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  1. WTB: Browning Belt Filling Machine 308 slide

    Ummm, you might not be happy with one of the 308 pushers as they shove the round too far and twist the hell out of the belt. They made them too long. If you add an 1/8 inch of anything to your ‘06 pusher, you’ll be much happier… and the rounds won’t fall out.
  2. Anyone deal with the Silencer Shop?

    I did. It was pretty seamless and the whole deal only took about 20 minutes…start to finish. One stop dealio. However…Silencer Shop held my package for a while until they had enough submissions to bother sending in. Added a couple months to the wait. ATF didn’t get my payment until 2 months after I did the kiosk thing. Easy, but I won’t be doing it again.

    Wouldn’t miss it.
  4. MGN mags for sale,,need price help

    Dunno…those last year issues were massively produced. I’d still try to get $10 at least.
  5. With the end of Knob Creek...

    Not sure of the end date…wife has a shirt from the last shoot, but basically the guys that ran it just got tired.
  6. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    And you are a business owner…not so easy for the private owner.
  7. With the end of Knob Creek...

    I first started going to the North Country MG shoots sponsored by Long Mountain Outfitters and the Minuteman Gun Club. They ran a series of shoots in New Boston, NH with 1 to 2 shoots a year. That morphed into the North Country Shoots but with a much larger location up in Stratford Hollow NH. Was the perfect venue. Fabulous location and a small town mentality that LOVED us (and our money)… and we loved spending it. Before the North Country shoots ended, The Maine shoots started. I only went to three shoots there and it was much smaller but just as crowded as North Country. Then there was the West Virginia Shoots started… Thunder in the Hills or something. And you had about 10 years of Bulletfest shoots at The Snode’s Melon Farm in Minerva (Ohio) and Jack Black’s farm down the road…yep. Got so big it was held in TWO locations on the same day. After the New England shoots pooped out, a new shoot called Eden started up. Located in Eden Vermont, it’s at the top slope of a mountain smack-dabbed in the center of thousands of wooded acres at the end of a long, narrow and very treacherous road, (well…for a low rider Silverado, anyhow) That shoot still is in action and I’ll be there in a couple weeks. There were also a series of shoots southeast of Columbus, Ohio at a Christian Radio Station run by a quadriplegic fellow named Rich. Location was Rushville. Another series of shoots was held east of Columbus in Newark on private property. The locals didn’t care for us and always called the local gendarmes who insisted on seeing paperwork. They ran through a couple fellows papers, not knowing what they were really looking at, but we aimed to please. Most guys had one or two Form 4’s that made the coppers happy. It ended when I hit them with a portfolio with over 150 Form 4s…they all of a sudden “had to go”. And the shoot restarted. And of course, you know about Marietta, Ohio. I’ve got extensive photos and videos of everything. Including appearances in several Machinegun News Magazine. By the way, The Hill Country Shoots were in Texas.
  8. I’ve shipped title one guns to out of state FFLs with no problems for out of state customers. It’s dealer preference if they say they don’t accept guns from a non-FFL. Personally, never ran into a dealer that wouldn’t deal with an out of state seller. Seems stupid to throw bidness away…
  9. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    This is mostly true, but the most simple and aggravation free shipping is FedEx. You package it correctly and TELL THEM it’s a machinegun. They suggest the best way and a cheaper way. Best way is overnite and give them a REAL estimate of the value. It’s the real deal…fast, easy, it DOES get there by 11am/1pm the next day. Safe, secure delivery. Doesn’t get lost, doesn’t get damaged. But….it’s expensive. For me, peace of mind and a happy customer. I really prefer a local buyer and for most of my SOT, it was mainly local yahoos that bought everything. The few I’ve had to sell out of state was done first by USPS, but then they have gotten rather snarky and a pain in the whatzat. UPS didn’t want anything to do with non-dealer firearms. FedEx was a pure pleasure compared to the other 2.
  10. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    You’ve got to be kidding. Ship an MG for $20-35? Obviously something you’ve never done. Overnite? Insurance to cover a $7-30K gun? Mebbe you tell the shipper you’re sending scrap metal. Fine. What happens when something happens to your shipment and you need to be made whole?
  11. Fall Creek is on.... But it's the last show ever...

    You’re not going to see another event like this. SAR West and East never came close to the Creek, and they were the only ones even slightly inclined to actually advertise NFA and parts. End of an era.
  12. Wow!!! Pre May Mp5’s and others.

    Really starting to miss those 2 Pre sample $400 MP-5s I picked up out of New Jersey.
  13. What’s a W.H. 1928 Thompson in 22 Long rifle worth to you?
  14. Buyer Feedback for Seller "RORY"

    Don't blame you. I don't sell guns often, but when I do, it's ALWAYS overnight shipping. I just kinda always expect a serious buyer to overnight funds as well. Right now the Post Office service just sucks so bad. Wife's friend JUST got a Christmas card delivered last week. It was sent out early November.
  15. It said out of stock at my local store but I guess the warehouse had it. It changes rapidly...check often.