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WTS ). C&R Reising M50 (SPF) registered m16 receiver (SPF


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here on a form 3.  This consignment is from long time family friends. 

1. Fully transferable Registered Receiver (Receiver only) with all colt internals M16. Started life as a semi auto M15 built by Advanced Armaments Inc of Lingleville Texas. the conversion was done by "Phoenix Cartridge Co." circa 1982.  Some areas of finish wear from and near the selector where the detent was removed.  When this receiver was converted it was never                  re-anodized.   

SPF to Tom O.  + ship and ins.

pm sent  

2. C&R reising M50. Overall nice lookin firearm. Parked finish rates 95%. model info Roll-mark is light but per well known firearms author Frank Innamico (see his post below with other good info) because of the later mfg of this M50, the stamping dies were worn and H&R did not replace them. The Bolt face and bolt are excellent.  Bor has strong lands and grooves and is excellent+ . The Stock is nice with a few handling dings and small scratches.          Comes with one original magazine.                                   This M50 and other items like the                  Marlin Rockwell BAR and the 1919 I have listed are from the same family.   
* Additional pics added 

SPF to reb + ship and ins.  

will e-file for the form 3

Steve Hill                                               Spotted Dog Firearms.                                       602-538-2769 
















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Great machine gun.  Shoulder fired, controllable rate of fire, select fire... they are 'fire' - especially for the price.  You can find mags and parts/ springs.  Don't get caught up in the nonsense about these not being reliable... Guadalcanal was the military's fault - wrong application / shipping and training.  Theses were used in law enforcement and prison applications for decades and had a great reputation.  

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Have to agree.. Great price for a nice Reising.. the Reising 50 were all hand fitted together so when the Marines cleaned their 50s, they dumped all the parts in a bucket, they didn't put the original parts back in,  hence problems. 

If H&R had serialized the parts,  or improved the manufacturing tolerances so parts could be interchangeable,  we wouldn't have heard about this issue.

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The Reisimgs with the letter S prefix serial numbers were made in 1957, the last production run.

It's common for those late mfg guns to have faint markings as the roll marking dies were wearing out.

Reising Dates of Production

1941 Serial Numbers: 101-8500
1942 Serial Numbers: 8501-73600
1943 Serial Numbers: 73601-114317

1950 Serial Numbers: K101 to K973
1951 Serial Numbers: L101 to L3589
1952: No production
1953 Serial Numbers: N111 to N327
1954-1956: No production
1957 Serial Numbers: S4700 to S5607


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4 hours ago, Tom O said:

I'll take the M16 

Ok Tom O. You got the M16   registered receiver. You were the first one. 
sorry for the delayed response, I was Teachin school. 
I will send you a PM


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