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  1. Found them

    Found them thank you
  2. Found them

    I am looking for 2 AAC M4-2000 suppressors. New or used. I don’t want anything that has been rode hard and put up wet but used is not an issue. must be on form 3 for the deal to work. thanks ehg byf at yahoo dot com
  3. Benelli M1 Super 90s

    Pm sent. Do you have 1 left for me? if so I will take one. Please let me know how to pay.
  4. I need a follower arm for a Suomi Drum. Does anybody know a place that sells just the arm?

    I am looking for a c&s mettal werkes 72 round uzi drum. thanks for your help.
  6. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    RR IMI gun. Get it and send it to BWE and he will make it flawless. Depending on his backlog you may be able to get it worked over by BWE while your dealer is holding it. BWE brought mine up to full SMG specs and installed a semi feed ramp. Utterly reliable with all forms of ammunition.
  7. Insurance for gun collections

    I have been using collectibles for years. They are not afraid of high value machine guns as long as you schedule them. only take a large deductible if the savings makes sense. If you have a small deductible and you don’t want to file a claim you just don’t file the claim. Typically it is hard for a higher deductible to make sense unless the premium on the policy is very large (over 350,000). As in everything there are exceptions. Collectibles will put a flood exclusion on a property that is located in a flood zone but will cover stuff for flood if you are not in a flood zone ( my experience I don’t live near the coast) I like collectibles the best. Never had a claim so no experience with their adjusters. I am in the business and will help anyway I can. ( I don’t sell gun insurance)
  8. I am looking for a 12 gauge forend for a Ithaca stakeout that has the metal that will accept a hand strap. ehgREMOVE@yahoo dot com thanks
  9. I am looking for 2 nice rust free m1 carbine magazines with Rockola markings. Let me know what you have. thanks
  10. Thanks David. I just logged in. I never got an email saying I was approved. I appreciate your help.
  11. I have tried numerous times over the past several months to register for the Thompson forum on machine gun boards. I enter my email and never get a response. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated.