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  1. First I'll take it gets it. Items x posted. Payment to be sent via usps money orders send via priority mail or zelle. More pictures upon request. Trade options listed below. Have a 1944 russian ppsh41 parts kit for sale. Has the original russian 7.62 tok barrel, 3x drums, 2x stick mags, spare nos stock, welding jig etc. Everything is russian, stock matches the trigger guard and magwell metal housing thing. Rest non matching. Was a saw cut kit that the saw cut was not very good and left a large gap, but I used a demilled ppsh receiver to make a spacer that you butt everything up. Would be perfect for a post sample reweld or a nice sbr. Looking for $3k shipped. You'll be hard pressed to find a nice setup like this. Trade interests: -og barrel 100% matching Hungarian or romanian akm parts kits. No amd65 or non arrow in triangle romy kits. -ARS marked uzi gripstick -bushmaster Xm15-e2s with the a1/c7 upper See imgur link for photos. https://imgur.com/a/PYHzvwz
  2. Selling my factory short barreled shotgun, mossberg 590a1. This is a pd trade in gun but still in good shape overall. Has some rack wear as expected. Has factory ghost ring sights and surefeed stock. Will Transfer on a tax free form 3 to your dealer. $400 plus shipping. More pics upon request. Zelle preferred, venmo f&f or PayPal gift or overnighted usps mo for payment. THERE ARE SEVERAL SCAMS GOING ON HERE. I WILL NOT INITIATE EMAIL COMMS UNLESS SPECIFIED. I WILL NOT MESSAGE FROM ANY OTHER ACCOUNT OTHER THAN THIS ONE. DONT FALL FOR SIMPLE SCAMS
  3. Bump. Everything on form 3 and we efile
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