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  1. check on 1919a4.com. Someone is making them again. I does need to be specific to 7.62 and you need an adapter for the feed tower
  2. makes it easy to sight in. Just crank down one more notch on zip tie that moves it in the right direction...
  3. 4 .45 25 round UMP magazines. These are the US made ones from HK parts. Like new. $160 plus $20 shipping
  4. 2 POF marked 30 round magazines, 2 unmarked 40 round mags. All in good condition. $160 plus $20 shipping $160 plus $20 shipping
  5. 6 30 round Thompson Magazines. One Seymour blued, 4 government marked blued, one parkerized. All of these have had the magazine catch hole elongated to be used in a semi gun. Excellent condition. Sold my semi and don't need them. $180 for all, $90 for 3, in each case plus $20 per package shipping.
  6. If they are set up at 90 degrees to the shooting point and are hard plate that does not dimple (very important), then 8-10 yards is a good minimum
  7. My Colt Thompson just had it's 102 birthday and I shoot it with some regularity. (lately with the 22 conversion). It was an oddity as a gun in mint / excellent condition but with an 8" barrel (much debate as to the providence of that). So not a pure museum piece. Any degradation in value from me shooting it (and other guns) will be between my kids and the auction house and I will not be in a position to care.
  8. I like the MGM steel targets. You can shoot forever with a 1928 and not mark them.
  9. There is one on Gunbroker now (no relation to me)
  10. I think I have a couple of extras, I will have to look. What do you think they are worth? Brad
  11. The ATF has finally deemed me worthy to take possession of my new M16A1. I intend to replace all the parts except the receiver for shooting (and squirrel the original part away in my safe). Upper and stock are simple. For the FCG I intend to use a Giessele SSF and KNS pins but need a quality source for the rest of the FCG. Anyone have thoughts on a good vendor? Any issues I should look out for, thanks
  12. BMG parts had them
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