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  1. I am looking to buy an original Reising Model 50 case. I believe the case was made by Federal Laboratories. Thank you for any information that will help me obtain one of these cases. Thank you: Steve
  2. Afternoon: I am looking for a display stand to use when displaying my Thompson. I have seen pics of several types made of wood and I have not been successful in locating a company or person that makes these to sell. I appreciate any help offered. I really like the stand that is made to display the Thompson with the 50 round drum. If someone has the plans on how to build a stand I would like those as well. Steve
  3. Looking to BUY a Drum Pouch. I have several drums ( Suomi & Thompson ) that have been modified and I want a pouch to carry these drums. I know Eagle made a drum pouch in the past but I would consider a drum pouch from another maker. My drums were modified by adding part of a stick magazine to the drum for added capacity. Any help on where I can acquire a drum pouch is appreciated.
  4. Evening: Do you have pics of the Temple Tube? Steve
  5. Evening: Looking to buy a Suomi M45 Loader for my Suomi 9mm. This is the loader that will load 36 rounds on a stripper clip into a Suomi stick magazine. Thank you
  6. Morning BORE Shohola PA: Thank you for your reply. Currently as you stated that is the only good in this issue. Steve
  7. Morning BORE Shohola PA: Thank you for your reply. Currently as you stated that is the only good in this issue. Steve
  8. Morning StrangeRanger: Does me firing the Reising with this current issue pose any chance of damaging the Reising further? Steve
  9. Morning StrangeRanger: Thank you for your reply and information on what could be the reason for my Reising issue. In response to your #1 possible cause, I have the spare parts for the connector and action bar and operating spring. Would you recommend that I replace those parts and then see if that cures the problem? I also have a local Gunsmith that says he can work on my Reising but he has never done any work for me to date. Thank you again for passing on your knowledge! Steve
  10. Evening Ryo: "That is strange that it would lock back and stay locked back when holding down the trigger. I would have to play with mine disassembled to see how it would jam and not let you fire the next round even though your holding the trigger." My bolt doesn't lock back or stay locked back when holding the trigger, It fires when I pull the trigger back and hold the trigger back but after 3 or more shots in auto mode it stops firing and I then release the trigger and then pull the trigger back and the gun fires again in auto mode 3 or more shots and then stops firing and I have to repeat this process to empty the magazine. I only charge the bolt the one time as I start to shoot the Reising. I used 10 & 20 & 30 round magazines today and same results. I did remove the stock tonight and cleaned the Reising but it wasn't very dirty as I clean the gun each time I shoot the gun. I do appreciate you responding to my issue. I have never dis-assembled the Reising any further than I did tonight to clean the gun. Steve
  11. Evening Thumpy: I am in the process of doing that now. I cleaned the Reising the first time this happened Thank you for your reply and information. Steve
  12. Evening Ryo: I did pull the stock off but didn't find or notice any broken parts. I do not have to do anything with the bolt, I just release the trigger after it quits shooting and then pull the trigger again. Thank you for your reply. Steve
  13. The last 2 times I took the Reising Model 50 to the range I have had the following issue: The gun fires fine in semi-auto but when I go to Full Auto and pull the trigger the gun will shoot 4 or 5 times then stop at that point I have to release the trigger then pull the trigger again and the gun may shoot 3 or 4 more times then stop and I have to release the trigger again then pull the trigger again and repeat this until I empty the magazine. I can no longer dump a full magazine in Full Auto with one pull of the trigger and holding the trigger without having to pull the trigger several times. I appreciate ANY help with this issue. Steve
  14. Afternoon: My question is as follows: Do the Reising Model 50 machinegun & Reising Model 60 semi-auto have the same stock or are there differences between these two Models? I appreciate any information in regards to my question.
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