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  1. WTB: HK 94/MP5 9mm ejector lever(s)

    IM sent
  2. Dropping by for a few minutes

    Hey Robert, After reading your post, which is pretty much straight forward and to the point, all I can think is: "you are thinking clearly and you are going to do what one must do in those situations". That is pretty clear, however to be hit with that kind of Bad News and knowing what lies ahead, that is the tough part. So on the days that are mentally challenging, maybe post some words up and we will respond with some words of our own that are either encouraging or that make you smile/laugh! Remember when we were buying Pre-86 sample MP5's for under $2500 This new generation of buyers/dealers will Never see those days! Ha Ha.... Take care and try and make Each Day Count, something that warms your heart or brings you a smile. D.Scheid
  3. WTS: HK MP5 "A3 F Stock" new German 2 position HK94

  4. As new and will come with a HK push pin. German model with a Date Code Box, clean buffer, no scratches, Dual sling loops, HK black and is the Sold out 2 position from HK Parts. If you are a taller person with longer arms, these F stocks work really well and the new buffer system is cool too! We accept discreet PayPal as a Gift only, or mail us a check. $695 shipped and the Buyer will get a tracking number for the shipment. Info on the item: HK German MP5 & HK94 A3 “F” Style Retractable Rear Stock This German HK A3 retractable is the latest & greatest HK retractable German stock available. The F stock is designed to take the abuse of heavy +P & +P+ rounds as well as all standard ammunition types. The MP5F stock will fit all HK MP5 & HK94’s including 9mm clones. The MP5 F stock also has an upgraded buffer system and rubber butt pad that adds about an inch to the overall length as compared to the older style A3 MP5 stocks. If you want the real deal this is it!
  5. WTS: Gemtech GM-9 NEW 9mm 1/2x28 300 Blackout Suppressor

    You guessed correctly, it is Sold.
  6. We have a NIB GM-9, with soft carry case and original product manual. Awesome, lightweight and compact. We use eFile. We accept discreet PayPal (gift only) or mail us a check. $475 is a Shipped price w/tracking number provided. ($ OBRO) The new GEMTECH GM-9 is a culmination of over two decades of center fire pistol suppressors. Many of you are familiar with both our Tundra and Multi-mount suppressor, the GM-9 takes the best of both of them and puts it into one great package. The tube diameter is the standard 1.25″ and it accepts all Multi-mount adapters. This suppressor is rated for sub sonic 300 Blackout as well as full auto 9mm. GEMTECH offers a variety of mounts to adapt this suppressor to carbines, sub guns, and pistols. It can be used with lesser calibers also. To top all of this off it is completely user serviceable. The tube separates from the G-Core and can be easily cleaned to prolong the life of the suppressor. Features: Sound Reduction: 27-30 dB Caliber: 9mm, full auto, and 300BLK subsonic Length: 6.5″ (without mount) Diameter: 1.25″ Weight: 5 oz. (without mount) Material: 7075 Aluminum Tube Finish: Black Cerakote with Reduced Visual-IR Signature Core Finish: Matte Black Anodize Mount: All GM-9 suppressors are shipped with a 1/2-28 standard piston. For Barrels: 7.5″ or longer 300 BLK Subsonic ONLY
  7. WTB: LMT 40mm M203 standalone chassis

    I did some looking around for this and found they are just over $1k for the LMT chassis. Not sure why, we paid $125 for a nice used chassis. Keep asking around and try not to pay too damn much. They are pretty cool.
  8. WTS: .30 Cal Shadow Op’s Weaponry Suppressor monocore design 5/8x24

  9. WTS: COLT model "M4 Commando" 6933 New, SBR, Form 3

    Thanks Tony, and thank you for being very easy to do a deal with!
  10. We have a New Colt 6933, in the registry as a "M4" as indicated on the side of the magwell. A Beautiful Carbine anyone would enjoy owning. This is new, never fired and comes with the un-opened accessory pack. The box got destroyed in storage, but we will ship it with the original documents, Colt shipping plastic bag and the box stickers as seen in the pics. $1,375 is a Priority Mail shipped price w/tracking number provided. on a F3 and we eFile for quickest approvals.
  11. Last one we have available and HK Parts has been out for some time too. Floorplate (thread protector holder) and Push Pin Included! Perfect for a Dealer Sample or have your registered sear installed into this pack and cut for a shelf. This is a complete trigger group that is a 4 Position Burst (0,1,3,F) trigger group complete. This is a factory HK push pin Trigger group just as it comes from the factory. In perfect working order and in overall excellent shape, push pin included. $895 is a Priority Mailed shipped price w/tracking number, cash, check, PayPal- (gift only) or wire transfer accepted.
  12. WTS: .30 Cal Shadow Op’s Weaponry Suppressor monocore design 5/8x24

  13. WTS: HK MP5 F parts kit German A3 stock all New! Updated

    New Pics added. If you are looking for just one or of the two items, drop me an email. It worked out good for the guy that bought the Bolt Carrier group and Flash hider - Another Happy customer!
  14. WTS: HK MP5 – N "Sear Ready" SBR Navy model **SPF**