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  1. Can you clarify how many for how much?
  2. For Sale Like-New Upgraded Colt AR-15 - $2399 Colt AR-15A4 Lightweight LE Carbine (Test fired only) Magpul Gray handguards, pistol grip, VFG and CTR stock Blue Force Gear Gray Vickers sling with QD hardware(not fixed) Troy rear BUIS BCM Gunfighter Charging handle Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun Not included - Aimpoint T1 w/Larue lower 1/3 riser and Tango Down Cover ($500 for Aimpoint and mount) https://imgur.com/5VfLHS6 https://imgur.com/dRNSMVp
  3. Bump with lower price
  4. SOLD – Arsenal Milled SAM7R Rifle – 7.62x39 Fixed Stock Price drop - $1800 - Aimpoint not included Best AK out there! Test fired after upgardes - No more than 200 rounds Ultimak Optic Rail and Forend Gear Sector Foregrip US Palm Grip ($2250 with Aimpoint H1 2MOA w/Tango Down Cover) https://imgur.com/ZbXh96x https://imgur.com/BRNYxlZ Cash is king – Venmo or Paypal Friends and Family (you pay fee) Will cover Northern Virginia Transfer USPS shipping covered unless you have specific requirements Shoot over more questions or request for pics
  5. WTS: No letter postie's

    I got mine too - it was also a paper transfer.
  6. WTB M60 Gas Tube - Found

    Found! Looking for an M60 Gas Tube - prefer E3-E6 - if you have an E1 let me know. Found! Thanks, Brian
  7. WTS M60E4 – in NOVA

    Pending Sale
  8. WTS M60E4 – in NOVA

    Still available