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  1. Looking for the ambi housing for HK 21e . Possibly interested in complete trigger pack.
  2. Looking for a full auto trigger group for a p90.
  3. Looking to make a deal on one or similar .308 caliber . His me up if you got one you’ll let go of.pm me.
  4. Looking for some mp7 and DSHK ammo. LET ME KNOW !!! Thanks
  5. jones'n


    delete .
  6. Looking for the pins and roller for a m60op rod. Would very much appreciate it help thanks
  7. Looking for a tripod. I’m gonna do lots of verification to make sure I’m not spammed so if you don’t want to then don’t bother bc I won’t be getting scammed on this deal. Face to face exchange.
  8. Well I’ve got a deal pending possibly. But thank you I’ll keep this in mind.
  9. What are you asking for it and where is it on east coast
  10. Looking for the twin mg42 mount pedestal.
  11. If serious PM me for pics bc im not smart enough to figure out how to get them on here. Incredible deal for these rare feed mechs. But also including a complete MM bolt group for a 21E. To convert your new HK11a1 build to a 21E. Only asking $5,200 for both shipped. I need to move it quick to free up funds. I’ve got plenty of references on here and I’m an 07/SOT
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