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Knob Creek Shoot for October 2020 CANCELLED


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The Knob Creek Shoot and Show for October 2020 has been cancelled. Please see below:

While we are essential...large events in KY have not been cleared. Large events are still being canceled or being viewed virtually, such as sports, Thunder Over Louisville and the KY Derby. We wanted to give spectators, vendors, and shooters enough time to rearrange plans and ensure everyone’s health is our top priority. We don’t have the ability to abide by all of the CDC and the state of Kentucky health guidelines to host our event with enough spacing, hand sanitizer, and other disinfectants to maintain such a large crowd. We don’t want to invest a ton of money, time and energy (we begin prep work in July) only to be forced to cancel at the last minute leaving our vendors and travelers to attempt to cancel their plans (like we had to do for the April shoot). We hope all can understand! We appreciate your support and can’t wait to see in April!

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I posted this over on MGB and to say I’m behind fed up with everything bein canceled due to the “KUNG FLU”......literally everything I look forward to each year has been shut down or nothing like it normally would be. This has turned into a power grab rather than a safety concern. 

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I don't look at it as a power grab because many things that are not related to firearms are voluntarily being cancelled.  If it was only firearm related stuff I would definitely agree.

In my state of trying to implement taxing ammo, limiting round capacity, banning imports, etc I say is a power grab we have to fight every year. 

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