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  1. Several 'No Law Letter' post sample AKs

    pm sent
  2. the Bazoka bros adapter----I'll take it
  3. HK G41 Parts Wanted

    Hello, I have a couple of A2 stocks that i bought off of the net a few years ago. They are not pretty and should be refinished, but if you can't find anything better, I would sell one for $75 shipped.
  4. ATI HK Retractable stock

    Seconds on the stock if that deal falls thru. Thanks
  5. Is the functioning dependent upon brand of ammo? What brand(s) work the best? Thanks, Bob
  6. WTB: Cobray M11/9 semi-auto 16" barreled upper

    Trying to contact you about an Ultimax 100 MK3 issue and your email bounces. Please call 3302404867 or email Thank you, Bob Scofield
  7. WTB Post Sample HK MP5 Found One

    There is an ad on the other web site from JS sales for post MP5A2 @ $1500. I have purchased from him and was very happy. Good luck, Bob
  8. Looking for parts or parts kits and/or drum mags. Thanks, Bob