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  1. AR15 9mm Adapter

    Hi OP, If you go the Endo Mag direction with the Colt system, be sure to note that the ejector is part of the magazine. With that said, if you drop your magazine with the Endo Mag with a round in the chamber, it will not eject. The round will often stay in the bolt. "Clearing" the firearm by racking the bolt will result in re-chambering a live round. For in-depth information on the 9mm conversions, look for the user Amphibian on the AR-15 forums. Also, the factory Colt RO633 SMG used different material in the hammer pin in the FCG. (Likely the same as the RO633 and 9mm Colt carbines.) Even Colt realized back in 1985 there was an issue using standard M16 pins in the Colt 9mm system. Enjoy, Grasshopper
  2. Private Party Transfers

    Hi OP, A thought. (and I've been wrong before!): " 1. I know that you can also do a double stamp transaction where the seller form 4's it to the dealer and the dealer form 4's it to you. In this situation, the SOT dealer can hold the item from day 1 correct? " Not correct. Unless someone can show me chapter and verse, the firearm stays with or under the control of the registrant. An FFL or FFL/SOT can possess the firearm for repairs but I'm unaware of any relief under the NFA for facilitating sales. Always learning, Grasshopper
  3. Offered for sale is an aluminum body transferable RDIAS with a Norrell suppressed 9mm Colt. The RDIAS was manufactured by FBW&S of CT. The sear is on its own form as a “Machine Gun Sear” (it is not married to the host). The suppressor (Norrell) is on its own form as a 9mm Supressor. The firearm/suppressor combination works well together or the RDIAS can be moved to a separate host. This host is the Colt 9mm system utilizing Colt SMG magazines or modified Uzi magazines. The RDIAS and suppressor are each registered on individual BATF Form 3 in the state of Florida. Additional photos are available to serious buyers.
  4. My Vickers in 45-70

    Hi M1919A6, Very nice! Makes me want to give it a try. The joke was Mike T. was that he was the only person I knew with a progressive reloading press set-up in 45-70. I'm thinking you might be the second person I know loading that much 45-70 Thanks for the great video, Grasshopper
  5. Getting fingerprinted in the pandemic

    Hi OP, Do it yourself. I've done mine for 16 years. Learn to roll correctly. I purchased the ink and roller. Found the glass around the house to roll the ink onto. Be careful. It can really upset the wife if the ink gets out of control Grasshopper
  6. MG34 questions.. (becoming a 8mm ammo list)

    Hi Ryo, Come now. " but I already bought way too much 8mm "? Is this possible? Great to see it ran, Grasshopper
  7. Exploring more subguns, which to go for?

    Oops, Overlooked. PPSH-41. Russian - check. Bullet hose - check. Old & ugly - Oh well. It was just a thought. I kind of like the papasha . Enjoy, Grasshopper
  8. Exploring more subguns, which to go for?

    Hi, M1 Thompson Beretta 38/42 Sterling Beretta 38A Swedish K MP-40 MP-28 (Hey, even uses Sten mags!) MP-30 MP-34 G3 (w/22RF conversion! It actually works but limited to 20 round mags) The above are all fun. They also run & run. Enjoy, Grasshopper

    Hi Mike, Was always great to talk. Keep the G3 and K at your side. Reaching for 2nd with the M22 must have been a rush. Go out and give the old Gatling a crank. Appreciate your sharing your experiences. You knowledge is priceless. Take care, Grasshopper
  10. WTS: WH 1928 Thompson, Form 4 FL, $14K

    Hi. Thanks to all that have responded. I'm working through the list. I believe I have the Thompson sold. Buyer wants a video of the gun running (can't blame him on that). We are on the edge of a tropical storm/hurricane right now. I'll know for sure by Tuesday as I can get out the the range Monday if this thing blows over. Grasshopper
  11. WTS: WH 1928 Thompson, Form 4 FL, $14K

    Thanks to all that have inquired. Price has been reduced. Grasshopper
  12. Good sight for Machine gun

    Hi Ironbb, All kidding aside, a good set of iron sights can be amazing. I got the opportunity to shoot IPSC steel targets @ 150 yards in March. Multiple round bursts resulted in multiple rings of the target. While not hi-tech, a good set of irons works in very adverse conditions, is light weight, and quite robust. I've even attached a set of MBUS flip-up sights on a short rail and had great results. Just flip them down when you pack-up to keep them from getting damaged in transit. You can't get lighter than a set of MBUS. As usual, YMMV. Enjoy, Grasshopper
  13. Offered for sale is a transferable West Hurley Thompson SMG. The gun has US GI internals. Please see the linked pictures for condition. What you see is what you get. The gun comes with 2x30 round mags, 2x20 round mags. It also has the original shipping box with date and postage markings. The firearms S/N has had the last few numbers removed for the buyer’s privacy. The gun is currently on a Form 4 in Florida, MM173, I-95. I'd be happy to supply many references from the local shooting community. Remember. The West Hurley Thompson are C&R. With a C&R license ($30/3 years) it ships directly to your home (all NFA transfer regulations still apply). Note: After taking the photos I realized that it has a "shooter" grade lower grip frame and butt stock. We had taken it out for some quality time at the range and I forgot to switch it back. The correct grip frame finish matches the upper and the butt stock has the sling swivel in the top. Yes this takes the drum magazines. Gun Parts Corporation has nice reproduction 50 and 100 round drums that work! 50% starts the paperwork. Remainder due on approved transfer. Buyer pays shipping & insurance. Face-to-face pick-up ok. Please follow the link to the photos. Click the thumbnails to get full views: Grasshopper
  14. Offered for sale is a transferable Vector HR4332 SMG. The condition is NIB. What appear to be blemishes on the firearm are puddles of wet oil arranged by the bubble wrap. There is one bright spot on the end of the trigger pivot pin, RHS. There is a name penciled on the box as well as the S/N. What you see is what you get. The firearms S/N has had the last few numbers removed for the buyer’s privacy. The gun is currently on a Form 4 in Florida, MM173, I-95. I'd be happy to supply many references from the local shooting community. Grasshopper Link to photos:
  15. Full Auto Spitfire For Sale, $5000.00

    Hi, Do you know if the Spitfire is C&R eligible?