.L. 2024!!!
  6. GEMTEC, need to know

    No way for you to know sir but Mike has passed so this info might help others but I'm sure Mike is no longer in need. Cheers
  7. SPF WTS Reising M50 $7k

    Solid seller right here. Had a great transaction with him last month
  8. Wts: NIB USGI M16 magazines SPF

    I will take them. Please email payment into to Thanks
  9. First time is time is chance, second is happenstance, but the third time is enemy action I believe they say... Keep your powder dry patriots
  10. I will take them. Please send payment information to Thanks
  11. Three 22 Rifles from Romania, China and Russia

    I will take the Chinese made per my last email
  12. How much to offer for a Collection

    I agree with both. I've bought a few people out over the years. Normally they are desperate or indifferent so the prices have always been good. If it's somebody i know I try to give a little more but I'm not a charity so I make sure I can make money!