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  1. delete

    PM sent
  2. WTS MP5 40 SBR

    PM sent and left you a voice mail, thanks
  3. WTS MP5 10mm SBR and Gemtech Suppressor

    form 3 or 4? PM sent
  4. WTS: German WW2 9mm Ammo 1944 Dated

    PM sent
  5. Silencer question

    yes, it is treated as a premay sample. May 19, 1986 prevented the manufacture of machine guns for civilian purchases. Suppressors were banned from importation with the gun control act of 1968, therefore any imported after then are presamples
  6. WTB HK SP89

  7. Benelli M1 Super 90 Barrel

    message sent
  8. WTS AMT 25/22 Lightning

    Is this a button or lever selector?
  9. HK Parts for sale

    PM sent for lower housings with parts, both 3 position and 4 position
  10. Several 'No Law Letter' post sample AKs

    pm sent