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  1. Assault Boxes M60e3 (Plastic) + Cardboard Box with Pouch and Sling $85 I want to apologize for telling someone I didn't have them. I knew I should have them. I looked in a box that had the M60 carboard box and it also had 15 M249 Boxes both in pouches and sling. When I went through the box I found the M60 boxes all in the M249 pouches marked 556. On top they all look the same (black). To make up for it I am throwing in the Cardboard Box and a M249 pouch for the M60 Plastic Box if you want. I have extra pouches, don't know how I got them. Anyone else wants one I'll throw it in with any order. The make a great pouch for shotgun shells when hunting.
  2. Qty I will meet or beat anyone’s price Unit Cost 4 Assault Boxes M60e3 (Plastic Boxes w/ Cloth Pouch) 85 17 Assault Boxes - Cardboard Boxes with Cloth Pouches E 20 3 Barrel Group (With Bipod) 780 Pending 1 Bi-pod 285 Pending 1 Blank Firing Attachment 50 1 Carry Handle 225 2 Charging Handle Guides 125 2 Combination Wrench 75 1 Cradle Mount – M142 (Large Pintle)(holds 200rd can) 1150 1 Disassembly Chart 5 2 Drive Spring Guide (Drive Rods) 150 3 Firing Pin Spring 45 1 Front Cartridge Guide E 50 pending 1 Gas (Cylinder) Port Plug E 15 1 Gooseneck Pintle Mount (One mounting point) 145 1 Gooseneck Pintle Mount (Two mounting points)Type E 175 1 Key Washer 5 100 M13 Links - New and Used – New $0.10, Used $0.6 0.10 218 M13 Links (Sold by pound, approximately 100 per bag) Over 218 lbs. or 22,000 links 10 1 Manual – FM 23-67 February 1984 40 10 Operating Rod Spring (Drive Rod Spring) 20 pending 1 Rear Site 350 2 Safety Plunger 30 4 Safety Plunger Spring E 10 4 Sear Pin or Trigger Mechanism Pin E (Picture not clear enough, they look the same) 15 2 Sears 125 2 Sight Bracket An / Pvs4, Starlight Scope Mounts (One with Picatinny) 135 3 Starter Tabs 2 1 Tray & Hanger Assembly (Feed Tray) 175 pending 1 Tray & no Hanger 125 pending 1 Trigger Group Grips (M60e3) 100 1 Trigger Pin 5 1 T & E Mechanism 260
  3. Dropping my SOT, so I'm selling the following MGs as No-Letter Post Samples. I plan to ship the guns via UPS Overnight, and accessories via UPS Ground. The Form 3(s) will be submitted as soon as the last form 2 clears. Pics are at the very bottom Price Item Details $20,000.00 M60 M60 Post Sample w/E3 Furniture M60E1 (Vietnam Style) Furniture 5,000x M13 7.62 Links $13,500.00 MG42 1944 MG42 Post Sample (Reweld) with WaffenAmpt Eagle Stamps 8mm Mauser Barrel & 2x Steyr .308 Barrels (Check Headspace of .308 Barrels before using) 1x MG42 WWII Bolt & 2x Upgraded MG3 Bolts, 3 Recoil Springs MG3 Conversion Kit (Feed Tray Cover, Feed Tray, Booster Cone) Blank Firing Adapter 10x 50rd Belts with starter tabs Leather Sling SOLD MK46 (SAW) U.S. Machine Gun Armory Factory Mk46 SAVIT Stock and Bipod QTY 2x M249 Barrels (Short & Long) 2,000x M27 Links SPF UMP40 Gideon Omega UMP-40 Registered Post Sample HK UMP40 Bolt HK UMP 40 Lower 5x UMP 40 30rd Mags C-More Sights 4 MOA Red Dot Sight $13,500.00 PKM Yugo M84/PKM on US-Made Receiver (Title 1) (NEW BUILD - Only Test Fired) Post Sample PKM Operating Rod SPF M16A4 Aero Precision Post Sample X15 Receiver (M16 Style) Aero Precision USGI 20" Barrel 10x USGI M4/M16 30rd Magazines $6,750.00 KRISS Vector Kriss USA Vector 45ACP SBR Kriss USA Post Sample Drop-In SMG Upper (Semi/Burst/Full Auto) MLOK Rail & 3-Lug Silencer Mount Kriss USA Iron Sights (Folding) 2x Kriss Title 1 Uppers (Tan & Black) 10x 45ACP 30rd Mags (OEM Glock with Kriss Baseplates) SOLD PPSH-41 Russian PPSH-41 7.62 Tok Post Sample 10x 35rd PPSH-41 Magazines 450 Rounds PPU 7.62x25 Tokerev Ammunition Sling SOLD STEN MK2 STEN MkII Post Sample (needs $15 disconnector to run semi, otherwise F/A only) Ported Barrel and Integral Suppressor Original Barrel & Heatshield Magazine Loader 13x 20 Round Magazines (For STEN MkII) SOLD M11/9 Post Sample Cobray M11/9 Conversion YHM R9 Silencer with Low-Profile 3-Lug mount Lage Max-11Sk Upper w/ Vertical Foregrip 3-Lug Adapter & Holosun HS407 Red Dot MCX Folding Stock & Stock Adapter 5x 32rd Shockwave "Z-Mag" Magazine (For M11/9) SOLD Scorpion CZ Scorpion Semi Pistol Post Sample 3-Position Selector-Lower CZ Folding Stock, Magpul VFG Sig Romeo MSR Red Dot 3-Lug Adapter & Angstadt Arms 3-Lug Blast Diverter 10x CZ Brand 30 Round Magazines SOLD UZI McKay Ind Uzi Post Sample 9mm SMG GSL Tech "Jericho" Uzi Silencer Gold Cerakote 5x IWI Uzi Pro 32rd Magazines SOLD G18 Glock 17 Gen 3 w/ Auto Sear Backplate KPOS "Scout" Chassis w/Magpul VFG 10x Black Glock OEM 33rd Magazines (For G18) SOLD M240B M240B with Post Sample RSP Full Stock 3 Position Gas Key Barrel M13 Ammo Linker 5,000x M13 7.62 Links SOLD P90 FN PS90 with 10.4" CMMG Barrel Post Sample Trigger Pack (Factory FN) Factory Full Auto Selector GSL Tech P90 Silencer with QD Flashhider Holosun HS407 Red Dot 10x 50rd Factory FN Magazines (For P90) SOLD HK51 PTR HK51 clone (8" Barrel 7.62 NATO) Title 1 Receiver with Post Sample G3 Trigger Pack Surefire Pro-Comp Muzzle Brake Midwest Industries MLOK Handguard with QD Sling mount Samson Steel Vertical Foregrip Mlok Handstop Custom Bolt Carrier/Bolt to shoot Blue AM32 German Training Ammo 500 Rounds Blue AM32 German Training Ammunition 2x20rd G3 Mags SOLD AK103 PSA Ak-103 Post Sample Cleaning Rod AK-74 Stlye (x39 sized) Muzzle Brake 10x KCI Steel 30rd AK Magazines SOLD G36K TommyBuilt Tactical G36K 12.5" Barrel Post Sample MG 10x Magpul Pmags 30rd (For G36K) SOLD F2000 FN F2000 Factory MG Full Auto Trigger Pack Only SOLD M1919 M1919 with Post Sample RSP (Israeli .308 Kit) 2,000 Links Spade Grips with Wood Handles Original M1919 Pistol-Grip M1919A6 Bipod and Buttstock M1919 Ammo Linker SOLD NAK-9X Century Draco Nak9x (9mm AK) Post Sample Magpul Stock, Handguard, QD Sling cup Verical Foregrip, Angstadt 3-Lug Mount 3-Lug Flash Hider (HK Style) 10x FDE Glock OEM 9mm 33 Round Magazines (For NAK9X) SOLD RPD (1) DSArms RPD Semi Receiver with Russian Parts Kit (NEW BUILD - Only Test Fired) Post Sample Op-Rod for RPD 2x 100rd Belt/Drum Sets SOLD RPD (2) DSArms RPD Semi Receiver with Russian Parts Kit (NEW BUILD - Only Test Fired) Post Sample Op-Rod for RPD 2x 100rd Belt/Drum Sets
  4. WARNING!!! DO NOT WIRE ANY MONEY ON THESE GUNS WITHOUT READING MESSAGE BELOW DATED TODAY 09/23/2022. SCAMMERS HAVE TAKEN ONE OF OUR OWN FOR A LARGE SUM OF MONEY VIA FAKE WIRE INFORMATION. Hello, We are selling some great machine guns, both Pre-may Dealer Sample and Transferable Machine Guns. All will transfer via Eform Form 3. We decided to post up here prior to taking them to Gunbroker. If you need better or more pictures, just reach out.. we have plenty of high resolution pics. Some pics posted here… Others we can email to you during business hours. Pre-May Dealer Sample Machine Gun and DD: MP5SD w/Matching Serial Suppressor $30,000.00 (Long HK Suppressor) HK EGLM 40MM Grenade Launcher $15,000.00 SOLD HK69A1 40MM Grenade Launcher. $10,000.00 SOLD Transferable Machine Guns: Very Light Use Saco Maremount M60 w/E4 Kit Installed $85,000.00 AUG Pack In Host Like New $35,000.00 SOLD Fleming Micro Uzi Registerd Receiver $27,500.00 Colt M16 $35,000.00 SOLD Colt M16A1 $35,000.00 SOLD MP5K PDW Fleming Sear in HK SP89 Host $45,000.00 SOLD Registered Receiver MP5SD Double Push Pin $50,000.00 (Short B&T Suppressor) SOLD UC9 Folding Submachine Gun $20,000.00 SOLD Small Frame MAC11 .380 Lage Upper Included $10,500.00 SOLD Fleming Mini Uzi Sear Gun IMI Host $32,500.00 Steel DIAS $65,000.00 SOLD Fleming FNC 14” Registered Receiver $22,500.00 SOLD Destructive Device: 20mm Finnish Lahti w/Transit Case, Magazines, Spares, Ammo $25,000.00 You can contact us Tue-Sat 9am to 6pm CST 9185054867 or email Info@HighEndArms.Com
  5. Both M-60 Mount & Platform Extension look new. $250 + shipping. If interested, best to e-mail at : smgdave@yahoo.com Thanks, Dave
  6. Beautiful M60 carbine spare barrel bag up for grabs. Looks like its been in a time capsule and never used. I cleaned out my M60 collection a few years back and found this when digging through my collection recently. Needs a new home with someone who will use it. Snag it before the Democrats do!! $25 or best offer and $16 shipping to the lower 48. USPS MO, Personal check, certified check are acceptable payment forms.
  7. Selling my Post Sample M60 stripped receiver built by a local company here in AZ. It “requires” a law letter. Still needs the op rod tube welded on. Text or call me at 817-915-6243. Steve Jenkins Automatic Arms Price is $2200.00. I’ve been a Class 3 Dealer for over 30 years. Buy with confidence.
  8. Standard Stellite M60 barrel assembly was new when I got it. Taken to the range once then treated as a spare barrel that was not used again.. Part number 26978-7269028 stamped on bbl. $650 + shipping. PM me with any questions. Thanks, Dave
  9. This is a hard to find 'D' kit that was new (other than ejection bag/frame) when I got it years ago. Kit was installed on the gun twice. Once to take these pics and once installed & fired at range then removed. M60 is sold, so no need for the M60D kit now. Kit includes, Spade Grip Assembly, Dust Boot, Rear Aircraft Sight, Buffer Yoke, Sear Link Rod, Trigger Assembly, Trigger Lock Spring, Used Ejection bag, Ejection Bag Frame and Ejection Bag Mounting Bracket. No other parts. The 'D' kit shown on the 60 is just to show what it looks like attached less Ejection bag/frame. The Chute Mounting bracket was riveted to my gun at the factory and was sold with the gun. M60 pictured not included. $3700 plus shipping. If interested contact me with a PM.
  10. Sold. NIB M60D helicopter 200 round ammo can assembly for Armament subsystems M23, M24 & M41. Attaches directly to the chute mounting bracket on left side of gun (see pic). $390 + shipping. PM me if interested.
  11. I have 20 100 round bandoliers of M80A1 7.62nato lake city ammo. Linked 4/1. Asking $3 a round. Would like to sell as a lot. Would consider NFA trades, especially Minigun parts.
  12. This Saco Defense Maremount Corporation M60-E3 is new in the original factory box and remains unfired. M60-E3s are rare due to the fact that only 25 E3s ever made it out of the Saco Defense factory as transferable before the May of 1986 cutoff date. Of those E3s that managed to make it out of factory only a handful have remained unfired over the years, this is one of them. The E3s feature enhanced product improvements over standard M60s, featuring a factory drilled gas tube for E3 and higher enhancement kits, 2 hole brass deflector, enhanced barrel latch lever, ghost ring rear sight as opposed to the standard blade and rear notch design, and improved body rivets. This E3 has been upgraded with a new unfired US ORDNANCE E4 kit, bringing the weapon to the MK43 MOD O standard, making the weapon ready for the optic of the buyers choosing. Also included is the original factory box and packaging spacers to hold the weapon and 2 barrels along with the original rust resistant bag numbered to the weapon. Additionally included is the original unfired Saco Maremount E3 long barrel complete cardboard tube liner, unused original padded sling sealed in factory packaging, invoice from October of 1985 showing original transfer date from the factory, and a new spiral bound US ORDNANCE M60 E4/ MK43 MOD O Operator's Manual. Needless to say, the weapon is in pristine condition, and the wax proof mark still remains on the bolt. Price is $96k. Weapon is currently on a Form 4 in my trust and will require a $200 fee from my trust to your dealer. ALL NFA RULES APPLY. Contact with any questions. Additional photos available upon request.
  13. NOS standard M60 bipods, complete. Two available. cost per item is $ 275.00 shipped. One early stamped bipod NOS, complete $225.00 shipped.
  14. Looking for an M249 or MK46. I’d really prefer brand new but will consider used. I have a law letter.
  15. I have for sale a impossible Handguard for the Experimental T161 M60. NEW IN GOVT WRAP If you are lucky enough to own a C&R T-161 you need this. Such a deal $5,000.00
  16. You get everything pictured $3300 OBO delivered USPS Priority comes with $50 insurance Buyer responsible for added insurance. Zelle preferred will do PP FNF Only no comments Personal ck or Certified Ck or USPS Money Order.
  17. This is a BEAUTIFUL RIA M60 that appears to be almost as new. I just took possession from the dealer who had owned it for 20yrs, who bought it from another dealer. I don't believe this has ever been transferred to an individual. The last owner said it was fired 200rds in the 20yrs hes owned it. Yes, buy the gun not the story, but the gun looks like he's telling the truth. There is no carbon build up on the barrel or flash hider(but I cant prove he shot it with a different barrel). This is an original configuration RIA M60 w/SN on the receiver with an M60E3 oprod installed. The barrel to trunnion fit is EXTREMELY tight. I fired almost 200rds though the gun to test every barrel/bolt combo and the gun functioned flawlessly. Accessories include: Spare E3 OP-ROD E3 Kit w/Commando barrel(dated 05/06)- all parts look as new.(no front sling swivel) Spare M60 complete barrel assembly as new dated 4/92 Spare M60 complete barrel with A2 flash hider as new dated 4/88 2 spare top covers total 2 E1, 1 E3 3 spare bolts, 2 as new, 1 used - 1 spare actuator 4 spare recoil springs 2 Pintle mount adapters. 2 spare firing pins and springs 1 Spare bi-pod 3 spare buffers 1 spare grip retaining spring 1 spare new feed tray Price is $59K delivered, certified funds/bank check. shipped USPS Registered. Gun will transfer to your dealer on an efiled form 3. email direct if any questions steve at adcofirearms.com
  18. Hello, I am listing various items for sale. All funds must be certified and buyers must be set up with Eforms for transfers. Buyer will also pay shipping and insurance. Colt M-16A1, and Norell S&H are both sold. For the fastest response please call me at 704-425-9887. I will try to get some photos loaded as soon as possible. Ray
  19. Mounts: MG3 setups with HK21 adapters (can separate) Schwarzlose tripod...minty $2200 Ammo 5.45x39 Hornady steel case for your ak74 several cases: market pricing Yugo 8mm several cases: market pricing PM or direct email johnsonlmg41@yahoospam.com take out spam after yahoo to reach me. Parts. Lahti #1 cleaning kit, mostly complete, some small parts missing, overall nice condition $900 Books Gas trap Garand rare, long out of print collector grade. If you can't own one it's still a great read! $150 Added Colt spare tool chest silver stripe on end original paint. Probably not Argentine. Some of the partitions need to be re-glued since they are loose in the box, but everything appears to be there. Not in any reference books. RARE $1200 Can add a repro BMG parts leather funnel for $200 Minigun rotor. cut and electron beam welded by Estes Adams GE manufactured 100% functional $5000 Minigun rotor. torched original GE. Runs as shown with bolts without a trip. Can be filled and cleaned up to work with original bolts. A fixer upper, but with a few hours and a park job would look like new. $4000 Minigun safety complete....the only way to truly make the gun safe. Selling the one with the "used" paint. Shown disassembled and this one was used (bullet fragments inside and they all stay inside!) As many know when you load a mini by manually inserting a belt and rotating the barrels by hand, 1/6 of a revolution too far and the gun fires. When you're setting a gunship up at an LZ or hanger overestimating rotation is not an option. Pretty scary at the range too!! Seen it happen. Don't be "that guy" at the range. Original USGI. I use them as doorstops/conversation piece at the shop. $1800
  20. I have Approximately 350 M13/M60 Links. These are Very Clean Links and ready to use. Giving them away for Free. I will Ship them to you for Free! You Must Own a Registered M60 Machine Gun or a M60 Semi Auto. Just Post Ill take them and send me a Message with your Name and shipping information, and i will get them out to you. Thank you for looking, Murray Over In Carolina.
  21. Have a bunch of M60 accessories selling all of them together. Don’t really want to part it out... Asking 2k+shipping, think that’s fair considering parts are flawless M60D almost complete kit Including trigger group and sear link rod, rear sight etc. M60E3 stock and fore grip and heat shield Mostly NEW parts Multiple pintle mount options 2 pistons, dust cover, book
  22. Found! Looking for an M60 Gas Tube - prefer E3-E6 - if you have an E1 let me know. Found! Thanks, Brian
  23. 1000 M13 links delivered to your door in the CONUS for $40. These are used links that have been tumbled. An example picture of what you will receive is below. These have run excellent for us in our 240 and 60. Most boxes will have closer to 1200 links in them, be we will call it 1000 to be safe. USE THIS LINK TO PURCHASE Jake QRF
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