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  1. Ares Defense Shrike Fightlite MCR

    I have a recently made mcr, running on a registered Colt lower. My lower is rigle length, not a carbine, so I use a machined aluminum spacer in the buffer tube. I use loosened links with a dab of oil. Break in took a while with m855, but now it runs very well with m193. I did screw up and failed to clean the gas piston. After thousands of rounds, the piston housing eventually blew up. What a dumb ass move on my part. Flightlite fixed it for free, it took 7 months. They would not return any calls or emails, I couldn't get ahold of anyone, ever, after countless calls and emails. I thought my upper was gone for good, then one day fed-ex dropped it off. Back to being a happy, (and slightly wiser) shooter.

    I will be there, driving mule.
  3. Mike, Ill take both barrel carriers, thx joe
  4. Colt M16A1 demilled receivers Keychain kit $25

    I would like to buy a couple of these, can I get your address?
  5. I have a registered select fire colt m16a1 lower. My gun blew up, I assume either from a squib, or a 300 blackout somehow got in my mag. The upper left side of my magwell is bent outward slightly. Nothing is cracked, pins all line up, lower functions fine. I need to find an expert that has done this before to try to straighten out my mag well. What are your suggestions? Thanjs very much, joe
  6. Knob Creek Shoot for October 2020 CANCELLED

    THE Most important event of the year IS CANCELLED! I need a fee days to calm down.