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  1. Not free or cheap but the best you will find from my personal stock of parts. You WILL get what you pay for.!!!!
  2. NOS standard M60 bipods, complete. Two available. cost per item is $ 275.00 shipped. One early stamped bipod NOS, complete $225.00 shipped.
  3. WTS SWD M11-A1 380

    The first two dealer offers FAILED. Just tire kicking I guess. try again- you may get lucky.
  4. WTS SWD M11-A1 380

    I responded to PM.. Awaiting results of previous offers. - cash is king as they say. I will let you know.
  5. WTS SWD M11-A1 380

    SWD Mfg. so takes Zytel type mags( or Z mags)
  6. WTS SWD M11-A1 380

    Absolutely NOT- SORRY. Richard has no plans to retool since his 223 upper is in full production and huge backorder list. Expect a year or two if at all. MSTRMSTR
  7. WTS SWD M11-A1 380

    WTS M11-A1 Transferrable with Lage M31A-1 Mk2 top... This the cream of the crop and the last one I have. Included the ORIGINAL SWD Box as shown --- Mag loader-sling-cleaning rod- Zytel mag. Unfired .. I am original owner. Provenance supplied. On F3 but must go F4 as a retired dealer. Here is the additional inclusions- THREE Suomi Drums- with purchase you may add drums at $60.00 each. The one drum has 71 rounds of 9mm.. free.... You pay taxes and shipping. This set is the best you will ever find. EVER... I also add some freebies.. Like a Custom shoulder holster(unheard of) ORIGINAL SWD BOX Included-- super rare $10,300.00 OBO
  8. WTS.... M11-A1 380 Stock set complete. All the small parts included. $200.00 shipped
  9. Original M11-9mm complete parts kit. Includes assembled upper receiver. Beautiful NOS condition. INCLUDES Zytel Cobray Magazine NOT a recent FTF set. The buffer is old/hard and cracked from age. Photos forthcoming. $995.00 Shipped.
  10. THREE National mags for early M11 380 machineguns. These are the 380 dedicated mags. NOT the late style combo mags. Very HTF NOS. INCLUDES correct loader $429.00 Shipped.
  11. 50 Cal BMG HB Barrel Support. Very rare AA mount fixable. Has one bearing (Available at hardware stores) As pictured on page 240 of Goldsmiths Volume 4 "Semper Fi Fifty". $500.00 plus shipping.
  12. WTS AK74 mags with bonus

    SOLD pending funds
  13. EAST GERMAN AK74 mags. package of 13. Used but nice. 30 round mags. additional bonus of 4 HK91 mags with chrome follower- one has a hole in the body. $395.00 free ship to conus.