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  1. HK German $75/ magazine I have a few mag couplers as well- $90 ea
  2. WTS HK S & H Sear

  3. Springfield Armory SAR-8 EBO HK91 clone 7.62x51 .308 Magpul Stock and Troy Rail Installed but I have the original Forearm and stock/bipod as well (Included) NOT A PSG Trigger If you want more pictures or have any questions let me know- $3000 OBO for Rifle and parts + shipping
  4. WTS HK S & H Sear

    HK S & H sear on Form 4 in Arizona, registered in 9mm, .223 & .308 $32K
  5. HK 21 Parts Kit Includes: Trunion, Feed Mechanism, Barrel, Bolt, Carrier, shroud, stock, trigger housing, links The Bag of links weighs approximately 3.5lbs pictures available upon request- if you want to see close-ups of a certain piece just let me know
  6. I have some items I was thinking of selling, and was wondering if I should sell them individually or as a group- Items are: RDTS MP5/10mm Gemtech Raptor 40/10 used (very lightly) Transferable S&H sear German HK21 parts kit SAR-3 Accessories such as stocks, forends, mounts, trigger packs, housings, magazines, etc. I am not 100% sure that I want to sell all of this yet, but looking for input, so please don't send me offers for anything just yet... Please advise-
  7. Colt AR15 full auto auto sear pin hole egged out?

    Are you tryna fix it yourself or have it repaired by a 'smith? If the latter, contact M60 Joe-
  8. Still available?
  9. Is this a package deal or will you break it up and sell items individually?