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  1. Looking for a C&R Sten. Please send me a PM if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  2. Shoot Shack in Lithia allows full auto. Less than an hour away from Sarasota.
  3. (4) New, unused 25 round 9mm magazines for the semi auto GSG MP40. Will not work in original WW2 machine guns. $150 plus $10 for USPS Priority Mail shipping.
  4. 5 original Colt factory AR-15 32 round 9mm magazines. All are NOS and are marked on the floor plate Colt Cal 9mm NATO with the pony. $400 including Priority Mail shipping. Payment by USPS money order.
  5. The Herter’s 115 grain FMJ from Bass / Cabelas is Winchester White box sold under the Herter’s name. American Eagle and Fiocchi always ran great in my C&R Sten although most of the failures to feed I experienced were magazine related. Out of roughly 20 wartime magazines I had, only about half functioned reliably.
  6. Did you check this one out? https://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/nfa/class-iii-nfa-full-auto/sten-mark-ii-9mm-sub-machine-gun.cfm?gun_id=101947905
  7. Scott C. over on Uzi Talk sells them. I bought some last year and they were brand new. http://www.uzitalk.com/forums/showthread.php?93940-Suomi-9mm-stripper-clips&p=835514&highlight=#post835514
  8. (3) MP5 30 round 9mm magazines. One is marked “Made in Germany” with 9mm x 19. One is only marked 9mm x 19 and the other is marked “MKE” & 9mm x 19. $140 shipped for all three mags. Payment by USPS Money Order or discrete PayPal.
  9. (3) 30 round magazines for the Ingram / RPB M11 in .380 acp. These are the original skinny steel mags with metal followers and will not fit the later M11/9 guns. Two of the mags are Cobray marked. $175 including USPS Priority Mail shipping.
  10. 500 rounds (10 Boxes) of FN 5.7x28mm SS197SR ammo. $350 plus shipping. Payment by United States Postal Service Money Order.
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